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Customized keyboard for girls, using Gasket structure, Heijue AK966 mechanical keyboard to accompany you to celebrate Chinese Valentine's Day!

Do you know what is the Gasket architecture?

It has to be said that in the past two years, major keyboard manufacturers have been pushing keyboards with this architecture design, because it has excellent feel and excellent sound effects. However, the overall design of this type of keyboard is complex, and the cost is also more expensive than our common hull keyboard structure. In fact, if there is a need, someone must do it. This is also the law of the market, and almost all players who have used this keyboard are full of praise. It also shows that the Gasket architecture customized keyboard is still very good.

Some time ago, I bought the Heijue AK966 mechanical keyboard. This is my third keyboard with a Gasket structure. Its feel and appearance are very good, and it is also very in line with the aesthetics of modern young people. So how is this keyboard? Next Let us go and see it together!

The packaging of the Heijue AK966 mechanical keyboard is still very delicate, with a hollow design, and a part of the keyboard can be seen on the front. It is reported that this keyboard has three colors: Senyu (yellow, green and white), Mengxia (pink, blue and white), and Xingwan (black, gray and white). Players can choose according to their own preferences. I chose the dream of pink, blue and white. Summer themed version.

Let’s take a look at the family portrait of Heijue AK966 mechanical keyboard: AK966 keyboard body, data cable, shaft puller and keycap device, Kaihua’s new shaft tester, 4 Mac supplementary keycaps, manual, and replaceable volume knob. The keyboard supports full-key self-replacement of the switch body, so the playability is very high. You can buy your favorite switch body online and replace it. A keyboard has a variety of feels, haha.

Nowadays, customized keyboards have become more and more sought after by players. This Heijue AK966 mechanical keyboard adopts the popular Gasket gasket structure of customized key rings, PC positioning board, PORON material sandwich cotton + bottom cotton + shaft Underpad, etc., can be seen on this keyboard.

The keyboard is the current popular 98-arrangement layout, 96 keys + metal volume knob. In terms of size, it is almost the same as the mainstream keyboard of the same type: 387.5*136.8*41.5mm, weight: 1027g, mainly because the customized keyboard uses more materials, and it also has a built-in large-capacity battery, 10000mm Ann is really awesome.

The keyboard power switch is placed on the left, and the 2.4G receiver is on the right. Through the power switch, we can adjust three modes, such as 2.4G wireless, wired, and Bluetooth. For daily use, if your computer has a built-in Bluetooth module, it is recommended to use Bluetooth mode, which saves more power than 2.4G mode.

I have always liked the scroll wheel design on the keyboard, which can quickly mute or adjust the volume, which is more convenient than the mouse button. This time, the Heijue AK966 mechanical keyboard supports the replacement of the knob, which is very user-friendly. Of course, you can also DIY one.

The keyboard has 4 indicator lights corresponding to information such as power, 2.4G, Bluetooth, etc. In fact, you only need to pay attention to the power indicator.

It is necessary to match a palm rest, and it will be more comfortable when typing. After all, the mechanical keyboard is much higher than the ordinary membrane keyboard.

The design on the back is relatively simple, with 3-way wiring slots, multiple anti-slip rubber pads, and two-stage support feet can be seen.

【Key cap and shaft body】

Heijue AK966 mechanical keyboard adopts PBT thermal sublimation keycaps, MDA height ball caps have a large contact area, feel very warm and comfortable, much better than ABS material, but this kind of keycaps are not designed to transmit light, so the lighting Can only be rendered from the bottom. The characters and icons are more rounded, I like this style better, it feels a bit cute.

Heijue AK966 mechanical keyboard supports full-key hot-swappable, using Kaihua MX CREAM ice cream shaft (2mm trigger stroke, 55g pressure, 4mm total thread, 70g bottoming pressure), all POM material, self-lubricating characteristics, shaft feel Very good, and the more you use it, the smoother it is, very suitable for typing or gaming.

This is a customized keyboard that supports full-key hot-swapping. Players can change their favorite switches by themselves. When you want to experience other switches, you can change them freely. In addition, the keyboard also comes with four new Kaihua switches, you can experience it! By the way, the keyboard is compatible with three-legged and five-legged switches, so you don't have to worry about the problem that the purchased switches are not suitable.

