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Created for iPad 10: Apple launched the magic keyboard double-sided clip, split design, full-size buttons + touchpad 1999 yuan

After officially releasing a number of new iPad 2022 products last night, Apple also released a variety of new accessories in a low-key manner, including the Magic Keyboard double-sided clip specially made for the iPad 10, which is now officially on sale, priced at 1999 yuan.

According to the official introduction, the magic keyboard double-sided clip is only compatible with iPad 10, not compatible with other iPad devices. It adopts a full-size button design and a scissor-type structure with 1mm key travel, which brings a comfortable typing feel. It is equipped with a large touchpad and supports everywhere. Tap and multi-touch gestures for precise control and execution of tasks.

It is also equipped with a column of 14 function keys, which is convenient for invoking shortcut keys to adjust options such as volume or display brightness. Not only that, but the split design includes a detachable keyboard and a protective back panel, both of which magnetically attach to iPad, and its adjustable stand provides a smooth and consistent viewing experience, which is flexible and versatile.

Editing perspective: The iPad 10, which focuses on the horizontal screen experience, combined with the new iPadOS 16 system, has made great progress in the office experience. However, 1999 yuan for a keyboard is really not cheap. For the vast majority of users, if you don’t pursue the ultimate belief in the family bucket, it is completely unnecessary. Magnetic design, materials are not bad.

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