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Darmoshark K7 Pro Star Pudding Edition mechanical keyboard review: the lighting effect is more brilliant

The Darmoshark K7 Pro series mechanical keyboard adopts the popular 98-key arrangement scheme, has three different theme colors, and provides mainstream three-mode wireless connection, hot-swappable shaft body, RGB backlight and other configurations, with outstanding appearance, Excellent hardware specifications and high cost performance also make it get a lot of attention. Recently, Darmoshark has also launched a brand-new starry sky pudding version K7 Pro, which not only replaces the pudding keycap with better light transmission performance, but also presents an additional sound-absorbing bottom foam. Next, follow the author to see its actual performance.


In terms of packaging, it continues the highly recognizable carton packaging of painted comics. The packaging also identifies the model, color, features, and shaft type, which is convenient for users to identify and understand. In terms of accessories, transparent plastic dust cover, key puller, shaft puller, wireless receiver, receiver adapter, USB Type-C cable and product manual are provided, and additional sound-absorbing foam is added for the transparent shell version , allowing users to obtain a more extreme experience through simple DIY operations.


The Darmoshark K7 Pro Star Pudding Edition mechanical keyboard follows the black semi-transparent body scheme, and there are no adjustments and changes in the overall structure and combined key functions. The more obvious change is to replace the previous theme keycaps with a set of pudding keycaps with better light transmittance, which can further improve the lighting effect and appearance of the keyboard. The size of the keyboard body is maintained at 385mm×132mm×43mm. The compact layout and moderate body size will not only meet the needs of daily input, but also have better space occupation performance. It is still very suitable for users with small desktop space. friendly. The body shell made of semi-transparent material, with simple and tough lines, can also allow users to see the internal structure faintly, presenting a more transparent visual aesthetics. The "Darmoshark" LOGO on the right and the contrasting pudding keycap also make the keyboard more comfortable. Recognizable in appearance.

The semi-permeable bottom shell adopts a slightly convex top design, which can free up more space for the lithium battery in the fuselage, and at the same time create a certain inclination for the fuselage. With the two-stage support on the top, it can also It allows most users to find an easy and comfortable input angle. Two toggle switches are provided on the middle bottom, corresponding to the power supply and system mode switching respectively. It is very practical for saving power and multi-platform compatibility. At the same time, the bottom also provides a three-way outlet, which is convenient for users to adjust according to their own desktop layout to ensure the cleanliness of the desktop. Of course, the location of the cable trough also provides a receiver storage space, which is more convenient for storage outside and can also prevent the loss of the receiver.


The Darmoshark K7 Pro starry sky pudding version mechanical keyboard currently only provides two switch bodies: Jiadalong G Silver Pro and G Yellow Pro, and the choice of switch bodies is still somewhat small. The author’s G Silver Pro shaft adopts a linear feel scheme. It has a total stroke of 3.4mm, a trigger stroke of 1.2mm, an initial pressure of 35g, and a trigger pressure of 45gf. It focuses on fast triggering, moderate pressure grams and sufficient lubrication. This shaft body is smooth and smooth to tap, light to follow the hand, and the shaft with a cross dustproof wall can also provide stable feel feedback when pressed, the overall performance is still very good, very suitable for game scenes or long-term time typing use. The large key position is a satellite axis scheme, the feel is stable and neat, and the control of abnormal noise and shaking is also very good, and the adjustment is still very good.

This keyboard also provides a full-key shaft hot-swappable solution, supports common three-legged and five-legged shafts, and is compatible with most commercially available MX-structured shafts, making it easier and faster for users to replace shafts. Experience the tactile feedback of different axes on a keyboard, and the playability and practicality are still very high. In addition, this series of keyboards also adds sandwich sound-absorbing cotton, which can filter most of the percussion noise, and at the same time make the feel more solid. Users can also add the sound-absorbing bottom cotton provided in the accessories to reduce the cavity sound generated when knocking and obtain a better user experience.

The biggest change of this keyboard is that the keycaps are changed from the previous KDA height themed keycaps to the OEM height pudding keycaps, which makes it easier to get used to it and improves the lighting performance better. This set of pudding keycaps is made of PBT material and two-color injection molding process. The top is a black light-transmitting character scheme, and most of the bottom is translucent, which further increases the light-transmitting area of ​​the keycap and makes the light divergence more uniform. Soft, can bring users a better viewing experience and lighting atmosphere performance. The surface of the keycap has a slightly frosted grainy feel, which is dry and mild to the touch, resistant to oiling and abrasion, taking into account the feel and durability, and the performance is still very good.

RGB backlight:

The Darmoshark K7 Pro Star Pudding Edition mechanical keyboard supports color adjustment of about 16.8 million colors. Users can adjust the lighting effect mode, brightness, color, and dynamic speed through a combination of buttons or driver software. It still has a good performance in lighting gameplay . There are 14 built-in lighting effect modes in the fuselage. For users who do not have high lighting requirements, they can use the FN+Del combination key to switch and choose. If you want to create more personalized lighting, it is recommended to use the driver software to change the settings. Intuitive and convenient. The brightness of the light is uniform, the color is soft, the font is very clear, and the dynamic lighting effect is also very smooth and natural. With the body shell made of translucent material, it can also create a better sense of atmosphere for the desktop, and the visual experience is still very good.

The Darmoshark K7 Pro Star Pudding Edition mechanical keyboard adopts three connection methods: wired, 2.4G and Bluetooth, and all support the full-key non-retouching solution, which can easily cope with various usage scenarios. The connection is stable in the wireless state, and the anti-interference ability is also very good. The response to sleep wake-up or device reconnection is also very fast, and the user experience is still very good. Built-in 3000mAh lithium battery, it can provide about 150 hours of battery life when the light is turned off, and about 40 hours of battery life when the light is at its highest brightness. It also supports charging while using it. With the popularity and convenience of the USB Type-C interface, It is enough for daily use. This keyboard also supports rich combination key functions, which can realize operations such as multimedia control, screen brightness control, calling program software, etc., and performs well in terms of ease of use and convenience. However, after replacing the brand-new pudding keycap, the function of the combination key is not marked. It is recommended that users read the manual first to get familiar with it, so that it will be easier to get started later.


The Darmoshark K7 Pro Star Pudding Edition mechanical keyboard provides two versions: a single-mode wired version and a three-mode wireless version. The current price of the single-mode wired version starts from 399 yuan, and the price of the three-mode wireless version starts from 499 yuan. It still has a good cost performance. of. Moreover, they all provide the current mainstream hot-swappable solution, RGB backlight, Jiadalong G Pro shaft body, sound-absorbing cotton and other configurations, and the new starry sky pudding keycap version can also provide more outstanding lighting performance. It coincides with the 618 big promotion, and the price still has a certain range of drops. Users who like it may wish to pay more attention.

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