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CORSAIR launched the K70 PRO MINI WIRELESS mechanical keyboard: the modular design of the shaft body is 1399 yuan

USCORSAIR officially announced today that the new K70 PRO MINI WIRELESS gaming mechanical keyboard is officially on the market. It adopts a compact 60% arrangement and continues the excellent design of the K70 series. It saves space and is easy to carry. It is the best choice for gamers. select. The product is now on the e-commerce platform for sale, priced at 1399 yuan, if you are interested, please pay attention.

As a high-performance wireless gaming keyboard, the new K70 PRO MINI WIRELESS adopts a compact 60% size, can be customized, and supports shaft replacement, and is equipped with 360° RGB light edges around the keyboard. The official offers two options, red switch and silver switch. The switch body adopts a modular design, feels smooth, and has a lifespan of 100 million clicks. Players can freely customize the switch body layout to achieve the desired game feel.

It supports three-mode connection, which can realize fast switching between PC, Mac, host and other multi-platform devices. At the same time, the Bluetooth mode is also compatible with mobile phones, tablet computers and other devices. The USB wired mode supports 8000Hz rate, which is specially designed for gamers. The keycap part adopts PBT two-color injection molding process, which is durable, wear-resistant and sun-proof. The bottom is an aluminum alloy panel, which is enhanced by anodizing process, which is more textured and durable.

In terms of battery life, it can achieve 32 hours of wireless battery life when the backlight is turned on, and up to 200 hours when the backlight is turned off. In addition, it also supports RGB lighting control, button remapping, macro programming and other functions.

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