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Cute and easy-to-use Rapoo MT510 PRO multi-mode wireless mechanical keyboard

As the Double Eleven Shopping Festival is approaching, my workload has increased recently, causing the keyboard to malfunction and need to be replaced urgently. So in the face of the many types of keyboards on the market, how should you choose? Rapoo gave the answer. Its newly launched MT510 PRO multi-mode wireless mechanical keyboard, with its independent linear fast silver switch, five-sided sublimation PBT keycap and multi-mode connection method, made my heart move.

The Pennefather MT510 PRO multi-mode keyboard has two theme versions of "Meowing Holiday" and "Voyage Diary" to choose from. I started with the former. It is double-packaged with a color cover + inner box. On the front of the cover is the keyboard icon, the Rapoo English logo and model number, and on the back is the six major selling points of the keyboard in four languages, with a diagram and so on. The packaging is more exquisite, embellished with cute elements, whether it is for personal use or as a gift.

Let's take a look at the family portrait together. In addition to the keyboard, the accessories include a shaft puller, receiver, charging cable and manual. The material composition is relatively simple.

The Rapoo MT510 PRO multi-mode keyboard adopts a 75% arrangement and 84-key compact layout. Its dimensions of 310.1*120.2*35.5mm occupy a small space on the desktop and can provide more operating space for other peripherals; the keyboard is also Instead of using the traditional pure black and pure white tones, it adopts the theme of meow and cute holidays, and makes colorful and cute holiday patterns on multiple keycaps. Through the sea water, beach, sunrise and the daily life of kittens, it highlights the Meng Meow's lazy and cute lifestyle brings a relaxed and pleasant mood to keyboard users.

The Rapoo MT510 PRO multi-mode keyboard is equipped with four symmetrically distributed non-slip foot pads, which are stable and non-slip when placed flat on the desktop; at the same time, it is equipped with non-slip pads, which can raise the keyboard to a comfortable angle suitable for typing, and will not be tired after long-term use . The Rapoo MT510 PRO multi-mode keyboard adopts an aluminum alloy frame, and the surface is treated by sandblasting and oxidation. It looks like a work of art on the desktop.

As a mechanical keyboard, Rapoo MT510 PRO adopts Rapoo’s own linear fast silver switches, with a trigger stroke of 1.3±0.5mm and a trigger pressure of 45±10cn. The trigger is sensitive with short key travel, the rebound is fast and powerful, and the trigger sound is relatively quiet. The service life of a single axis is 50 million times, and there is no obvious change in subsequent use.

The Rapoo MT510 PRO multi-mode keyboard uses PBT material keycaps, which are processed by five-sided thermal sublimation process, which has a delicate hand feel and is wear-resistant without losing characters. At the same time, the arc-shaped design of the keycap fits the curve of the fingertips, with a strong heel feel, labor-saving tapping, and ergonomics.

As a multi-mode wireless mechanical keyboard, Rapoo MT510 PRO supports four connection methods, which can be connected to the device through Bluetooth 5.0, Bluetooth 3.0, 2.4G wireless and USB cable. The wireless connection has low power consumption and low delay, and the wired connection is more stable. , you can choose a suitable opening method according to your actual needs. At the same time, it supports up to 5 device connections, and one-key switching through the Fn+ combination button, the operation is more convenient, and the connection can remain stable for a long time.

The Rapoo MT510 PRO multi-mode keyboard adopts a keyless design. In wired mode, all keys have no impact, and in wireless connection, 6 keys have no impact. It can quickly trigger, respond and execute input commands. For the game party, this design is very practical. You can use the keyboard to charge as you like in the game world and help you become an MVP.

Rapoo MT510 PRO multi-mode keyboard has a built-in 4000mAh large-capacity lithium battery, equipped with Rapoo’s unique low power consumption technology, and can be used wirelessly for 25-225 hours when fully charged. At the same time, it supports charging and using the keyboard in wired mode, so it can be used at any time need.

The Rapoo MT510 PRO multi-mode keyboard can realize independent programming of all 84 keys through the driver software, and store the program onboard or in the cloud. Let's share and have fun together.

The Rapoo MT510 PRO multi-mode keyboard supports ice blue backlight. After the light is turned on, the blue light between the keycaps shines clearly, bringing a strong visual impact. At the same time, the lighting can be customized by the driver, supporting 7 groups of backlight effects and 4 levels of brightness adjustment, perfectly presenting the elegance of blue light.

After some experience, I think the Rapoo MT510 PRO multi-mode keyboard with cute meow holiday theme is casual and cute, the linear fast silver axis trigger is sensitive, the touch is strong, the three-mode multi-device connection has a wide range of applications, and can effectively improve productivity. If you have office and gaming needs, this keyboard is a good choice.

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