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Custom Shooting Records Part 15: Experience Sharing of Dareu Zijin Pro

Dareu’s Zijin Switch update iteration has reached the latest third version of "Zijin Switch Pro". Paragraph axis. The fence-type shaft, PC cover, gold-plated spring and other configurations are gathered together. Next, we will use the combination of pictures and texts to share the experience of using this shaft.

▲Zijin Axis Pro is shipped in cans, which can effectively prevent the shaft from being damaged during transportation, and the cans that have run out of the shaft can also be used for other purposes

▲Zijin Switch Pro adopts the color combination of PC material golden transparent cover + yellow axis center + purple axis seat, and the tripod axis design can adapt to most keyboards on the market

▲The shaft body is composed of the traditional shaft cover, shaft center, spring, and shaft seat. The trigger pressure is 45g, the bottoming pressure is 55g, the trigger stroke is 2.1mm, and the bottoming stroke is 3.8mm

▲The brand-new yellow fence-type structure shaft can make the up and down travel of the shaft more stable, and the factory comes with lubrication. The micro-steps are clear and smooth without being obtrusive. The feeling of quick tapping is very comfortable

▲The extended gold-plated spring used has strong oxidation resistance and quick rebound

▲The gold-plated contacts of the shaft body and the shrapnel are fixed by riveting, which is stable and reliable, and the overall service life is as high as 80 million times. It can be seen that there is a sufficient amount of grease on the shrapnel, and the smoothness and noise are effectively optimized.

This time, the CIY GAS67 hot-swappable RGB keyboard kit and GANSS Jingyuan Xing PBT two-color OEM height keycaps are used together with Zijinzhuo Pro

The CIY GAS67 hot-swappable keyboard kit is not too much to introduce. As an entry-level Gasket structure kit, the user experience is good.

▲The GC series keycaps of GANSS have many colors, the price is affordable, and the quality is very suitable for daily use. Since the shell of the GAS67 kit is black and transparent, this time I chose the Jingyuan apricot color as a match. The total number of keycaps is 139 from 108. Main key position + 23 function key supplements + 8 color matching supplements

▲The keycap is made of OEM highly designed PBT material, two-color injection molding process, and the characters are opaque

The overall feel of the Zijin Switch Pro is good. The micro-paragraphs are smooth and clear, and the factory self-lubricating also makes the travel of the axis smooth and silent. GANSS’s Jingyuan Apricot color PBT two-color injection keycap has a delicate feel, clear characters, and is economical. It has strong oil resistance. At this stage, more and more manufacturers are making keycaps with original factory heights or ball-like heights. As a result, there are fewer and fewer OEM-height optional keycaps, but after you get used to OEM-height keycaps, you can use other heights. The keycaps still need some time to get used to. If there are players who also like micro-section shafts and OEM height keycaps, you may wish to pay attention~

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