Design & drawing party: keychron Q12 niche left number keyboard entry notes

[Improve work efficiency] Do readers need to draw CAD, M-space-mouse select direction-when inputting numbers, the hand should leave the mouse-enter, after a series of operations, the right hand jumps left and right like a piano for 2 hours, really waste of time

I tried to put a separate small keyboard on the left side of the normal keyboard, but the user experience is not very good, and it cannot be leveled, so you need to tilt your head to look when entering numbers

Later, I searched on the Internet. There is a Zeyi in China, and a huke that makes a lot of products, but they either have no machinery, or the mechanical version is not good-looking. There are also comments about the workmanship and so on. Following the principle of giving priority to big manufacturers, I happened to see an article worth buying:

Then I went to the official website to check on February 20th, and it was indeed on sale:


$205 is a bit scary. To be honest, it is equivalent to more than 1400. You must know that the most expensive one I bought before is the Logitech G610, and the Rapoo V is placed in the office.860

At that time, it was not sold in China. I was very excited and thought that I was going to try Haitao. After searching, it was said on the Internet that I could directly email the customer service to send the link, and pay for it with Alipay. I didn’t need VISA or the like. Send an email to keychron's mailbox:

Posted at 15:44 pm on the 21st

Then the reply from the customer service made me a little embarrassed:

Customer service replied after 1 hour

It was indeed launched that night, and it was finally bought by 908. The blue one on the homepage, free shipping by SF Express

I have never been in touch with customization before, but please pay attention to the judges, There are two kinds of products, one is the shelf 838 without shaft, and the other is the finished product 908 with standard configuration. If you are not a master, please buy the finished product, don't be greedy for cheap and buy a shell back. .

When it was delivered, it was wrapped in a bubble column outside

Outer packaging front

Back of packaging

Open the lid and see the leaking knob

Take off the sponge pad and see

Accessory group A: Take out the keyboard and you can see the manual, the shaft replacement instructions, the dual system replacement buttons, foot pads, screws, and data cables

Accessory group A

Accessory group B: quick instructions (full English), key puller, hexagon, screwdriver (good guy, the sample is quite complete)

Accessory group B

Actual photo: comparison with V860

There are many lights in the company, but it doesn’t look as bright as the pictures

You can see the arrangement angle of the keyboard from the side, and the height of the base is just right for typing. I am too lazy to equip the palm rest.

This is how the workstation looks like after the configuration is complete. It can be seen that it does not match the original decoration style.

It doesn't match my overall decoration style, so I'm thinking of changing the mouse

If I didn't open the manual, I always thought it was imported, until I saw Made in china when I was halfway through the manual, and then I saw the Chinese version when I turned the next page. . .

The back cover is as follows:

Customization requires the use of VIA software, but the sad reminder is that the Q12 configuration file github has not yet passed the review, so it cannot be automatically recognized. It needs to be downloaded from the product introduction page of the official website. It should be automatically recognized in a few days. The interface is all in English. I hope there will be a Chinese version later, which will be more friendly to Chinese people

See the official website for the download link: Keychron Q12 QMK Custom Mechanical Keyboard

Don't throw away the json file, it needs to be reloaded every time you open this software. . .

I changed the position of the RGB lighting effect and the DEL key in the upper right corner, and I personally feel that this is more useful.

In addition, the three custom keys in the upper left corner have become = ( ), which is used by EXCEL. Alas, if you talk too much, you will be in tears.

Please note: On this page, according to the operating system you choose, please click layer 0 first for mac, and click layer 2 for windows first. If you make a mistake, it will be changed in vain

Many manufacturers have RGB lighting effect replacements, so I won’t say more

I am at a loss for words. I have only bought 3 types of mechanical keyboards, 2 of which are red switches and 1 is green switches. What can be clearly expressed is that this Gatron red switch is really different from the red switches I have used. Anyway, it is very comfortable. The sound in the office is also lower than that of the V860.

I think this brand was first popularized by foreign anchors. I really didn’t know about it before, so let’s Baidu it yourself. Here is the official description of the official website:

The double spacer design is a new innovative structure in the industry. In addition to the gaskets on the board, we added a silicone pad between the top and bottom housings to significantly reduce acoustic resonance between the metals and reduce noise from the affected metal. This design allows the keyboard to maintain the flexibility of the gasket structure and improve the overall typing sound.

By optimizing the switch die, the Gateron G Pro switches have less wobble than standard mechanical switches and feel smoother with each strike. In addition, there is a factory pre-lubrication process for all G Pro switches (excluding click switches), which will undoubtedly ensure the best smoothness at your fingertips when typing.


The working dog of design and CAD can no longer be a pianist

The appearance is indeed a bit high, and it will not be tired after long-term use

Customization that I can't use, hot swapping, shaft switching


The position of the left hand has changed, and it takes a while to get used to. Before, the two hands were relatively wide apart, but now it is equivalent to shortening the distance

It's really heavy, made of aluminum alloy, equivalent to the weight of my 2 laptops, it can be used as a self-defense weapon, and the brick is far worse than it. . .

not good with mouse

Others I can't think of at the moment, After all the only downside to something expensive is that it's too expensive, and that's usually not its cause, it's mine 。。。

Gods, please I want to match a mouse with the same color tone as the keyboard, do you have any recommendations? ? My current Microsoft C cup

From the Internet, M330 and G304 are not very suitable. According to some comments, the actual color is still not the same, as follows:

Newcomer's first post, thanks for reading.

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