The keyboard has 16.8 million colors and 18 built-in RGB lighting effects. It also supports customization through the driver. However, because the keycaps are not transparent, the lighting effect during the day is not very obvious. If you prefer lighting, you can also You can replace the transparent keycap by yourself.

【What is the Gasket structure】

One or two sentences are really not clear. Put a picture directly here. The most intuitive way is to see the complexity of the Gasket structure. Of course, this is also the characteristic of the Gasket structure. Gaskets are installed on the upper and lower covers to support the positioning plate to avoid the impact of the keyboard inner liner and the outer shell. In addition, the multi-layer mute cotton design makes the keyboard not only feel good, but also control the noise very well. In a word, it is a universal improvement. User experience.

【experience feelings】

In terms of text input, the performance of the Kaihua MX ice cream switch did not disappoint me, let alone the performance in the game. After all, the mechanical keyboard was born for games from the beginning. As for the wireless delay you are worried about, the current technology can make you ignore it .

Let's look at my host again:

Processor: Intel Core i9-12900K

Motherboard: MSI MPG Z690 CARBON WIFI(MS-7D30)

Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 (24 GB/Zotac)

Radiator: Kyushu Fengshen Ice Fortress 360 water cooling

Monitor: MSI MPG321UR-QD 4K144Hz

Memory: Gigabyte DDR516*2 32G

Power supply: Antec 1000W

Chassis: MSI MPG VELOX 100R Blade

As a flagship display, MSI MPG321UR-QD still has many advantages, 4K+144HZ+G-SYNC blessing, native 10bit color depth panel, equipped with the latest HDMI 2.1 full-blooded interface, the interface is very rich, this may be what a flagship display should have style, lol! The display screen covers 100% of sRGB, 100% of AdobeRGB and 95% of the DCI-P3 color gamut range, as well as the higher-order AdobeRGB color space. It can be said that the display effect is very good.

I really like this MSI MPG VELOX 100R chassis, whether it is the workmanship, materials or detail design, it is very good. In particular, the factory comes with 4 ARGB fans and the RGB light strip on the fuselage, which makes the "light pollution" vividly displayed. If you like to play with light, you may wish to consider it!

The boost frequency of ZOTAC RTX3090 Apocalypse OC 24G graphics card has reached 1725MHz, and the power supply material is 16+4 phase specifications, TDP350W. As for other parameters such as 24GB GDDR6X memory, I believe everyone is familiar with them, so I won’t go into details here .

In addition, this ZOTAC RTX3090 Apocalypse OC 24G graphics card does a good job in cooling. It has a huge heat dissipation module consisting of 7 heat pipes and 3 fans on the front, and two small fans are added on the back in addition to the metal backplane, which handles the heating problem of the video memory on the back of the RTX 3090 well.

Kyushu Fengshen Ice Fortress 360 water cooling is a brand new product. As soon as the Ice Fortress came out, it directly replaced the position of the original water-cooled flagship of the Fortress, haha! Like other water coolers, silicone grease is pre-installed at the factory, which is easy to install. The fan supports PWM intelligent speed regulation, and adopts integrated power supply + RGB link, which is equivalent to integrating and synchronizing the PWM signal and RGB lighting effect of the fan control, and supports the ARGB synchronization function of mainstream motherboards.

In order to make the 12900K mainframe run stably, this time I directly used Antec HCG-1000 power supply with a rated power of 1000W, and all Japanese capacitors were used to ensure the stable output of the power supply under different loads for a long time. The power supply has passed the 80 PLUS gold certification, which can take all enthusiast hardware. Moreover, the voltage deviation control of Antec HCG-1000 power supply is at an excellent level, and the voltage deviation of each output is controlled within 1% of the deviation range, which is worthy of recognition.

【Summary at the end of the article】

In general, this Heijue AK966 mechanical keyboard is worthy of recognition in terms of appearance design and materials, but the 98-key design provides users with a full-featured keyboard. The customized design not only allows users to replace the keycaps and shafts by themselves, but also has an excellent Gasket structure design, which comprehensively improves the user experience of this mechanical keyboard. As a wireless three-mode keyboard, if you are worried about the battery life of the AK966, you don’t have to! It has a built-in 10000 mAh large battery, which lasts about 1200 hours with the lights off and 50 hours with the lights on. More importantly, the price of this keyboard is really conscientious. If you like this kind of customized keyboard, Heijue AK966 three-mode gasket customized mechanical keyboard will be a good choice.

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