Computer Talk Chapter 41: Your keyboard is up to you, full-size RGB hot-swappable to share

It should be regarded as the first batch of people who started to buy mechanical keyboards, but in recent years, they have paid less attention due to work changes. Recently, I saw Rapoo launched a brand new Rapoo V700DIY hot-swappable RGB backlit gaming mechanical keyboard, equipped with Rapoo's independent hot-swappable linear fast silver switches, full-key no-reverse also supports RGB backlight and independent replacement of the switch body, I can't help but think that it's time to replace my mechanical keyboard with a new one.

Rapoo has been very active in the field of DIY peripherals for these years. Everyone should be familiar with it. The price is affordable and the quantity is sufficient. The Rapoo V700DIY hot-swappable RGB backlit gaming mechanical keyboard is a full-size 104-key keyboard, which is very suitable for games and games. For wood work, a small keyboard is necessary, and the requirements are met, so there is no need to talk about it out of the box.

In terms of appearance, the Rapoo V700DIY hot-swappable RGB backlit gaming mechanical keyboard adopts a metal material + bare key design, which is very simple, and the overall silver + white appearance is still very good-looking, and the special-shaped design is concentrated in the upper right corner Designed as an area for mode switching, control.

The controls in the upper right corner are lighting mode switching, brightness switching, keyboard key mode switching, and volume adjustment keys, which are quite suitable for daily game playing needs, and the position of traditional keyboard lights is also integrated here.

The advantage of the design of bare keys is that it is simple, and intuitively, it will not have the heavy feeling of the original keyboard design. The height of the keycaps is the same as that of a general mechanical keyboard, and there will be no sense of disobedience when getting started.

Wood thinks it is very tricky that the thickness of the Rapoo V700DIY hot-swappable RGB backlit gaming mechanical keyboard is similar when viewed from the side, but in fact, the ergonomic design needs to have a certain tilt angle, so that the keyboard will not be used for a long time. You will feel that Leipoo's approach is to keep the thickness of the middle metal part consistent, but the raised part at the bottom is designed in white. In fact, the keyboard has a slightly upturned look.

Of course, if you need a more inclined angle, the bottom of the Rapoo V700DIY hot-swappable RGB backlit gaming mechanical keyboard also provides a bracket, which can be adjusted according to your needs.

The connection between the Rapoo V700DIY hot-swappable RGB backlit gaming mechanical keyboard and the computer requires wires. This time, Rapoo adopted the design of separating the keys and wires. After all, if you want to carry it with you every day, the separated design is more convenient and the interface is also improved. Type-C is added and all have a gold-plated design, which is more conducive to signal transmission. The material is quite soft, but it will be even more fragrant if it can be upgraded to the material of the previous wood and Rapoo VT9.

Careful students should have discovered that it actually has two Type-C designs. I don’t know if it will provide more and richer expansion methods in the future.

The keycap is made of PBT two-color injection molding process. The inner layer is transparent and the outer layer is white. Because the colors are similar, it does not look very obvious. Of course, if you want to be more personalized, you can change it yourself. More resolution.

Coming to the switch body, the switch body of the Rapoo V700DIY hot-swappable RGB backlit gaming mechanical keyboard is the same as most of the pluggable switches currently on the market. It is a five-pin hot-swappable switch design, which means If there are other brands of shafts, it can also be seamlessly switched, and the durability of the shaft base has been increased to 10,000 times, which is very considerate.

In terms of accessories, a key puller that can provide keycaps and shafts is also provided.

The second is that the original switch body of the keyboard is firstly designed with a linear axis, which can have a faster trigger speed straight up and down. The material is made of transparent PC, which can intuitively see the internal working conditions. The inside of the switch body Stainless steel springs and metal copper sheets are used. After all, for mechanical keyboards, the switches of metal components form the opening and closing of signals, and the nylon base also ensures long-term use. The service life of this set of silver switches is as high as 50 million times. .

Wood also specially bought the KA-12 switch body that is suitable for it. Currently, there are fast silver switches and spring white switches to choose from. The difference from the satellite switches is the Rapoo V700DIY hot-swappable RGB backlit gaming mechanical keyboard with a POM switch. Material, this can have a larger contact area than traditional satellite shafts to avoid false touches.

Wood has read a lot of mechanical keyboard articles before, and many people say that the red switch is more suitable for daily coding, but in fact, I personally think that the traditional red switch is a bit soft, so most of the mechanical keyboards currently in use by Wood are paragraphs. The tea switch with a stronger sense (personal opinion, don’t spray it if you don’t like it), after getting started with the Rapoo V700DIY hot-swappable RGB backlit gaming mechanical keyboard this time, I actually have a good impression of the silver switch of the Rapoo. Let me list the parameters: The total stroke is 3.4±0.4mm, the trigger stroke is 1.3±0.4mm, and the trigger pressure is 13±10gf.

The first feeling after personally getting started is very pleasant surprise! First of all, it is softer than the brown switch, but it does not feel as soft as the red switch, and it is full of toughness, especially when typing, it is obvious that the trigger is faster, which also makes the typing speed of wood There is a clear improvement. Finally, thanks to the lighter trigger pressure, it will not have the "click" sound of traditional mechanical keyboards, which is quite friendly in terms of office.

In terms of light pollution design, the Rapoo V700DIY hot-swappable RGB backlit gaming mechanical keyboard is also quite rich. the design of.

Of course, after downloading the software and installing the driver, in addition to the individual key position setting, macro recording, and keyboard firmware upgrades can all be performed through the software, and if you have registered a Rapoo account, you can directly download your previous configuration files through the software. This is still very sweet.

For the current trend of DIY, light pollution is still necessary. Here are some gifs recorded by the wood, you can take a look.

Rapoo V700DIY hot-swappable RGB backlit gaming mechanical keyboard Wood personally thinks that the configuration of light pollution takes into account the way of office and gaming. First, the overall light is not too bright, which makes it feel overwhelming. Secondly, if you are a game lover , Its rich light pollution configuration gives players more possibilities.

As a domestic peripheral brand, Rapoo has accumulated a lot of money over the years, and with its super high cost performance, it has also become a clear stream in the current peripheral industry. For the whole body, almost all the so-called big factories are in the position of 500+, but the Rapoo V700DIY hot-swappable RGB backlit gaming mechanical keyboard is only 299 yuan, and I personally like the experience of this Rapoo silver switch, it is worth giving it to everyone recommend!

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