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Computer Tossing Season 2, Chapter 25: The eyes of the prodigal are not prodigal, the new ROG Ranger RX TKL three-mode mechanical keyboard is used.

We have used mechanical keyboards for 20 years, and then membrane keyboards came out, which is fashionable. Twenty years later, we are using mechanical keyboards again. In this era, mechanical keyboards are fashionable and high-end. History is a spiral development. At this time, the mechanical keyboard, whether it is the feel, life, function, appearance, etc., has far exceeded that of 20 years ago.

ROG is a brand of high-end computer hardware equipment under ASUS. It was born in June 2006. It has a wide range of product lines and is known for its high quality. With the changes of the times and fierce competition, although the price of ROG series products is still high-end, it is no longer unattainable and can enter the homes of ordinary people. It is precisely because of this that it is possible for me to use this new ROG Ranger RX TKL three-mode mechanical keyboard.

The red and black box is a classic contrasting color that never changes.

On the right side of the box, there are various marks, which represent the characteristics of the product, including ASUS AURA SYNC, which supports ASUS global color light synchronization; PBT DOUBLESHOT, two-color PBT injection keycaps and so on.

In the lower left corner of the box, there are 2.4GHz and Bluetooth marks, which means that it supports 2.4GHz wireless communication connection and Bluetooth communication connection, plus wired connection, it is a three-mode keyboard with multiple connection methods, which is more flexible.

On the back of the box is the layout of the keyboard and an introduction to key functions, and on the left is an introduction to the product’s features and technical indicators.

Open the box, take out the keyboard wrapped in the black bag, and this ROG Ranger RX TKL three-mode mechanical keyboard is displayed in front of us. Pure black buttons, dark gray body, calm and generous, the ROG logo on the upper right corner is very conspicuous.

The lower layer of the box is where the accessories are placed neatly.

Accessories include a wrist rest, manual, warranty card, color stickers, a cable, and an adapter.

Many people like the wrist rest. We see that there are 5 rubber pads on the back to ensure the stability of the wrist rest. There is also the ROG logo on the bottom.

One end of the cable is a USB-C interface, which is connected to the keyboard, and the other side is a USB-A interface, which is connected to the device. The adapter is to convert USB-A to USB-C female to suit different needs.

Looking back at the keyboard, this keyboard is a small keyboard with 84 keys, which is suitable for small spaces and leaves more space for the mouse on the right. TKL, which means Ten Key Less, literally means that ten keys are missing. Of course, it is actually more than ten. In short, the number keypad on the right is gone, so there will be more space on the right.

The Prodigal Eye marker in the upper right corner.

On the back of the keyboard, there is a USB-C interface for wired connection. One side is a three-mode mode switch, which can be used to switch between Bluetooth, 2.4G wireless, and wired working modes. On the other side is a USB wireless receiver with the word ROG on it, which helps to know which brand the receiver is.

At the bottom of the keyboard, there are rubber pads, the twill design is not monotonous, and there is also the ROG logo.

The front adjustable feet allow the keyboard to have a total of 2 levels of angle, and it would be better if it is 3 levels.

Viewed from the side, this keyboard presents a certain curvature, which conforms to ergonomics and makes typing more comfortable.

As an RGB lover, the first thing to do is to appreciate this wonderful color. This mechanical keyboard supports color RGB backlighting, and can have a variety of patterns for easy switching.

The keycap is designed with closed characters, PBT two-color injection molding process, with good light transmission, even in the daytime, it can be clearly seen, the color is soft and clear, and the effect is outstanding.

The prodigal eye mark on the upper right corner of the keyboard also has an RGB color light effect, which is unique.

Of course, it can also be adjusted to be consistent with the overall keyboard effect, so that there is a feeling of uniform color, how to set it depends on each person's preference. The brightness of the keyboard can be adjusted through shortcut keys, which is simple and convenient, suitable for various environments and satisfying different feelings of users.

As a mechanical keyboard, one of the most concerned content is the axis, and this mechanical keyboard is the famous RX axis. Take off the keycap, we can see that it has a square crater structure, which can have a more stable feel. No matter which part of the keyboard is pressed, it can ensure stable pressing of the trigger. The four corners on the side are fixed, which can make the keycap more stable. In the middle is the stabilizer of the X structure, which helps to achieve the purpose of jitter-free keys.

The RX axis adopts the characteristic optical trigger instead of mechanical trigger, which can achieve zero delay effect and improve hand speed. At the same time, it has a key life of 100 million times and is durable.

Its RGB color light adopts a center-emitting design, so that the light is more concentrated, bright and uniform.

It can be seen that the light concentrating is very good, and this design is really good.

The leather wrist rest is magnetic and can be accurately connected to the keyboard, and it feels soft and comfortable to the touch.

When typing, there is a wrist rest, which is indeed much more comfortable. Of course, this also depends on personal habits. And the size of the desktop and so on.

The 84-key keypad has a relatively loose area on the right, especially when playing games, it is very comfortable, and there is no need to place the right hand far away like a 104-key keyboard.

Pay attention to the left Ctrl key, which is very wide, twice as wide as the normal Ctrl key, and it is very firm to press, and there will be no chance of pressing the wrong one.

The Fn function key of the keyboard adopts a multi-functional design, which can conveniently switch between the two functions of F5-F12 and multimedia keys. Especially the F12 position, when switching to the multimedia function, is a security hidden key, which can hide all windows on the desktop and set the formula to mute, and can protect privacy with one key when someone approaches quietly behind, which is very practical.

There are various switches for mechanical keyboards, so I chose the red switch, which is relatively quiet, with a moderate feel and not noisy. It is suitable for use in families who like quiet and will not disturb others.

This ROG ranger ROG RX TKL mechanical keyboard supports the use of ASUS Altron software, which can realize the global RGB settings of the computer and accessories.

Macro commands can be recorded, and each key function can be individually designed to achieve complex functions.

You can also choose different lighting effects from the software. Of course, you can also use a combination of buttons to switch. From the software, you can choose more directly and conveniently, including setting the brightness. Of course, you can also check the battery level and implement the firmware update function.

In general, this ROG Ranger RX TKL three-mode mechanical keyboard is still impressive. First of all, the unique shaft design, light source trigger, 0 delay, comfortable typing, responsive game, it is really a sharp weapon. Moreover, the square crater structure of this shaft makes the keys particularly stable, which I like very much. The feel of the red switch is very good, the strength is moderate, there is a feeling, and it is not noisy, which is satisfactory. Three-mode design, the application is very flexible, this is the basic requirement for me to choose a keyboard, and I recommend you to choose this way. RGB is my preference, the light color is soft and even, very beautiful. In terms of function, the most distinctive feature should be the one-click hidden button. Although I don’t need it, it should be a must-have function for many friends, hahahaha. It supports macro recording and button function customization, which is essential for gamers, which is also good.

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