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Cute meow holiday keycaps, infinitely colorful headphone holder/mouse pad, Rapoo makes the desktop more perfect

We all know Rapoo very well. It is a well-known brand in China. It has launched countless excellent peripheral products in the field of games and office. I am a loyal fan of Rapoo. The keyboard, mouse and earphones at home are all Rapoo. Recently, I have been looking for a headphone stand and a mouse pad. Naturally, Rapoo is the first choice.

This time I will share Rapoo’s KC-8A themed keycaps, VH10RGB gaming headset bracket, and V10RGB mouse pad. First, let’s take a look at the KC-8A themed keycap. This keycap has two themes: Meow Meow Holiday/Navigation Diary.

I fell in love with Meow Meow Holiday at first glance, and I really have to praise it, it’s simply based on my aesthetic point. The design style of healing wind is very suitable for girls. The keycaps are very firmly in the plastic mold, the packaging is excellent, and the internal keycaps are intact.

Five-sided sublimation process, uniform coloring, bright colors, exquisite patterns, and further improve the durability of the keycap itself. There is indeed a refreshing feeling of summer, sea breeze and beach. There are also cute and cute little cats, which make people think of the extremely relaxed state of the holiday.

KC-8A theme keycap, 84-key arrangement design, adaptable to various switches currently on the market. The Rapoo V860 mechanical keyboard I use is the original cherry mx switch. The green switch has a strong sense of paragraph and the sound is crisp. It is more suitable for word workers like me, who use it every day.

My mechanical keyboard has been used for a long time, and it will be applicable if I suddenly change the keyboard. Just changed the keycaps. The KC-8A theme keycap is made of PBT material, which is wear-resistant and fade-resistant.

Exquisite workmanship, no burrs, small injection port, very delicate. OEM height, ergonomic stepped design, not only makes tapping feel more comfortable. In use, it can perfectly fit the movement track between our fingers. It is comfortable to work, type, or play for a long time, and it will not be tired.

Let's take a look at the VH10RGB gaming headset stand. It adopts the consistent simple packaging design of Rapoo products, the color is black/blue, the front is the rendering of the VH10RGB headphone bracket, and the back is the related introduction.

The headphone bracket looks like the letter "T" from the front, and the front bracket rod adopts a magic color RGB light, and it picks up the voice to control the rhythm. There are 10 kinds of rhythmic lighting effects, and there are three levels of brightness adjustment.

There is a sound pickup hole at the base, and a LOGO lighting effect switching button, and a bracket pole lighting effect switching button. The LOGO on the base has 17 kinds of RGB lighting effects, including 11 kinds of static RGB lighting effects + 6 kinds of dynamic RGB lighting effects, which can only be switched.

USB2.0 interface on the back of the base; 3.5mm audio interface, which is a two-in-one headphone and microphone; TYPE-C2.0 interface. It meets three different expansion interfaces, which is convenient for connecting different devices and supports data transmission and audio transmission.

The non-slip rubber base is very stable and can stand firmly even on smooth surfaces. No software required, plug and play, easy to use. After being placed on the desktop, it saves desktop space. It is very beautiful with my Rapoo VH300 headphones.

Finally, there is the Rapoo V10RGB mouse. I have always wanted to change the mouse pad. I really like this one with LED lighting effects, and it matches the headphone stand very well.

The mouse pad is relatively large, with a size of about 350*250*6mm, surrounded by transparent RGB light strips, and the corners are rounded. There is a whole piece of non-slip silicone particles on the back, and the mouse pad is super stable.

There are two buttons on the top, and the button on the left is to adjust the light effect. There are four cool lighting effects. On the right is to adjust the brightness and turn off the lighting effect. There are four levels of brightness that can be adjusted. The "⚡" sign in the upper right corner is the area for wireless charging. It supports 10W/7,5W/5W wireless charging. As long as it is a device that supports the international Qi wireless charging standard protocol.

The mouse pad adopts PC hard surface, fine sand hard surface. The interior is a three-layer structure of PC+PS+silicone. The large hard pad is very easy to use, and all types of mice can recognize and sense.

With the Rapoo VT200S mouse, the mouse moves smoothly during use. The mouse pad has four cool lighting effects: spectrum cycle, illusion, monochrome breathing and monochrome constant light. With a headphone stand, the atmosphere is full~~

Taking advantage of the 11th holiday, I want to play at home for a few days. The keycaps are wear-resistant and non-greasy during the holiday, and they feel very comfortable after installation. The light of the headphone stand moves with the rhythm of the music, which is very pleasing to the eye. Both the mouse pad and earphones are driver-free design, and the backlight can be turned on immediately after plugging in, which is very convenient to use. The spectrum transition is natural, the brightness is uniform, and it looks very dazzling in places with sufficient light. Friends who like LED colorful lighting effects must not miss it~

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