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Digital Evaluation Part 31: Rapoo Multi-mode Wireless Keyboard XK100: It only costs more than 100 yuan to instantly turn an iPad into a laptop

Recently, I took a break and went back to my hometown. I thought the 15-inch notebook was too heavy. I only took an ipad and went out. As a result, some daily things still need to be used with a keyboard to be convenient. Using an ipad alone is like a centipede without feet. How to walk It doesn't seem to be going well, so I decisively took advantage of the 618 period to match the ipad with a wireless bluetooth keyboard.

I have used many Rapoo keyboard and mouse sets, and this time I placed an order from a brand I am familiar with. I have taken a fancy to Rapoo’s XK100 wireless Bluetooth keyboard. The price is more than 100 yuan, which is very cost-effective.


There are two colors of black and white. I think white looks better. Although black is dirt-resistant, it still looks heavy.

Rapoo also tried its best to reflect the ultra-thin characteristics of the keyboard on the packaging. The overall packaging is flat and ultra-thin. The picture model and related parameters of the product are printed on the outside, which is simple and elegant.

In addition to the keyboard, there is also a charging cable and instruction manual in the package.

The white keyboard looks great, it’s not particularly heavy in the hand, but it doesn’t feel plastic, it’s still a very textured keyboard, it’s slightly larger than the ipad as a whole, and it’s very harmonious to use together.

The whole body is white, the card slot is gray, and it is made of frosted material, which is not easy to leave fingerprints. A certain slope, the design conforms to ergonomics, and conforms to the angle of finger tapping.

Chocolate independent keycaps, each key rebounds very quickly, and the percussion feels very comfortable.

experience feelings:

It is also very convenient to use, with Bluetooth connection, it can be adapted to a variety of models, including Apple system, win system, and Android system.

Put the ipad in the card slot, and the ipad will stand up at a natural angle, just like using a laptop.

The method of use is very simple, with the instruction manual provided at random, in the power-on state, short press Fn+1/2/3, the indicator light starts to flash, that is, it enters the pairing stage, after the pairing is successful, the indicator light turns off, and a Bluetooth keyboard can be connected to 3 You can switch between these three different devices by pressing Fn+1/2/3. I haven’t brought a laptop recently, and generally only need to switch between ipad and mobile phone to solve all work needs, which is convenient and quick.

The built-in card slot has a thickness of about 12.5mm, which can not only hold an ipad, but also a mobile phone. It is equivalent to having a stand with a suitable angle for daily reading and watching dramas. It is very friendly to eyesight and cervical spine for office games and watching dramas. Even if you put an e-book, it is also possible to make a special reading stand. The elevation angle is about 110 degrees, and it is very comfortable to use.

The keyboard with the chocolate keycaps feels comfortable to use, the rebound speed is fast, and the sound is not loud, but every stroke is crisp and neat, without a muddy sticky feeling. The keyboard comes with a lot of shortcut keys, which are basically used from F1-F12. Although it is a Bluetooth keypad, it has a lot of functions. At the beginning of use, you need to be familiar with the shortcut keys. Once you are familiar with the use of the shortcut keys, your office efficiency will be greatly improved.

The battery life is excellent, with a built-in 280mAh lithium battery, which can be fully charged in about 2 hours. According to the official introduction, the battery life can be as high as 56 hours. I have used it for a week now, and I haven't had time to charge it yet. The charging method is also very simple, the usb charging cable can share the charging cable with many mobile phones, and only one charging cable can meet the charging needs when traveling on business trips.


As an old user of Rapoo, I have always liked the brand of Rapoo, because I think it has always been synonymous with ultra-thin, portable and cost-effective. This time, XK100 also gave me this feeling. The small ipad becomes a small notebook, which solves the embarrassment of me going out without a computer, improves work efficiency, and feels that the price/performance ratio is really high.

But there are also shortcomings. The ipad is equipped with a case. I hope it can be dropped a few times. The keyboard is placed in the backpack and there is no suitable storage. I always feel that there is something missing. It would be better if there is a case or a storage bag.

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