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Computer Peripherals Chapter 28: Fully transparent mechanical keyboards can really look so good! I bought the Lofree 1% Vitality Orange keyboard. It looks great and feels good in the hand.

The brand Lofree must be familiar to everyone. Since its home made the keyboard, it has raised the appearance of the keyboard by several dimensions, especially some time ago, after Lofree Luofei released the 1% transparent keyboard. Almost all of them are Luofei's keyboards, and they even become the exclusive pictures used by Duoduo to attract clicks. This free promotion has made Luofei famous. No, recently Luofei has added a new name to the 1% family. New member, Lofree Summer 1% vitality orange keyboard is also here!

The familiar words "To Be The 1%" are still on the packaging. To be one percent, I especially like the slogan of Luo Fei's series of keyboards. To be a very small number, not to follow the mainstream, you must have enough sense of innovation . Obviously, the Lofree Summer 1% series of keyboards is a success, and the color scheme of Vitality Orange still does not disappoint. This time, the color scheme adopts the contrasting color design of orange and cyan, just like the two colors of orange and kiwi are intertwined. Together, full of summer breath.

Lofree Luofei Summer 1% Vitality Orange Keyboard is also a dual-mode mechanical keyboard, using Type-C wired mode and BT Bluetooth mode, which can perfectly adapt to Win system and Mac system. The keycaps are made of summer blue and vibrant orange transparent keycaps, which look full of vitality. Luofei has also put a lot of effort into the design of the keycaps of this keyboard. The keycaps have their own patented structure. Wear-resistant, you don't have to worry about wearing off the handwriting after long-term use.

The bottom shell of the keyboard is made of high-gloss plating bottom shell. The whole bottom shell is like a mirror, which looks full of high-end sense. The ABS material makes this keyboard full of weight, and it feels of high quality to the touch. It can be used as a mirror at ordinary times, especially suitable for girls who love beauty. The front is a keyboard and the back is a mirror. On the top of the back there are BT, OFF, ON switch keys, which can switch between wired mode and Bluetooth mode. The switch key on the right side can switch between Win system and Mac system and mobile phone Android IOS system. Mobile phones with different systems are used.

On the front side of the keyboard, you can see a row of "TRANSPARENT ALL THE WAY" in English, which means: transparent all the way! It can also be seen that Lofree has confidence in designing transparent series keyboards. To be honest, the appearance of this Vitality Orange is really very high. It is not so much a mechanical keyboard as Lofree Luofei Summer 1% Vitality Orange Keyboard. It is better to say that it is more like a work of art, and its appearance is very high.

In terms of the switch body, the switch body of Lofree Luofei 1% Vitality Orange adopts the Kaihua jellyfish Y-axis. The blue keycap part is a fully transparent switch body, and the orange keycap is an orange switch body, which complements the transparent keycap. Very eye-catching. The feel of this kind of switch is between the red switch and the brown switch. It is crisper than the red switch, but more percussive than the brown switch, and the overall feel is very comfortable.

Turn the switch to Bluetooth mode and pair it with the computer. We were pleasantly surprised to find that this keyboard is also equipped with multiple modes of backlight. Through the Fn key + BackSpace key, you can switch between 7 lighting effects. Short press Fn + up and down keys can switch the brightness of the light, and Fn + left and right keys can switch the frequency of the light effect. My favorite is the wave-like effect in the picture above. Wow, typing is like swimming, so happy!

With the Fn key + BackSpace key in the upper right corner, you can switch between 7 lighting effects. Short press Fn + up and down keys to switch the brightness of the light, and Fn + left and right keys to switch the frequency of the light effect. When the light is on, the white light matches The transparent keycaps, blue-orange-white, are really beautiful. This should be the best-looking keyboard I have ever used.

Nowadays, while people are pursuing the feel of the keyboard, they are also increasingly pursuing the appearance of the keyboard. Like this Lofree Luofei 1% vitality orange keyboard, it breaks through the homogeneous design ideas of traditional keyboards and uses innovative applications. The transparent design elements are added, not only the keycaps, but also the shaft body is matched with the Kaihua jellyfish Y-axis, which brings the appearance of the entire keyboard to a new height, and not only the appearance of the keyboard is high, but the overall feel is also particularly comfortable. The percussion is crisp and sharp, and the rebound is quiet and noise-free, especially suitable for coding. I personally think this keyboard is not only suitable for girls, but also especially suitable for users who pursue a minimalist and exquisite desktop. If you like high-value keyboards and desks, then the keyboard of Lofree Luofei 1% Vitality Orange is very worth recommending.

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