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Digital Evaluation Part 46: Evaluation of Keychron K2 Pro Wireless Bluetooth RGB Mechanical Keyboard

Daily office is inseparable from the keyboard. Recently, I found a mechanical keyboard from the new domestic brand Keychron. At first, I was attracted by its appearance. The black and gray color scheme is very high-end, so I simply started to experience it.


The overall design of the keyboard of Keychron K2 Pro is very simple and generous. The gold-plated satellite shaft is designed with an anodized aluminum frame, and the keycap also uses the classic OSA PBT two-color keycap, which is more elegant than some exaggerated keycaps. In addition, the bottom of the keyboard is also equipped with 4 rubber anti-slip pads to ensure that the keyboard is not easy to slide and remains stable during use.

The overall design conforms to ergonomics. The inclined design and the two-stage foot support design provide 3 different use angles, which are suitable for users with different usage habits to find the most suitable use angle for them.


Keychron K2 Pro uses the self-developed K-pro shaft, which feels softer when typing. The sliding bearing structure on the shaft is very smooth, and the keys rebound quickly.

In addition, the keycap of Keychron K2 Pro is made of PBT material. Compared with the common ABS material, PBT is more wear-resistant, oil-resistant and has a longer service life. It's also less prone to fingerprints and smudges, and feels much cleaner to type on.

The keyboard of Keychron K2 Pro weighs about 1000g, and it uses a metal panel, which makes the entire keyboard look very textured. At the same time, the 82-key design is adopted, which not only does not take up too much desktop space, but also allows a wider range of hand movement and reduces hand fatigue. In addition, the distance between the keycaps and the keyboard is short, making it easier to move your fingers while typing.

Keychron K2 Pro adopts the Bluetooth 5.1 protocol, and the wireless connection is very stable. During the test, even when there was interference from other wireless devices, there was no disconnection.

Of course, the coolest thing is that it fully supports QMK and VIA open source key change, which can easily program each key on the keyboard, privately customize keyboard layout, shortcut keys, backlight effects, etc.; not only that, each part of K2 Pro It can be assembled by itself, and the keycaps can be replaced, so you can truly create a keyboard that is completely your own.

Not only that, Keychron K2 Pro also has a variety of practical functions, such as the ability to connect three devices at the same time, compatible with MAC/WIN dual systems, and support for backlight adjustment.

The 4000mAh large-capacity lithium battery also provides the Keychron K2 Pro with a battery life of up to 3-5 weeks. It can be charged for 6 hours and used for about 80 hours. There is no need for battery anxiety in daily office use.

Keychron K2 Pro also has 22 cool RGB lighting effects, which can be switched through shortcut keys. At the same time, the keyboard also supports custom backlight effects, which can make the keyboard more personalized.


In general, the Keychron K2 Pro performs well in terms of typing experience, feel and appearance. If you are a user who types for a long time, or want a keyboard that has both the feel of a high-end mechanical keyboard and light portability, then Keychron K2 Pro will be a good choice.

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