Digital Companion | Summer is coming, I will send you a small ice cube, the cool digital companion with a small keyboard is here!

?The sharing of life is the multiplication of happiness?——Hi everyone, Xiaoxue is here! It’s approaching 520, and even the north has finally come to the hot season of wearing skirts and eating popsicles. Summer is here. Give your couple a desktop “small ice cube” to relieve the heat, reduce the anger at work, and find the refreshment of digital input. Share it today It is the LEOBOG K21 three-mode digital keyboard - the cool partner of the small column keyboard!

The pursuit of human beings is ultimately the ultimate. Nowadays, people simplify and simplify the keyboard for the simplicity of the desktop, the lightness of the carrying, and the convenience of the game. When a large number of digital input works, it will seriously affect the work efficiency. At this time, it is undoubtedly our necessary choice to use an independent numeric keypad. Take it out when in use, put it away when not in use, the desktop space is much more flexible!

Xiaoxue, who is a face devil, must be recommending works with good looks today. Recently, the super-hot high-transparency ice design, 21-key "little ice cube" three-mode digital keyboard! Without further ado, let's take a look at the beautiful photos first!

The fully transparent design of the LEOBOG K21 numeric keypad highlights the overall transparent texture to the fullest. The fully transparent shell and light texture make people feel refreshed like ice crystals.

The front is transparent as a whole, and with the Ice Soul switch, it shows the consistency from the inside to the outside. The PCB board inside can be seen on the back, which has a sense of technology.

The keycap is made of PC material, 3D printing combined with UV anti-scratch technology, which has a delicate touch. The surface design conforms to ergonomics, and the contact point is recessed inward to locate the contact point, which makes the hand feel more comfortable.

It can be said that the overall feeling is very cool, and it is very eye-catching on the desktop. In addition to being used as a numeric keypad that you can use at any time, its transparent design can also be used as a tester for players. Kill two birds with one stone!

LEOBOG K21 digital keyboard adopts the Ice Pole switch, regardless of the appearance design, interprets the meaning of "Bing Po". The upper and lower shaft covers are made of PC transparent material, and the axis is made of milky white POM material.

The shaft feels like an HP shaft, the initial pressure is 49g, the bottoming pressure is 45g, the conduction stroke is 1.7mm, the five-legged shaft adopts a cross shaft, the stability is not bad, there is a little noise, due to the initial pressure It's not too big, and after all, the number keys are not used as much as the typing keys, so I don't feel tired when using them.

Although the sparrow is small and complete, LEOBOG K21 adopts three-mode connection, and the accessories include manual, key puller, dust cover and spring cable, which can be described as everything.

The 2.4G receiver adopts magnetic absorption and is designed on the back of the keyboard, which does not take up space and is convenient and trouble-free, and can be easily retracted. Equipped with a large 600mAh battery, it can support 21 hours with the default lighting effect, and 50 hours with the light off mode, which fully meets the daily use frequency of the numeric keypad!

The upper interface adopts the Type-C interface, which is set in the center, and the charging and connection are very convenient.

In addition, it has 18 ambient lighting effects, and the transparent cavity with changing lighting effects is even more pleasing to the eye.

For players who play with small array keyboards, with this small ice cube number keyboard, there is a good solution for the control of number keys and the flexible use of desktop space.

It has an outstanding appearance, with a clear appearance of the ice system, and the configuration fully supports three-mode connection, hot-swap and full-key programming, and the battery life is also very good. The price of about 100 yuan can be said to be worth buying!

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