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Dareu A98 rushing towards the high-end peripheral market, how does it feel?

Dareu, as one of the domestic and foreign hardware brands, has launched the A series keyboards in the past two years, preparing to rush into the high-end peripheral market, and the A98 series keyboards are extremely outstanding, known as "top peripherals", and are the ceiling of mass production. How does this A98 mechanical keyboard feel, let us feel it!

Why is it called A98? Because it adopts a 98-column layout. Compared with the 104-key layout of the full keyboard, it retains the number key area and reduces some function keys that are not very commonly used. It not only saves 20% of the desktop space. It also fully meets the needs of various uses such as office and games.

But if you look closely, it is slightly different from the traditional 98 configuration, and the Alt button on the right is canceled.

In terms of colors, there are the more colorful "Riding the Wind and Waves", the more rigid "Mech Edition", and the calm and low-key "Industrial Gray" three colors.

As a female digital blogger, I naturally chose to "ride the wind and waves"!

In terms of color matching, "Riding the Wind and Waves" is a combination of red, white and blue, with a white bottom cover and a red top cover. The keycaps are mainly red and white, and some function buttons are embellished with blue keycaps.

In the accessories, another set of color-matched function buttons is presented, which can be replaced according to your own preferences.

The keycap is made of high-purity PBT two-color keycap, which feels very delicate and has a matte feel, and it will not slip even in hot summer for long-term coding.

The height of the keycap adopts the height of the original OEM, which conforms to the ergonomic design, and you will not feel tired on your wrist whether you are sitting for a long time while coding or intensely "eating chicken".

In terms of the appearance of the keyboard, it is different from most of the mechanical keyboards I used before. This mechanical keyboard also has a small battery display screen between the Esc and F area keyboards. And the embarrassing situation of having to find a charging cable.

On the left side of the keyboard are switches for three different connection modes. Push up for 2.4G mode, the middle gear for wired connection, and push down for Bluetooth mode. Compatible with multiple operations such as Windows, Android, iOS, and MacOS The system can switch freely among multiple devices.

And the right side of the keyboard is the "hiding place" of the 2.4G receiver!

The "Gasket structure" of the keyboard has suddenly become popular in the past two years, and many brands are following the trend and launching a variety of Gasket structure keyboards. What is so good about the "Gasket structure"?

Gasket structure, compared with the traditional mechanical keyboard, there are no screws inside the keyboard to fix it, but the precise upper and lower covers are occluded and fixed. In the mechanical keyboard of Dareu A98, high toughness is added between the keyboard liner and the bottom shell. Silicone padding not only weakens the sound of keyboard code words, but also makes the hand feel more comfortable and balanced.

In terms of switch body selection, there are two types of sky switch V3 and candy switch to choose from. What I experienced this time is the sky axis V3.

The sky switch V3 is a linear switch body, straight up and down, without a sense of paragraph. It feels similar to the Cherry red switch, but slightly lighter than Cherry, and it is smoother in practical use.

For some players, if there are other needs for individual keys, this mechanical keyboard also supports hot swapping, which can replace other axes at any time.

In addition, RGB also adds a lot of color to this A98 mechanical keyboard! Make your desktop more "gorgeous" at night!

Finally, let's summarize:

This so-called "top peripheral" Dareu A98 three-mode mechanical keyboard really brought me a lot of surprises!

"Gasket structure" makes code words feel more comfortable;

Sky axis V3, straight up and down, smooth to the touch;

Support hot-swappable, DIY exclusive keyboard;

Three-mode connection, supporting free switching of multiple systems;

98 configurations to meet daily needs...

In addition, this A98 also has a wired single-mode model, and the price is relatively low. Interested friends can also buy it and try it!

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