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Computer Keyboard Shortcuts

F2 when you select a file, it means "Rename"F1 displays the help content of the current program or windows.F3 when you are on the desktop, open the "find: all files" dialog box

Computer Keyboard Shortcuts 1

F10 or ALT activates the menu bar of the current programOpen the start menu with the windows key or Ctrl ESCCTRL Alt delete opens and closes the program dialog box in Win9x

Delete deletes the selected item. If it is a file, it will be put into the recycle binShift delete deletes the selected item. If it is a file, it will be deleted directly instead of being put into the recycle binCTRL n create a new file Ctrl O opens the open file dialog box

CTRL P opens the print dialog box Ctrl s saves the file for the current operationCTRL X cuts the selected item to the clipboardCTRL insert or Ctrl C copies the selected item to the clipboard

Shift insert or Ctrl V paste the contents of the clipboard to the current locationAlt backspace or Ctrl Z undo the previous stepAlt Shift backspace redoes the operation that was undone in the previous step

Computer Keyboard Shortcuts 2

The windows key m minimizes all open windows.The windows key Ctrl m will restore the size and position of the window before the previous operationWindows e to open Explorer

Windows key F opens the find: All Files dialog boxThe windows key R opens the run dialog boxPress windows break to open the system properties dialog box

Windows Ctrl F opens the find: computer dialog boxShift F10 or right-click to open the shortcut menu of the current active projectShift can skip automatic CD playback by pressing and holding the CD when it is put in. Press no when opening word   You can skip self started macros

Alt F4 close the current application Alt spacebar open the menu in the top left corner of the applicationAlt Tab toggles the current program Alt ESC toggles the current programAlt enter switches the MSDOS window running under windows between window and full screen status

Print screen copies the current screen as an image to the clipboardAlt print screen copies the currently active program window as an image to the clipboardCTRL F4 closes the current text in the current application (such as in word)

CTRL F6 switch to the next text in the current application (add shift to jump to the previous window)In ie:Alt right arrow displays the previous page (forward key)

Alt left arrow displays the next page (back key)CTRL Tab switch between frames on the page (reverse with shift)F5 refresh Ctrl F5 force refresh

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