Configuration big upgrade Magic Dragon Flying Moon three-mode gaming mouse evaluation

"Dragon Flying Moon" CLUTCH GM51 LIGHTWEIGHT WIRELESS has launched multiple versions so far, and the styling is very close to the needs of players. As a major manufacturer, it is constantly upgrading both internally and externally. Currently the most powerful version of CLUTCH GM51 LIGHTWEIGHT WIRELESS is equipped with PAW3395 optical sensor, with a maximum DPI of 26,000 and an IPS of 650IPS. In addition to the newly added Bluetooth mode connection, it is basically determined that CLUTCH GM51 LIGHTWEIGHT WIRELESS is the best gaming mouse flagship status.

The packaging of MSI CLUTCH GM51 LIGHTWEIGHT WIRELESS gaming mouse shows that GM51 is a standard successor. The front continues the black and white style, and the back shows the four new features of GM51.

When you open the outer package of GM51, there is actually an independent inner box. After opening, you can see that there is also anti-shock foam cotton buried in the inner box. It can be said that GM51 reflects a small but not group design style in terms of packaging. You don't have to worry about bumps when you go out with it.

The three standard configurations of GM51 mouse. Charging + extension base, nylon data cable and GM51 LIGHTWEIGHT WIRELESS Gaming Mouse itself. That's right, it's both wireless and plug-in, and it also has Bluetooth functionality.

If you are familiar with MSI peripherals, you must be familiar with its shape. Yes, the charging + extension base that comes standard with GM51 also has the same configuration on GM31W and GM41W. There is a dragon soul LOGO on the front of the base, a pair of gold-plated magnetic charging connectors, and a standard USB interface and an independent 2.4G wireless data interface head. On the back is a hidden TYPE-C interface, which is naturally used to connect data cables, and TYPE-C's power supply capacity and data transmission are very strong.

The data cable of Molong Feiyue is made of nylon mesh sleeve, one end is a gold-plated USB standard port, and the other end is a TYPE-C port, plus the built-in rubber storage rope, you can easily grasp the length of the extension cable.

The left and right side skirts are made of soft rubber material, a bit like mini lamp beads in the shape of fish scales, and there are two hard side buttons on the right.

I think the "nickname" of Magic Dragon Feiyue is mainly because of its patented shape! It has been further improved for the hand shape of right-handed masters. The appearance design is inspired by CLUTCH GM41/GM31, and the simple and neat lines are specially designed for right-handed masters. The 3D diamond pattern design on the side grip is patented.

Molong Feiyue uses the flagship original phase PAW-3395 optical sensor, with a maximum DPI of 26,000 and an IPS of 650IPS. Super performance and high precision make every operation in the game more handy. At the bottom of the Magic Dragon Flying Moon are six large partitions of ultra-smooth Teflon stickers, as well as a three-mode power switch and a DPI switch button.

The weight of Magic Dragon Feiyue is 10 grams more than the latter, which makes it weigh 86 grams (85 grams in the official media), but it is still a lightweight gaming mouse, and this 10 grams makes it It gets 40 hours longer battery life than GM31W. You must know that the GM41W, which is a bit larger than the two of them, has a battery life of only 80 hours, and the Molong Feiyue with a built-in large-capacity 550 mAH battery has a battery life of MAX 150 hours.

GM51 Magic Dragon Feiyue can be easily sucked on the base and this bevel is very easy to take.

There is a 3-position switch at the bottom of the Magic Dragon Feiyue, namely wired, 2.4G wireless and Bluetooth three modes. Turn the gear to Bluetooth mode, the light effect of Molong Feiyue will flash blue, and at the same time, a connection request for a Bluetooth device will appear on the main screen. Of course, the host must have Bluetooth function. The month will return to RGB mode, and it can be started.

The next step is to turn the gear to 2.4G, insert the small USB connector on the base or directly into the U port, and it will be OK after a while; the next step is to directly set the switch to OFF, and plug the data cable directly into the On the deity, plug the data cable into the U port, Ding Dong! ready to play.

The Dragon Soul Light is the battery level indicator, and the 100% - 30% battery capacity indicator will appear when charging with the MSI charging base or when charging with a USB port cable without a system signal. Once it is lower than 30%, the LED lighting effect will stop, and the three colors of green, yellow and red will distinguish the power.

Inheriting the classic right-handed design of GM50, it further improves the comfort level. Through the fine-tuning and optimization of the grip, better palm support and long-term use comfort are achieved.

For CLUTCH GM51 LIGHTWEIGHT WIRELESS, you can search for the latest firmware and install it with a few clicks on MSI Center. After the firmware of a mouse is installed, you need to restart it! Sure enough, it was the old fairy who farted - extraordinary! But what is the difference between the new firmware and the old one? Because I don't feel any difference.

After updating the latest firmware, I simply tested it with MouseTester. The MSI GM51W equipped with the original PAW3395 flagship sensor is really good. It supports 2.4GHz / Bluetooth 5.1 / wired three-mode connection, and weighs only 85g. No matter how the manufacturer rolls, it will eventually benefit is still a player. I will not repeat the overall performance and parameters of GM51. It must be the 3395 flagship mouse with the highest comprehensive combat power.

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