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Cute beginners customized mechanical keyboard teaching - Tutorial on adjusting the key and moistening the axis

Hello everyone, I am Pai Xiaoxing, and today I bring you a teaching manuscript. The main reason is that recently, many friends in the group asked me how to adjust the big key and how to run the axis. Here I will talk about it roughly. .

1. Adjust the key

What is a big key? Large keys generally refer to the key positions on the mechanical keyboard that use the satellite axis, such as space, delete, shift, etc.; then how to adjust the large keys, and what should be paid attention to? Before answering these questions, let's first take a look at what is in the big key we are talking about.

Take my zuoer68 as an example. After disassembling the space, you can see the satellite shafts on the left and right sides. The key to adjust the key is mainly to adjust the shaking degree of the steel wire in the satellite shaft. After that, let’s see what materials we need to prepare.

There are labels on the pictures, and then go directly to the picture

First cut a little Teflon tape with scissors, and then use tweezers to stick it on the pcb under the dummy shaft of the big key, This step is to raise the satellite shaft, reduce the gap between the satellite shaft and the pcb, and protect the pcb to prevent the lubricating oil from damaging the pcb

Put the steel wire on a horizontal surface, hold down one section of the steel wire with your hand, and lightly touch the position indicated by the arrow with the other hand at the other end. If there is no obvious sound of steel wire touching, it is qualified. If there is, you can use tools to remove it Straightening (I prefer to use hands) This step is to straighten the wire and avoid the wire sound caused by the bending of the wire

Then put Taiyang lubricating oil on the two ends of the steel wire as shown in the figure, then insert the dummy shaft, install it on the keyboard for debugging, and it will be correct

Everyone, the above is the tutorial on tuning the big key wire tone. Turning up the key will cost dozens of dollars to find some merchants, learn to save 100% by yourself

2. Run shaft

Why run the shaft? First of all, some shafts are not lubricated enough or not lubricated when they leave the factory, and there will be certain spring sounds and noises. Lubricating the shaft can eliminate certain noises, which can greatly improve your user experience. Let’s take a look at the tools you need.

All the things here can be bought at Coke Frog’s. Next, I also marked the places where the axis needs to be moistened. Just open it and look at it.

To moisten the shaft, we need to know the parts where the shaft contacts and rubs to produce sound, and then we will moisten these parts when we moisten, so that it will be effective. Of course, we can also directly moisten the spring, which is more troublesome, but is it boring? Let's get wet together

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