Desktop renovation plan丨I have used the sweetest and favorite keyboard for girls so far, Dujia Hi keys

For a desktop, a keyboard is absolutely necessary.

A new production tool has been added. The domestic keyboard brand Dujia Hi keys is different from the K series keyboards of this brand. The overall line design language of this keyboard belongs to a soft theme. There are two colors, [Dark Blue] and [Silver White] ], silver and white color matching is recommended, the real product looks better than the photo, suitable for light-colored desktop matching.

From this angle in the picture above, you can see that the key position curve of this keyboard is designed for girls. The difference between it and ordinary keyboards:

Ordinary keyboard: From the side, the middle part is concave, and the two ends are raised; from a single keycap, the middle part is concave, and the four sides are raised.

Durga Hi keys: From the side view, the middle part is raised, and the two ends are curved; from a single keycap, the middle part is raised, and the four sides are dropped.

Why is it designed this way?

I actually thought about it for a long time, until I saw a female colleague with long nails complaining about finger pain when typing. The key position curve of Dujia Hi keys is specially designed for girls with long nails. The special shape curve makes it possible for the fingertips to touch the keycaps when typing and hitting the keycaps, while the nails can avoid touching the keyboard.

The keycap of Dujia Hi keys is also the first candy cube keycap I have seen so far. When I see this keycap, I think of Swiss sugar.

The packaging box is different from the Dujia K series. It uses a cardboard gift box.

Open the box, the most eye-catching is the sweet and sour Swiss sugar keycap.

Simple style, 84-key layout, that is, there is no numeric keypad, the little brothers and sisters in the accounting industry may not like it.

The super special square and round keycaps are so round that they overflow.

The switch is designed with a dial, and the dial can be moved to different positions to control the corresponding connection method.

Duga hi keys support three-mode connection modes, wired, 2.4G, and Bluetooth connections.

The power switch is placed on the left side of the keyboard base.

The 2.4G transmitter is hidden next to the feet of the base, and you can see it by opening the small rectangular cover of the magnetic attraction.

Xiaogu’s Duga Hi keys are equipped with a mute red switch. I recommend girls to choose this [Mute Red Switch] blindly. You can trigger the button command with a light touch of your finger. The button is mute, there is no spring sound, and the shaft body of the red switch Lifespan is very long.

It is very comfortable for fingers to write.

The backlight of this keyboard only has a single white light, and the white light is elegant. I personally think that the white light is the most advanced among the keyboard ambient lights.

As a wireless keyboard, Hi keys turns off the ambient light, and the lithium battery can last up to about 1 year. If the ambient light is turned on, the battery life is about 1 month.

I've used it for a while and it works great. If you want to buy it, it is recommended to choose [silver white] for the color and [silent red shaft] for the shaft body.

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