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Digital Express Sharing Article 36: No one is an island, can you understand this keyboard|Durga K610W mechanical keyboard

Hello everyone, I am a keyboard tossing enthusiast~ Zhao Huayu.

Since I started to enter the pit of mechanical keyboards last year, I have really tossed a lot of keyboards during this time. It has to be said that the domestic brand is really YYDS, especially the various very distinctive shafts, fancy hanging cherry shafts that used to sit firmly on the altar.

This article shares with you a recently acquired mechanical keyboard, the latest K610W series from Duga. This keyboard follows the steady and elegant color matching style of the Duga series, and the mainstream three-mode connection, hot-swappable switch body/keycap, and automatic adaptation of Windows/MAC OS dual systems favored by multi-platform users are also included. Overall, it is a very distinctive mass-produced mechanical keyboard.

The K610W series has two colors, Fog Blue/Dark Green, which are officially named Echo/Island respectively. The names of the two color schemes are full of literature and art, especially the isolated island. My first impression reminds me of Hemingway's classic work "For Whom the Bell Tolls", which comes from the handed down work of the British poet John Donne. no man is an island ", the original text is as follows:

No one is an island,

alone in the sea;

Everyone is like a little piece of clay,

connected to the entire continent.

If a piece of earth is washed away by the sea,

Europe would lose a corner,

It is like a promontory,

As well as your friends and yourself.

whoever dies,

Parts of me are dying,

Because I am included in the concept of human being.


To ask for whom the bell tolls,

death knell tolls for you

The moral of this poem is not death, but to explain human existence from different angles. At the beginning of the poem, each person is like a small piece of soil, forming the entire land, and each person does not exist independently. At the same time, it emphasizes the importance of each person or each thing. Without a part, it is not complete, which is used as a metaphor The importance of the keyboard to players is almost a whole.

▼Dark green outer carton, double-layer packaging, printed brand, model and keyboard renderings on the surface, the overall color scheme is calm and restrained, with a unique temperament.

▼Look directly at the family portrait. In addition to the keyboard body, accessories include data cables, straps, macOS replacement keycaps X 3, shaft pullers, key pullers, C to A adapters, and instructions.

▼Durga K610W adopts a classic full-size 104-key layout, and the digital area is still very convenient for daily use, especially for financial personnel. However, I am used to a compact layout, and this full-size keyboard takes up too much space on the desktop. When it comes to the layout, Dujia is still too rigid. Taking this series as an example, although there are small-sized 87-key and 61-key layouts, it does not have my favorite 100-key layout.

▼The color matching of Dujia has always been well-known in the key circle, and the color matching of the isolated island is no exception. Dark gray + dark green constitute the main color of the keyboard, the large white keys are used as color embellishments, and the border of the keyboard is pure dark green. There is not much fancy design language, but it gives people a calm and restrained texture.

▼The upper right corner of the keyboard is the indicator light. This area is covered with high-transparency acrylic sheet, and the bottom is decorated with diagonal lines. Not to mention, it is rare to see such a design. At first glance, it always looks like a piece of glass. There is a desire to dig it out.

▼Although the shell is a traditional ship shell, a lot of effort has been put into the details. The double-layer frame forms a sandwich wrap, and the layered chamfering design makes the keyboard not look too monotonous, and the overall recognition is very high.

▼The LOGO in the lower right corner is the universal design of Durga.

▼The power switch and the type-c line interface are located on the upper right of the keyboard. This layout is not considered mainstream at present, but I personally like this wiring method, which looks relatively simple.

▼The four corners on the back of the keyboard are equipped with non-slip pads. The obvious trapezoidal structure naturally forms a certain slope when placed flat. If the slope is not enough, you can dial out the supporting feet. The two-stage height can adapt to different input requirements.

▼ There is a hidden storage compartment on the back of the fuselage. The 2.4G receiver lies in this position safely. Compared with the mainstream magnetic storage, it is slightly outdated, but the security of storage is also an advantage.

▼Durga K610W supports three-mode connection (wired/Bluetooth/2.4G), but it does not provide physical switching buttons, but switches through shortcut keys. Convenience is convenience, but the physical switch is more intuitive to use.

▼Original height PBT keycaps, taking into account the feel and durability. The front characters adopt a two-color closed-mouth process. There is nothing to worry about in terms of quality control. After all, it is also a major keyboard manufacturer. There is nothing to be picky about the clarity of fonts, workmanship and craftsmanship of keycaps. I will enter the series with my eyes closed.

▼Look at the details of the workmanship on the back of the keycap, especially the large key position, and look at the dense ribs, so you don't have to worry about the hidden danger of bending and deformation. From the design of this rib alone, Dujia K610W is the most exaggerated on hand.

▼The satellite shaft design adopted by the large key position, no matter whether it is the middle part or the left and right sides, there is no tilting phenomenon. It is very balanced and smooth, and the balance is well adjusted.

▼ After removing the keycap, you can see that there is a layer of silicone pad between the metal positioning plate of the keyboard and the PCB below, which can effectively improve the percussion feel and reduce the cavity sound.

▼Axis body, Durga K610W finally got the hang of it. This time, I didn’t hold on to the cherry, and instead cooperated with Jiadalong to launch a customized axis body-crystal axis. This axis is made on the Jiadalong CAP axis. Improvement, including red switch, silent red switch, brown switch and silver switch

▼The one I have on hand is a linear silver shaft, which focuses on speed. The trigger stroke is only 1.2 mm, and the full stroke is only 3.4mm. It feels fast to trigger, fast in response, low in pressure, and very smooth overall. The rebound follows the hand, playing games or Codewords are fine.

▼In terms of noise, the sound of the linear axis is not too loud. With the cushioning of the silicone pad and sound-absorbing cotton, the overall noise is relatively restrained. Even if it is used in a quiet place, it will not feel noisy. I have recorded a video, and you can refer to it when knocking the sound of.

▼The keyboard shaft body can be hot-swapped and replaced. Look at the removed silver shaft, black transparent shell, silver shaft, and Jiadalong's LOGO on the surface, the appearance is really good.

▼Although the appearance is too retro, thanks to the large keyboard size, the built-in battery is also super powerful. The official data is that it can be used for 8 hours a day, the 2.4g wireless battery life can reach 200 days, and the Bluetooth connection is as high as 360 days. Basically, you don't have to worry about power issues.

Durga K610W is a very good mechanical keyboard. Highly marked shape design, mainstream three-mode connection, hot-swappable shaft/keycap, excellent quality control, dual-system self-adaptation Wait, it can basically meet the needs of most users, especially the low-key and calm dark green is really beautiful, and the feel of the customized silver shaft is also remarkable. The biggest flaw may be that there is no RGB lighting effect, but to be honest, the lighting effect is very useful when displaying it. As the main keyboard, few people will keep it on all the time. It is too wasteful of electricity, and the lighting effect is really not in line with this. The style of the keyboard.

I am Zhao Huayu , an idler who likes to share the joys of life.

Writing is not easy, and code words are laborious. If my article can be recognized by you, I hope you can help me to like, bookmark, and leave a message below. Your interaction is the motivation for me to write. Thanks to all the friends who read here, see you in the next article.

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