Cool Show of Gaming Peripherals Part 9: Cherry Chips? Exclusive gifts for goddesses only! The white MX 2.0S is equipped for the first time!

In a few days, it will be the festival of goddesses all over the world. Although their title is half the sky, they have undertaken more than half the sky, family, childcare, and work.

In this festival, in order to make your goddess happy, whether you are a chosen worker or a good wife and mother at home, giving them a gift that they like is the greatest concern. Therefore, a comfortable keyboard is the most suitable choice. In addition, there are pure white high-value, as well as the original red switch, and......

Therefore, this time Goddess Day chose the original Cherry MX 2.0S wireless red switch mechanical keyboard as a gift. This is also a mechanical keyboard without a steel plate, and the feel is similar to that of the 3494, and they are the same cherry red switches. For the feel, I must be looking forward to it!

The packaging box of Cherry MX 2.0S wireless keyboard is all black, whether it is paper packaging or handwriting, they are all black, but the handwriting is still clearly visible.

The keyboard supports three connection methods, including wired, Bluetooth, and 2.4G connections, and can connect to multiple devices at the same time.

Out of the box, the Cherry MX 2.0S wireless keyboard matches the white desk very well.

There is only one USB A-C data cable attached to the keyboard, which is very simple.

The color of the keyboard is a pure white design, with a fresh texture and simple Athens. It lacks the publicity of Cherry's previous products. It's more of an expression of a woman's personality.

The keyboard adopts the standard 109-key specification, and with the narrow frame style, it can make the desktop more concise. On the left side of F1 is the exclusive button for Cherry. Press and hold for 3 seconds to start the special software, which is convenient for controlling lighting and macro functions.

FN cooperates with the multimedia playback control key in the upper right corner to change the wireless connection mode, and the connection can be switched between wired, Bluetooth 5.2, and 2.4G.

The F key multi-function area does not have all configuration functions, from F1 to F3, from F9 to F11, with the FN multi-function key, other control functions can be realized.

The connection mode and power function display area is located above the arrow keys.

The four borders of the keyboard are made of white ABS material, the main style is simple, and some ports are left on the sides.

There is a TYPE-C connection port in the center of the top, and a wireless switch on the left.

The back of the keyboard is also just enough for five non-slip feet.

There is a special shrinking space for the receiver in the upper left corner of the back of the keyboard. It is very carefully designed, easy to carry, and not easy to lose.

In order to adapt to the different usage habits of players, the slope of the keyboard can be adjusted in two stages by stepping the feet to achieve a golden angle input feel.


The keyboard keycap adopts a two-color keycap, and the keycap is a newly designed closed style with a delicate touch.

The keycap is made of ABS+PC material, which will not be easily oiled after long-term use.


The keyboard uses red switches imported from Germany. Everyone is very familiar with the feel of the original red switches. It has a straight up and down linear feel. There is no obvious sense of paragraph when triggered. They all have the same trigger pressure of 45g. The trigger stroke of the red switch is 2.0 mm, the total stroke is 4.0mm.

Large keys such as space adopt a satellite shaft structure, which is more reliable, but the feel is not as crisp and sharp as the balance bar. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, and everyone has a different opinion.

battery life

The battery capacity of the Cherry MX 2.0S wireless keyboard is 2800mAh. Because there is no RGB ambient light, the battery life will be much longer.

In Bluetooth or wireless mode, it can achieve up to about 200 hours of battery life, and in daily use, it can guarantee a usage time of about 170 hours. In addition to long battery life, the built-in dedicated smart chip can also achieve a fast response of less than 1ms.


Long press the cherry exclusive button on the left of F1 to jump to the driver download interface.

After downloading and installing, the keyboard can be recognized in wireless mode.

You can customize the key functions to realize a variety of different functions, including 4 items of single key, macro, text and multimedia.

The driver can also display the remaining power of the keyboard

For the USB data return rate in wired mode, try to choose 1000HZ, because in wired mode, it will not consume battery power.

Section 3.8 of the goddess, in order to make your goddess happy, a suitable gift is very necessary. Cherry MX 2.0S wireless keyboard can capture the hearts of goddesses both in appearance and function. Moreover, the minimalist style of the Cherry MX 2.0S wireless keyboard is very suitable for office environments with tight desktop space.

The feel of the original red switch can be reduced to the minimum for finger fatigue during long-term typing. Three-mode connection, no matter you are using a notebook or a desktop, you can use it easily. This 3.8-section goddess gift, you deserve to give it! In addition, during the Goddess Festival, the special price of MX2.0 wireless version is 559 yuan, and the special price of 3.0 wireless version is 999. Players in need should not miss it!

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