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Dareu A81 mechanical keyboard review: soft and soft new experience

Dareu A98 keyboard, as the first mass-produced mechanical keyboard with Gasket structure, has attracted the attention of many users as soon as it was launched, and officially set off a wave of involution in the domestic keyboard circle. In order to bring better hand feedback to users, Dareu also launched the Sky Switch/Zijin Switch, which has won a lot of praise from users after many iterations and upgrades. Recently, Dareu launched the A81 mechanical keyboard, which has a new appearance design and adopts a Gasket structure without a positioning plate, and is equipped with two different axis versions of the sky axis V3 and the purple gold axis Pro. Next, follow the author to see see.

The Dareu A81 mechanical keyboard is packaged in silver-gray paper. The box is thicker. With the black stripes on the front and the product model, display pictures and other information, it looks very recognizable. The back of the package is the product specification. The introduction is convenient for users to quickly understand. In terms of accessories, product manuals, key pullers and black USB Type-C cables are provided.


Dareu A81 mechanical keyboard adopts the 75% arrangement scheme that is very popular among users nowadays, and adopts the scheme of black transparent body and keycap. The visual texture is still in place, and the black transparent treatment can also bring higher visual recognition Higher temperature and more outstanding lighting performance can bring users a better visual experience. The size of the keyboard body is about 328mm×150mm×44mm. The moderate body size also makes it more suitable for the user scenario of a small desktop, and it is friendly enough for users. The frame of the fuselage is slightly wider, and with the compact 75% layout, it can also meet the daily input needs of most users.


A three-stage switch is provided on the left side of the fuselage, which is used to quickly control the lighting mode, corresponding to the constant light mode, breathing mode and light off, so that users can quickly adjust the lighting effect according to their needs. A bright black decorative strip is added to the top of the fuselage, a USB Type-C interface is provided on the left end, and a system switching switch is located next to it, which is convenient for users to switch between Win system and Mac system to achieve better key position adjustment. It is also more convenient to use.

The bottom of the keyboard adopts a simple style scheme, with brand, model and other information engraved on it, which can bring users a different look and feel under different lighting angles, and indirectly improve the overall visual quality and brand recognition. The keyboard floor is made of a whole piece of translucent material, and the internal white filling provides the background color for the bottom plate, and the visual effect is quite good. The four corners are non-slip foot pads to ensure the stability of the keyboard on the desktop and improve the user experience to a certain extent.

The cable part adopts the USB Type-C rubber cable, the cable material is slightly harder, and the length of 1.8 meters can also meet the desktop layout needs of most users. The key-wire separation scheme also allows users to easily replace the wires they want to use, taking into account practicality and convenience, and the performance is still very good.


In terms of switch configuration, the Daryou A81 mechanical keyboard provides two different switch versions, Sky Blue V3 and Zijin Switch Pro. The author got the Zijin Switch Pro. And it has a fence-type axis, PC cover, gold-plated spring and other specifications and configurations. The trigger pressure is 45gf, the bottoming pressure is 55gf, the trigger stroke is 2.1mm, and the bottoming stroke is 3.8mm. The theoretical life can reach 80 million times, and the performance is still good. In terms of hand feeling performance, the slight paragraph feeling is delicate and clear, the pressing performance is smooth and smooth, and the bottoming rebound also has a relatively comfortable pressing feedback. The overall performance is still relatively good. The large key position uses a customized satellite switch, which feels crisp and neat, and there is almost no shaking noise, and the adjustment is still very good.

The keycaps are made of SA-height black transparent keycaps, treated with a mirror surface scheme, and the characters are white, which can bring a clearer identification effect. The semi-transparent keycap treatment can also clearly see the color of the internal shaft body, which further increases the visual layering. With the mirror surface treatment of the keycap and the light transmission performance at different angles, the visual perception of the keyboard is still greatly improved. Although the mirror surface material has an excellent viewing experience, it is also more likely to be stained with fingerprints, dust and other stains, and there are still certain requirements for daily care. The Haoshi White version provides regular white keycaps, which is convenient for users to choose according to their personal preferences, and it is very considerate.

This keyboard adopts a steel-free structure. In order to improve the service life and the stability of the shaft body, the shaft body is fixed by welding. With the elastic arm Gasket structure innovatively developed by Dareu, it can bring softer and elastic percussion feedback . In the internal structure scheme, a special-shaped PCB scheme is adopted, and a horizontal support arm is added to the PCB, with silicone sleeves at both ends. At the same time, the PCB is also slotted to reduce the overall rigid support performance. The inside is filled with a piece of Poron sandwich cotton and silicone filling bottom cotton, which can better eliminate the cavity sound, and at the same time provide better cushioning for the user when tapping, making the feedback softer and softer, making the tapping experience easier comfortable. Although the steel-free welded structure cannot easily replace the shaft body, for users with certain hands-on ability, they can replace the spring, shaft center, lubrication and other operations by removing the shaft cover. The playability is good, but it is not convenient That's all.

White backlight:

In terms of lighting, the Dareu A81 mechanical keyboard provides a single-mode white backlight solution, presets a variety of lighting effect modes, and supports users to adjust the lighting brightness and dynamic speed, and can quickly adjust the lighting effect mode through the toggle switch on the left. Changes, lighting play is still relatively good. The overall lighting brightness is moderate, and with the black keycap and body shell, it can also reduce the brightness attenuation and enhance the overall lighting atmosphere. The design of the lower light position also allows the light to directly face the direction of the user, bringing a better look and feel. The black transparent keycap is matched with the internal yellow axis, and it also presents a deep amber color under the light, which has some retro style inside. The visual texture is still in place, and it also complements the retro glow light decoration.

Use test:

The Dareu A81 mechanical keyboard adopts a single-mode wired connection solution and supports a full-key non-reverse solution, which is very easy to deal with various usage scenarios. The button feels light and soft, and the slight step feeling can also bring different hand feedback. With the Gasket structure of the new elastic arm scheme, the deformation control of the sinking is also more appropriate. The touch feels soft and soft, and the bottoming feedback Natural and comfortable, the feel performance is still very good. The rich filling inside also further reduces various percussion noises such as cavity sound, and can present a cleaner and clearer percussion sound of the shaft body, and the user experience is still very good. The black appearance design and white backlight can also improve the overall look and feel of the keyboard, and it has excellent performance in appearance, feel and sound.


The Dareu A81 mechanical keyboard adopts an innovative elastic arm Gasket structure, which is softer and more elastic than most commercially available Gasket structure keyboards, and the hand feedback is softer and more comfortable. While the steel-free structure improves the feel, it also reduces the knocking noise, and the sound performance is cleaner. It is very suitable for users who have certain requirements for the feel and sound of the keyboard. The two different color schemes of black and white and the matching style of the shaft body also bring more choices for users, and it is still worth a try. At present, this keyboard has been officially released, and the price starts from 399 yuan. Users who like it may wish to pay attention.

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