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Customized, good-looking, made by the original factory, the domestic mechanical keyboard praised by netizens, is it really worth it?

Speaking of mechanical keyboards before, I always saw everyone discussing various foreign brands, but now the rise of domestic brands has indeed brought us many amazing works. Among these works, in terms of cuteness, I think Lofree Luofei must be the well-deserved number one. As one of Luo Fei's representative works, Xiaoqiao series, is it just for appearance?

Customization has always been a very mysterious existence in mechanical keyboards, and it is precisely because of the existence of customization that users can have a keyboard that is exclusive to them. But for mass users, the threshold for customization is obviously too high. However, in the small program Luo Fei builds, you can realize online customization, build the keyboard body, shaft body, keycap, etc. at will, and you can also preview the final effect, which is really great It lowers the threshold and is very friendly to ordinary users.

Through the selection in the applet, I finally determined the configuration of this Lofree 68: cement gray shell, Jiadalong G yellow shaft body, summer invasion plan keycap. When I received the product, I was quite surprised. The fuselage, switch body, and keycap I chose were packaged separately, which meant that I had to assemble it myself, which was too ceremonial.

In fact, the whole installation process is very easy. You only need to insert the shafts one by one on the shaft seat of the PCB board, and then install the keycaps one by one, and you're done. I think Lofree gives users a sense of participation in this way, and completes the familiarization process with this keyboard during the installation process.

After completing the installation, you can see that the appearance of this Lofree 68 is indeed very high. From its appearance, it is not difficult to see why the official name is Xiaoqiao. From the side, we can clearly see that it has an upward curvature, which is also ergonomically designed.

Judging from the actual use experience, it is precisely because of the small curvature that the fingers and wrists are more comfortable and less prone to fatigue. It is indeed very helpful for friends who need to use the keyboard for a long time to study and work.

When you see the bottom of the keyboard, you will find that its shape is also quite interesting. The design of the front half cylinder can play the role of a foot support. But its function is far more than that simple. In fact, it is the battery compartment and 2.4GHz receiver storage compartment of Lofree Lofree Xiaoqiao 68. After sliding it open, put the three AA batteries that come with it into it and it can be used.

Although the overall size of the Lofree 68 is very small, its functions are still very comprehensive. As a three-mode keyboard, it supports Bluetooth, 2.4GHz wireless, and wired connection methods. It is more convenient for daily use. Bluetooth can be easily connected with laptops, tablets, mobile phones and other devices; For scenarios with lower latency requirements, such as connecting to a desktop computer to play games, the wired function is actually used very little. After all, the latency of the first two is almost imperceptible.

As a mechanical keyboard, we still have to talk about the typing feel of Lofree 68. As mentioned above, its shape can actually bring a certain degree of comfort, and now I want to share with you the feel of the Jiadalong G yellow shaft body selected this time.

Friends who are familiar with mechanical keyboards will definitely be familiar with this switch. As one of the masterpieces of Jiadalong Volkswagen series, its reputation and strength are still very guaranteed. From the actual use experience, compared with the cherry red switch in my hand, Jiadalong G yellow will have a slightly heavier feel. Compared with the cherry red switch, it will be quieter, but compared with my own silent red switch, the sound will be slightly. bigger. If you also like a slightly heavier typing feel and are used to a lighter typing sound, this switch is more suitable for you.

The Summer Invasion Project keyboard I chose this time is not only good in appearance, but also made of PBT material. It will not oil up after a long time of use, and its service life will be greatly improved, and its appearance will not increase with time. And lower.

Although the overall style of this keycap is cartoonish and colorful, it doesn't feel too fancy in actual use. Because it uses a gradient color design in the number keys and letter key areas, without cartoon patterns. This design is paired with summer-style cartoon patterns on the keycaps on both sides, which is not only good-looking, but also very easy to identify.

Judging from the use these days, the cement gray shell, Jiadalong G yellow shaft body, and summer invasion plan keycap Lofree Luofei Xiaoqiao 68 I chose are indeed a combination of high appearance and excellent feel. And it allows every user to feel the charm of customization in a simple way, which I think is great. If you also want another customized keyboard, maybe it can really meet your needs.

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