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CORSAIR K70 PRO MINI Wireless Gaming Mechanical Keyboard Review: New Concept, Full of Highlights

The 60% keyboard is favored by many users due to its small and light body size and weight. The nearly complete input keypad and rich combination key functions can also easily control most usage scenarios, making the 60% small size The keyboard began to gradually become popular in the user circle. CORSAIR also launched the K65 RGB Mini gaming mechanical keyboard last year in line with user needs, and received good user feedback. This year, it brought the newly designed K70 PRO MINI WIRELESS RGB gaming mechanical keyboard to the majority of users, supporting its own AXON super processing, Slipstream wireless and other technical solutions. Next, follow the author to see how this keyboard performs.


The outer packaging of the keyboard adopts the classic yellow and black color scheme of CORSAIR. The collision of yellow and black brings a more eye-catching visual perception and further improves the overall recognition performance. The package provides relevant information such as brand, model, display diagram, and feature introduction, so that users can understand product features. In terms of accessories, it provides a key puller, a shaft puller, two replacement keycaps, a USB Type-C braided wire, and manuals and other paper jams. The content of the accessories is quite satisfactory, and the practicability is still very high.


The CORSAIR K70 PRO MINI WIRELESS RGB gaming mechanical keyboard also adopts a 60% configuration scheme and a 61-key layout. The size of the body is similar to that of the K65 RGB Mini gaming mechanical keyboard, but the overall structural design is different. This keyboard continues CORSAIR's consistent metal panel and suspension shaft scheme, which can better display the lighting effect and make daily cleaning more convenient. The golden panel is treated with sandblasting, which has a very good matte texture, and has a good performance in terms of appearance and touch. The four sides are treated with high-gloss chamfering, and the four corners are also rounded. The details are still very thoughtful. The small body size also makes this keyboard have a smaller space occupation performance, and it is more convenient to carry when going out.

The all-black color scheme of the body and the compact key layout also make this keyboard look simple and beautiful. The keyboard also adopts the standard OEM arrangement scheme, which has better keycap compatibility performance, and can quickly find replacement keycaps for use after keycaps are lost or damaged. The keycaps also provide a wealth of combined key function prompts in the form of side engravings, such as common multimedia control, lighting adjustment, connection mode switching, F area keys, function keys, and even simulated mouse operations. The unique key functions also make this keyboard easier to deal with various usage scenarios. With the iCUE driver software, users can also adjust the key functions or record macro keys to further optimize the user's operating experience and make this keyboard more convenient and easy to use.

The CORSAIR K70 PRO MINI WIRELESS RGB gaming mechanical keyboard adopts a brand-new design style on the bottom shell structure, the top adopts an outward tilt design, and the other three sides adopt an inward tilt design, which has a full sense of shape. A surrounding RGB light strip is also added at the bottom, which can bring better lighting effects to the user's desktop. The top position provides a USB Type-C interface, a power switch, and a wireless adapter storage compartment. The black frosted decorative strip on the top can also be disassembled and replaced, which can further meet the needs of users to show their individuality.

The bottom of the keyboard adopts the cement gray color scheme, and adopts a multi-layer superimposed design style, which makes the visual layering more abundant. The bottom provides two one-piece support feet and rubber non-slip feet. The body has its own inclination angle. With the one-piece support feet at the bottom, most users can find their own input inclination angle to ensure comfortable use. Spend. Three rubber anti-slip pads can also make the keyboard more stable, and it will not slide easily, and there is no problem in dealing with intense game scenes.


In terms of shaft matching, this keyboard is equipped with CHERRY MX silver shaft body, linear feel scheme, initial pressure 30gf, trigger pressure 45gf, total stroke 3.4mm, trigger stroke 1.2mm, short key stroke, fast trigger, and light pressing feel Soft, rebound follow the hand, has a faster trigger response performance. The large key position adopts the satellite axis scheme, the hand feel is smooth and stable, the rebound is crisp and neat, and the consistency is good. At the same time, this keyboard also provides a hot-swappable switch solution, which supports the tripod switch of the MX structure, which is convenient for users to replace different switches according to personal preferences, better improves the use feel, and has higher playability and Practicality performance.

