Corsair K65 Maintenance Records

The girl I met on the Internet told me that I bought a pink keyboard for tens of dollars, and when I sent it to me, it was an unknown film that paid tribute to Luo Fei's appearance.

unknown membrane keyboard

It suddenly occurred to me that I saw an article on the Internet where a netizen painted the K65 pink, and I thought of doing the same thing for my sister. Since it needs to be painted, it is obviously the most suitable keyboard for cutting lines. Anyway, the appearance is very good after painting. Perfect.

I chose a cord-cutting keyboard on the Internet, and paid 39.2 yuan to get home with free shipping. At the same time, I bought all kinds of sandwich cotton and the like, which cost 42.34 yuan, but I bought more sandwich cotton, not entirely for the K65.

Received the goods, there is no box, it is wrapped in several layers of foam paper, and the package is very good. But to be honest, I have never seen such a dirty keyboard, especially after the keycaps are removed, the dirt is a bit unexpected.

The keyboard is missing a few keycaps, and the switch for the F11 key is also broken. However, the keyboard itself is a mini USB key-wire separation interface. It can be directly wired and tested without changing TYPE C. Fortunately, it lights up directly. Except for the FN key that does not trigger, other keys have no problem, but if one key does not trigger, it means it is not the main control. Problems are easier to fix.

Dirty cord-cutter keyboard, but cheap

The next step is to disassemble, and the disassembly of this keyboard is quite simple. All the keycaps are pulled out, the small volume adjustment button on it does not need to be removed, and then the screws are all on the aluminum positioning plate, there are many screws, 2 of them, the screw between F6 and F7, and the one directly below the mute button Screws fix the split circuit board to the positioning plate. I speculate that the upper cover can be removed without screwing these two screws, but in fact it is easier to remove the split circuit board after removal. The only thing to pay attention to is when removing these two screws and picking up the upper cover. It can't be too large, because the two circuit boards are connected by a cable, so be careful not to break the cable.

There is also a screw under the pirate ship logo. It is best to use a hair dryer or heat gun to cut off the pirate logo with a blade while blowing it. It is a very thin piece of aluminum, and it will not be beautiful if it is broken.

The family portrait was disassembled, and the positioning board was washed by me

Originally planned to replace it with the popular gray wood V3, but after thinking about it, the cherry may not feel up to date with the times, but the victory lies in its stability. This kind of soldered shaft PCB should not be tossed as much as possible. Just moisten it, adjust the big key and barely use it.

Regarding the problem that the FN button does not trigger, I looked at the PCB board carefully, and it should be that some water has entered the side of the FN button, and the circuit is broken due to PCB corrosion. This is easily repaired.

The next step is the process of removing the shaft, moistening the shaft, and installing padding. It is not difficult. The only thing you need is patience. The quality of the PCB board is very good. Nothing went wrong. However, I believe in miracles with great strength, and I still broke a shaft.

Pull out the shaft of a foot

Then it is recommended that all the tests should be tested before installing. Don't be like me, I believe too much in my welding ability, and when I installed it and found that a key did not trigger, I had to remove it for repair welding.

In order to feel rich, I used Kaihua tea switch for ESC, Backspace, and space bar. It works fine in actual use.

Hybrid axis

I originally wanted to paint it pink, and I bought the paint, but after looking at the shape of this keyboard for a long time, and carefully watching the article of the pioneer brother, the finished product painted pink is really not good-looking.

Tamiya is really expensive

I can only buy another keyboard with a regular shape, spray it pink and give it to my sister.

I am using this keyboard in the company now. After replacing the company’s keyboard, I will give it a rest, moisten it, and add some cotton.

Finally, the sound comparison before and after the shaft is attached

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