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Definitely worth a try, GANSS moon soul silver axis is pretty good

After experiencing GANSS's product month advance paragraph switch last time, I feel that it is really fun to change the switch body of the keyboard. It also benefits from the fact that most mechanical keyboards now use the hot-swappable process, which used to require electric soldering iron and soldering tin. The completed work can now be done with a shaft puller, so are you sure you don't want to try changing the shaft body to experience a different coding experience?

That’s right, I still chose GANSS this time. This is the Moon Soul Silver Switch launched together with the Pinyue Advanced Phase Switch. Because I actually have a lot of linear switches, I chose to start with the Moon Soul Silver Switch because of curiosity. I want to see how the silver axis of GANSS can perform.

The transparent bottle packaging is still used, which not only ensures the relative safety of the shaft during transportation, but also brings convenience for later storage. The moon soul silver axis also uses a transparent PC shell, and the silver-gray axis is made of POM material. It still adopts the standard MX axis cross structure.

To be honest, I don’t think the appearance of this moon soul silver axis is very good-looking. The combination of silver gray and transparent color always feels a bit awkward. I don’t know if simply changing the axis to white may look more beautiful.

This moon soul silver switch is a standard linear switch. In order to achieve faster departure, the conduction stroke is shortened. At the same time, in order to prevent accidental button touches, the initial trigger pressure is increased. The initial trigger pressure of this switch is 43±5gf , the conduction stroke is about 1.0+0.4mm, and the total stroke is 3.5±0.3mm.

It uses a standard pentagonal shaft body, and the transparent shaft body shell is very conducive to showing the keyboard backlight.

The actual pressing of the shaft feels smooth, and the shaft center is fixed and stable. It can be said that it is a fairly well-made shaft. Due to the property of the quick trigger of the silver axis, it has always been favored by gamers. Of course, it is also competent for the daily codeword needs of the codeword party.

The moon soul silver axis adopts a 22mm single-segment extension spring, and the initial pressing force of the axis body is adjusted through the spring.

Like the common shaft body, it consists of 5 parts in total. The POM shaft has its own lubrication properties, even if the shaft is not additionally lubricated, the shaft lubrication is very good.

At present, the HS 75T is equipped with Jiadalong G Silver Pro. In the previous use, I am quite satisfied with this shaft body. It can be said that it is a cherry-like silver shaft body with excellent performance. Compared with GANSS Looking at the Soul Silver axis, the performance of the two axes is really comparable, both in the stability of the axis and the lubrication of the axis.

In terms of actual experience, the GANSS Moon Soul Silver Switch is very comfortable for both coding and gaming. The shorter stroke makes the buttons respond faster, and the just right trigger force makes the coding process not tired False triggering occurs.

Generally speaking, this moon soul silver switch of GANSS is the switch body that I am quite satisfied with. The price of less than 1.5 yuan per piece has a high cost performance. It is a good choice for people who like games or have long-term coding needs. A shaft worth starting with.

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