The keycaps are a set of PBT material keycaps with OEM height, made of two-color injection molding process, closed character design, support character translucence, and the overall workmanship is relatively good. The side wall of the keycap is thickened by 1.5mm, which not only improves the strength of the keycap, but also makes the percussion feel more solid. The surface of the keycap has a slightly frosted texture, which feels warm and delicate. PBT material also has better anti-oiling and anti-wear characteristics, and also has excellent performance in durability. The key combination function is also marked on the side of the keycap, which is convenient for users to identify and use.

RGB backlight:

CORSAIR K70 PRO MINI WIRELESS RGB gaming mechanical keyboard has excellent lighting brightness, color uniformity and dynamic lighting performance, maintaining the advantages of its own products in lighting gameplay. The lighting looks natural and soft, and the wider font on the transparent keycap can also bring better lighting performance. The semi-exposed shaft body and the newly added surrounding RGB light strip at the bottom also further enhance the visual perception of the keyboard lighting. The sense of atmosphere looks more colorful and full of atmosphere. Through the iCUE driver software, more and more novel lighting methods can also be realized, and lighting linkage with other compatible devices, or game lighting feedback can be realized, bringing a more immersive lighting experience.

Use test:

The CORSAIR K70 PRO MINI WIRELESS RGB gaming mechanical keyboard provides three connection solutions: wired, 2.4G SLIPSTREAM wireless connection and Bluetooth 4.2. In the Bluetooth state, it can provide three sets of device configuration storage, which is also the current mainstream three-mode connection method. The three connection methods all support the design of full key position without punching, which is more convenient for daily use or game scene use, and there is no need to worry about problems such as key position failure and unresponsiveness caused by key conflicts. The keyboard adopts a built-in lithium battery solution, which can provide about 200 hours of battery life in the dark state, and 32 hours of battery life in the full-light state, which is sufficient for daily use. With the popularity of the USB Type-C interface, users can also recharge the keyboard at any time to improve battery life.

This keyboard adopts SLIPSTREAM wireless technology, which has a more stable and low-latency experience. With AXON super-speed processing technology, it can provide a maximum return rate of 8000Hz and achieve faster key response speed. It can also be fast and accurate in fierce game confrontation. Respond to the user's button operation, so that the user can obtain a better gaming experience. The metal panel is matched with a linear shaft body, the percussion feels stable and solid, and the rebound is quick to follow the hand, with good tactile feedback. The hot-swappable shaft solution also allows users to easily replace the shaft, further optimizing the keyboard's typing feel, and meeting the different needs and preferences of more users. The newly added surround RGB light strip and suspension axis scheme also bring more dazzling lighting performance, and cooperate with iCUE driver software to realize lighting linkage with compatible devices, which can also bring users a more immersive gaming experience.

The compact 60% key position scheme, with rich combination key functions, also reduces the discomfort of this keyboard during daily use. The left area integrates mouse button functions, personal configuration switching, lighting adjustment, etc., while the right side provides direction keys, function keys, and multimedia functions. Through the FN+ key combination, all functions of a conventional keyboard can be realized. The key functions are still Very rich, daily use also has a good convenience performance. The key combination function is also marked on the side of the keycap, making it easier and more convenient for users to use. The keyboard also has a built-in 8MB storage space. With the support of the AXON chip, 50 sets of onboard configuration storage can be realized, which can better meet the needs of users in different scenarios.


The CORSAIR K70 PRO MINI WIRELESS RGB gaming mechanical keyboard is officially priced at 1399. At this price, it provides AXON super-processing technology, which brings a return rate of up to 8000Hz. With the Slipstream wireless technology solution, it can achieve lower connection delays. , the button response is faster and more precise, which is very helpful for gamers. The keyboard function and lighting also follow the characteristics of CORSAIR, and it has a good performance in input feel and actual experience. Users who like it may wish to pay more attention.

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