Computer Peripherals Chapter 42: Ever since I changed to a mechanical keyboard, I realized that ordinary keyboards are IQ tax! Durga K610W evaluation

Really, I found a very strange phenomenon. Now when many people install a computer, they like to spend money on the graphics card and CPU regardless of the cost. This is understandable. After all, the CPU and graphics card are the core components that directly affect the performance of the computer, but , I just don’t understand, those who spend a lot of money to buy a bunch of RGB cooling fans, fancy chassis, not to mention expensive, the actual effect is not much different from ordinary fans in ordinary chassis. On the contrary, some people will reduce the budget of the keyboard and mouse that are commonly used in daily life, and use a membrane keyboard of tens of dollars to get rid of it. It is true that they do not understand.

In fact, the keyboard is really important to us. Whether it is for office work or playing games, the price of a penny is a penny. The feel and experience of mechanical keyboards in different price ranges are completely different. Although there are more than 2,000 mechanical keyboards on the market, and there are also more than 100 mechanical keyboards, but for me, the cost performance is still the first, and the second is within my budget, try to choose a user-approved keyboard Brand mechanical keyboard. I have always liked Dujia’s mechanical keyboards. Dujia’s mechanical keyboards should be a very good brand among mechanical keyboards. The keyboard I bought is the K610W series mechanical keyboard K610W white version with a very good reputation from Dujia.

The reason why I decided to buy this Dujia mechanical keyboard was that I also saw many brands of wireless mechanical keyboards on the market. Either they did not support wireless, or even if they supported wireless, they needed to be plugged in AA batteries. It is very troublesome, you have to change the battery frequently, and there are wireless mechanical keyboards that only support Bluetooth but not 2.4G. The most important thing is to take into account all aspects of the axis and experience.

Because I usually type a lot. After all, I am a digital blogger. I am usually too busy and occasionally play games, so the switch body likes a quiet switch body, and Dujia’s mute red switch is well-known, especially suitable for long-term coding. , Especially at night, the code words will not disturb the family, so my K610W mechanical keyboard, the switch body is the silent red switch version. In addition, this keyboard also supports wireless, Bluetooth, and wired three-mode connections, and is compatible with Windows, MacOS, and all keys support hot-swapping, which can bring a long battery life of more than 360 days. It can be said to be the most satisfactory wireless mechanical keyboard at present.

Speaking of other advantages, the keycaps of Dujia K610W are made of PBT keycaps made by injection molding process. The keycaps are designed to be opaque and closed characters. Its feel is really good, and the PBT material used by Dujia has the advantage that it will not be worn out or oiled after a long time of use, and its durability is extremely good. Therefore, I personally choose a mechanical keyboard. I think it is best to choose PBT keycaps for keycaps, which is why many major manufacturers basically use this keycap.

Duga K610W has a 104-key full-key layout. I personally prefer the full-keyboard layout. It is more convenient to input numbers with a small keyboard. Duga K610W has five light indicators on the top of the numeric keypad to indicate the different states of the current keypad. The side of the keypad is black, and the front side is white, dark blue, and gray. The overall look is simple. Generous, coupled with the white lighting effect, the overall appearance is very in line with my aesthetics, very attractive.

There is a power switch and a Type-C data interface on the top of the fuselage, through which the wired mode can be connected, and it also supports two wireless connection schemes of wireless 2.4G and Bluetooth 5.0. For computer use, you can use 2.4G wireless connection, while Bluetooth can be used for connection with mobile phones and tablet computers. It is also very simple to switch, and it is very convenient to switch through hotkeys on the keyboard.

At the bottom of the Duga K610W keyboard, there are two foot supports that can be adjusted at different heights. There is a hidden 2.4GHz receiver storage compartment on the right side, and the receiver can be taken out by opening the storage compartment. The whole details are handled very well, very demeanor of a big factory.

In terms of shafts, there are a total of four types of shafts to choose from, namely brown shafts, silver shafts, red shafts, and silent red shafts. This time I chose the silent red shafts. Dujia K610W is equipped with Kaihua’s new Turbo series. The shaft body and the shaft center are made of new high-smooth composite POM material. The shaft body is very smooth, quiet and powerful, especially suitable for code words. The service life of 50 million times can well guarantee the durability of this mechanical keyboard.

This red switch has a trigger stroke of 2.0±0.5mm and a trigger pressure of 45±10gf. The full stroke is 4.0mm max, and it supports hot plugging. Even a novice can easily change the switch without worrying about damage to the switch body and PCB. .

In terms of lighting, the Duga K610w light version is equipped with a faint white light, which is softer and less dazzling than the fancy RGB lights. You can quickly switch and turn off nine lighting effects through shortcut keys.

In terms of battery life, Duga K610w has a built-in 3600mAh large-capacity lithium battery, which can bring 360 days of ultra-long battery life in Bluetooth mode.

In general, although there are many mechanical keyboards to choose from on the market, in terms of pure experience, I personally recommend choosing this Durga mechanical keyboard. My silent red switch version is the Durga K610w white light version. The mechanical keyboard is very comfortable in the hand, and there is no loud noise, which is especially suitable for text workers like us. Coupled with its excellent appearance and faint white light, it is versatile for different computer desktops. Very recommendable.

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