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Computer Peripherals Chapter 15: Knocking style, free yourself, hands-on experience of Rapoo "Voyage Diary" multi-mode mechanical keyboard

Everyone knows the importance of the keyboard. A good keyboard can get twice the result with half the effort. It is of great benefit to both office work and games. The standard 104 keyboard is good, but it is too bulky and not friendly enough for users with small desktops. Take it out for use. It is also inconvenient. The 84-key keyboard integrates complete functions and compact size, which is very suitable for people who pursue mobile office and typing feel.

This Rapoo small keyboard is very suitable for me. The model is: MT510PRO. Unexpectedly, MT is clearly the business series of Rapoo, but there are such cute products! The nickname of this keyboard is "Voyage Diary", and it has a sea blue color scheme. The Rapoo MT510PRO also has a pink color scheme "Meow Cute Holiday", so that both boys and girls can find their favorite models.

It can be seen that the designer has worked hard, and marine elements can be seen everywhere.

Here you can see the features of the keyboard: multi-mode, multi-device, conflict-free, PBT, 4000mAh, backlight.

Quickly unpack the box, pull out the casing packaging, and there is a box inside.

Continue to unpack the box. The topmost piece is a simple instruction manual. The keyboard keys are printed on the front, which is easy to assemble after removing the keycaps. The simple instruction is on the back.

Below the keyboard is an official instruction manual, as well as an accessory box.

The accessories include a Type-C data cable, a 2.4G receiver, and a key puller. The workmanship is very good, and it is a durable type.

This keyboard is named: Sailing Diary, a standard 84-key keyboard, the keycaps are full of various marine elements, and the blue, gray, and white color scheme gives people a feeling of the sea. It may be cooler to type on the keyboard in summer!

The keyboard provides four connection methods: Bluetooth 3.0, Bluetooth 5.0, 2.4G and wired connection. A total of 5 devices can be connected, which can be switched by pressing Fn+1~5. use.

The keycap is made of PBT material and five-sided sublimation process, which is dirt-resistant, wear-resistant, non-greasy, and the color and pattern of the keycap will not change color, so it is not afraid of long-term use. Replaceable keycaps are the advantages of mechanical keyboards. If you like to play, you can also customize a few more keycaps, which is invincible in personality. The keyboard supports all 84 keys without conflict (wired), any 6 keys without conflict (wireless).

The key switch is Rapoo’s own linear fast silver switch, the trigger pressure is 45±10cN, the trigger key stroke is 1.3±0.5mm, the short key stroke is easy to type, the rebound is strong and fast, and it is not messy. The service life of a single axis is 50 million times Long enough to live, the noise is well controlled, the percussion is not loud, and it is very comfortable whether it is typing in the office or gaming.

The keyboard has a built-in 4000mAh lithium battery, which can be used continuously for 25-225 hours (wireless connection) when fully charged, and lasts for about 1 week to 2 months. The USB-C interface is reserved for charging and wired connection.

The keyboard frame is made of aluminum alloy, using CNC trimming and sandblasting oxidation process, the texture is good, the bottom is equipped with silicone feet and non-slip feet, which can flexibly adjust the use angle, and it is also very stable when used on smooth desktops.

The keyboard switch is at the bottom of the keyboard, which makes the keyboard more beautiful, the switch has a clear sense of paragraph, and it is easy to fiddle with the switch.

When the data cable is plugged in, it can not only be charged, but also can be used as a wired keyboard; the ice blue lighting effect backlight system gives people a fresh, elegant, elegant and refined feeling, with both elegant charm and awe-inspiring visual perception.

It can be taken away in a small satchel, and the portability of the small keyboard is good.

Although the keyboard can be used normally without the driver, installing the driver on the keyboard can open the door to personalization. The free combination of keys, macro editing, and lighting customization can bring more ways to play.

Next, let's look at the lighting effects. There are 5 lighting effects by default, plus a total of 7 modes for driver customization. Have you found a cool feeling?

This keyboard will become the most beautiful scenery in the office, the most charming boy in the dormitory, and the most stylish highlight in the home; the sailing diary will be the best companion for young people who love surfing the Internet, and use it to record every bit of the youthful years; if If you don’t like the desktop to take up too much, or the computer desk is relatively small, and you even want to use it on the bed, then this compact 84-key Rapoo Sailing Diary is very suitable, and it is worth starting for players who like personalization.

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