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Crowned with seven crowns of glory——Rapoo & Wuhan eStarPro team joint family barrel evaluation

Recently, Wuhan eStarPro, a game team signed by Rapoo, won the 2022 King of Glory Challenger Cup champion, achieving seven championships, which is really gratifying! In order to share this happy event worth celebrating, Rapoo also specially launched a set of commemorative joint family barrel peripherals. As an old user of Rapoo for many years, of course I got started right away.

The set of joint peripherals launched by Rapoo and the KPL champion team Wuhan eStarPro this time is based on the original Rapoo V700-8A multi-mode wireless gaming mechanical keyboard, VH650 virtual 7.1-channel gaming headset and M650 multi-mode wireless mouse. A new style upgrade was carried out, and a co-branded mouse pad was added. The whole series revolves around the boundless starry sky—the vast starry sky as the design concept. With the classic "e star blue" blue and white color scheme of the eStarPro team, it can be said that the appearance has been greatly improved. One level, the style is simple and refreshing, bringing a new e-sports style that is extremely delicate, light and luxurious, and a set of products is placed on the table to form a pleasing table.

Both the M650 mouse and the V700-8A mechanical keyboard adopt Rapoo’s own multi-mode wireless technology and support four connection modes: Bluetooth 5.0/3.0, wireless 2.4G and wired. Among them, the keyboard can be connected to 5 devices, such as desktop computers, Notebooks, mobile phones, tablets, etc., can be seamlessly switched between multiple devices through shortcut keys, one machine with multiple functions, convenient and efficient.

Rapoo eStarPro co-branded M650 mouse is a flat and portable office product in terms of design style. The side is wrapped with e-star blue silicone, which makes the overall grip feel more comfortable and close to the hand. The innovative detachable top cover makes this mouse have a very eye-catching high-value appearance.

In terms of performance, it has a 1300 DPI high-precision tracking engine, which can achieve good performance and low-power ultra-quiet effect. At the same time, the mouse is powered by an AA battery. According to official laboratory data, the battery life can reach 9 months. Personal feeling is more real than charging.

The Rapoo eStarPro co-branded keyboard is customized based on the Rapoo V700-8A. It adopts a compact design with 84 keys. The keycap is made of five-sided thermal sublimation PBT material, which has good anti-wear, anti-aging properties and better touch. The keyboard has a variety of backlight functions and up to 12 media shortcut control methods, which can be quickly operated by combination keys. At the same time, different backlight effects replace the traditional indicator lights, allowing users to distinguish output methods such as upper and lower case at a glance.

The entire keyboard is also stitched in blue and white colors, and various pattern elements are also redesigned in the style of the joint name, bringing a new unique style. With a variety of backlights, you can feel the effects of different elements. At the same time, the backlight also makes this keyboard have a unique style. Good background effect, even in dark light environment can be used normally, which is very good.

Sandblasted and oxidized aluminum alloy matte disc base, which improves the keyboard to a high level in terms of feel and appearance. The details of the process are in place, and it also has a weight close to 800g. The stability of anti-slip and anti-displacement is quite excellent.

In terms of performance, the Rapoo eStarPro co-branded V700-8A wireless multi-mode mechanical keyboard is equipped with its own self-developed linear fast silver switch. The body is compact but has a good percussion effect. On the contrary, it greatly shortens the stroke of the fingers. In addition, it also has a kind of tactile feedback that is different from the usual mechanical keyboard. It has a good mechanical crisp feedback and a fast rebound effect. It is quite sensitive and cool, and you can enjoy it. The feedback of the mechanical shaft body has a low-noise effect, and it also supports full-key non-conflict in wired mode and wireless 6-key non-conflict features. The productivity output at work or the double output of the big move in the game can bring excellent blessings.

According to the official announcement, the 4000mAh lithium battery of this keyboard can reach a maximum of 225 hours of battery life when fully charged, and it also supports charging and using at the same time, so there is no need to worry about interruptions when there is no power at work.

Rapoo eStarPro co-branded gaming headset is customized based on the original VH650. The new pure white main color is matched with eStarPro team’s e-star blue splicing and individual elements. Compared with the original VH650, the appearance value is several times stronger, refreshing and full of vitality. The style is really eye-catching.

The headset has a unique RGB ambient light strip for e-sports, uses a 50mm large driver unit, and supports virtual 7.1 surround sound effects. It also comes with an integrated omnidirectional noise-canceling microphone, and supports physical buttons to switch various functions and modes. The wind is in place and the handling is very convenient.

The wired connection method, for e-sports or listening to music, the effect of wired is much better than wireless, especially the insensitive delay of wired, the feedback obtained in the game is more timely, and it will not hold back teammates. In terms of sound quality and sound effects, it has also been greatly improved. With the 7.1 surround sound effect and the unique wide aura of the headset, it is very good in terms of explosive power and immersive presence.

In terms of humanization, Rapoo also provides corresponding macro drivers and game-specific tuning drivers for this keyboard and earphones, so that users and players can adjust according to their own usage habits and different usage scenarios, such as office, game, etc. etc., realize backlight effect customization, different button macro configuration and storage, and can quickly switch in one step when needed, and various sound effect modes such as game, video, different game sound effects, frequency, equalizer mixer, ambient sound and Volume control, etc., and at the same time, the firmware can be upgraded through the application in the future to obtain stable optimization, bringing more comprehensive and considerate use effects to users and players.


As a major manufacturer of domestic peripherals with more than ten years of solid research and development technology, Rapoo can be said to be promoting the development of the entire peripheral industry from a single peripheral to multi-category coverage.

Taking this set of Wuhan eStarPro team joint models of Glory of Kings as an example, its overall quality, performance, and the innovative technology developed by Rapoo are really good in terms of user experience. In addition, the new eStarPro team joint elements are added. The price/performance ratio of this set of Rapoo family barrels has risen sharply, and the whole set of family barrels is only 700 yuan. I personally think that the appearance alone is far more than the price. It has a strong advantage. Friends can pay attention to it. Really good.

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