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Computer Peripherals Chapter 19: Goods! 2022 618 Keyboard and Mouse Peripherals Selection Guide! After half a month of keyboard and mouse experience, ikbc Gundam Banshee + ROG Moonblade, talk about your feelings

In fact, the keyboard and mouse are the computer peripherals that we have the most contact with every day. Many people don’t pay attention to them. Until the mechanical keyboard became popular in the past few years, the seemingly most common keyboard in computer peripherals finally began to be valued by people. At first, computer gamers began to try mechanical keyboards, with faster response speed and crackling percussion The sound made mechanical keyboards popular very quickly, and the supporting gaming mouse was also favored by DIY players. Therefore, this kind of peripherals that we often use have finally been upgraded again and again in terms of experience.

I have bought more than a dozen mechanical keyboards before, experienced red switches, green switches, brown switches, and even silver switches, like the optical switches of the pirates. I have played with keyboards. From a purely subjective experience, I personally think that among the common switches, the red switch and the brown switch are more suitable for me. It is very comfortable to type on, and the sound is not as noisy as the green switch. Of course, many game lovers of the green switch I like it very much, and it is also the representative axis in the mechanical keyboard.

This time I still chose a keyboard equipped with red switches, IKBC’s Gundam Banshee wireless version, the Banshee is equipped with cherry mechanical switches, anyone who is familiar with IKBC knows that his keyboard has a pure, classic linear The hand feeling is the kind that you can’t get tired of typing on the keyboard. It is a very classic cherry switch body. In addition, ikbc’s large key satellite switch has always been very good.

I specially chose the 2.4Ghz wireless version of IKBC, which is much better than I expected. The wired keyboard I have been using before, the cable is relatively thick, and the desktop looks very messy. Unexpectedly, ikbc's wireless keyboard does not have a sense of delay at all, and two AAA batteries can basically meet half a year of battery life, which is very powerful. After changing the wireless keyboard, the desktop suddenly became refreshed.

Gundam fans should know that the Banshee mech is a classic yellow and black color scheme. IKBC’s Gundam Banshee uses its classic color scheme, which looks full of personality. I personally like this color scheme very much.

The entire keyboard is designed with 108 keys. The common keyboard is 104 keys. There are 4 more keys, which are the E, F, S, and F keys above the indicator light. From left to right, they are: Mute, Volume -, volume +, calculator shortcut keys. You can easily control the computer's volume.

Let’s talk about the advantages. If your pursuit of light pollution is not so high, in fact, the ikbc Banshee w210 mechanical keyboard is very suitable for you. As a joint game keyboard, the yellow and black color matching looks very young and dynamic. , the micro-frosted keycaps made of PBT, feel very good, will not leave sweat stains, very comfortable, very classic German CHERRY MX switch body, I chose the red switch, especially suitable for typing and office, and occasionally play two games, this The configuration is very comfortable for me to use. As for the disadvantages, there may not be such complicated light pollution, and it is estimated that it will not arouse the interest of light pollution enthusiasts. On the contrary, I think that the simple and stylish appearance and the wireless mechanical keyboard without cables are all plus points for me.

Next, let’s talk about the mouse I chose this time. I prefer to use a wired mouse. It’s not that the wireless mouse is not good, but I’ve been used to the ROG Moonblade wired mouse. The price of this mouse is less than It costs 200 yuan, but I think it is a very good experience among the wired mice I have used. Why exactly? I will share with you my experience with it.

First of all, ASUS's ROG Moonblade is really light, with a weight of only 65g, and it is very comfortable to hold in the hand. This is one of my favorite features of it. And what’s different from the mouse we usually see is that its cable design is very special. The cable of the ROG Moonblade wired mouse is a paracord cable. The cable is very soft, and the friction with the desktop is almost negligible. It moves as if there is no cable, and has the same experience as a wireless mouse, but the advantage is that I don’t have to worry about charging it, and compared to a wireless mouse, a wired mouse is more accurate, theoretically a few milliseconds more accurate than a wireless mouse, For professional players, this is very important.

The ROG Moonblade wired mouse is made of frosted material as a whole, which fits the palm of the hand very well, and the grip is very comfortable. The mouse uses separate PBT buttons. Compared with ABS technology, PBT is better in terms of sweat resistance, oil resistance and durability, especially in summer. If you sweat a lot, you will no longer be afraid of slipping.

At the tail of the mouse is an RGB light effect logo, the familiar prodigal eye, in addition to the logo, the scroll wheel will also light up together, you can download the Altron Center to synchronize the light effects of your motherboard and memory stick. To meet the personalized light pollution needs of more players, for me, I am more interested in the feel of the mouse, and the ROG Moonblade attracts me more because of its very comfortable feel.

There are four relatively large foot pads on the bottom of the mouse, and a DPI adjustment button in the middle, which supports up to 16000DPI adjustment.

After actual experience, I personally think this set of keyboard and mouse is the best set I have ever used. The Banshee w210 keyboard from ikbc is not so expensive. The black and yellow color matching is very fashionable and dynamic, which fits my style. aesthetic. I deliberately chose the red axis body which I personally prefer, which is very suitable for typing and feels very comfortable. The micro-frosted keycaps made of PBT are really good to the touch without leaving any sweat stains. If you have the opportunity, you can try this kind of keycaps. ASUS ROG Moonblade is also made of PBT material. For people like me who love to sweat, this anti-sweat and anti-oil material is especially suitable for me. ROG Moonblade is a very classic mouse. I have personally used it for a long time. The light paracord cable has the same operation feeling as a wireless mouse. It is very smooth. I recommend everyone to try it.

I don’t know what you think of my set of wireless keyboard and mouse? What mouse and keyboard are you all using at the moment? Let's chat.

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