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Digital Express Sharing Article 55: 75 configurations with LCD screen display, giant heart blessing|Royal Axe L75 Three-mode Mechanical Keyboard Appreciation

Friends who like to play keyboard, yes "** The brand "Royal Axe" is absolutely no stranger.

As TTC's own son, he was a king when he debuted. His "R" series and "Y" series are all high-quality products. Using the word "stacking" to describe it is simply well-deserved. Take my favorite "Y" series, The hardware combination of fast silver/gold powder switch + three-mode + hot-swappable 5-pin switch base + two-color injection PBT keycap + physical switch + noise reduction pad , with a dazzling exclusive private model, it can be called an artifact for beginners and veterans to reduce fever.

The unique shape design is what I admire most about Royal Axe. Recently, Royal Axe has launched a 75% compact layout, 81-key L75 three-mode mechanical keyboard. In addition to the brand’s consistent exclusive shape, it is also equipped with TTC’s latest Heart of the Giant RGB Mechanical Switch. So don't talk too much nonsense, just share it with everyone.

▼Dark black packing box, the lower left is the keyboard model~ Royal Axe L75, the front area is the brand LOGO and the keyboard stick figure, in the picture you can see the two major features of the keyboard, the RGB light bar in the lower area and the LCD screen in the upper right .

▼The brand of Yufu has never been stingy in terms of accessories. Of course, this is also the advantage of being backed by a large manufacturer, and the cost is well controlled. In addition to the keyboard body, it also includes a keyboard cover, spare switches, supplementary keycaps, key pullers, shaft pullers, and instructions. Of course, the special accessory of the Royal Ax was not removed, that is, the aviation plug-in cable of the same color as the keyboard. To be honest, there is no one with the most conscientious keyboards with rich accessories of Yufu within 1,000 yuan.

▼The keyboard layout is Compact 75 arrays, 81 keys , this combination has a high affinity for content creators, gamers and most users, and the pfup / pgdn keys are reserved for easy page turning. However, the color combination of this moon rock gray is still a bit conservative, not as eye-catching as the other two series of "Candy Factory / Walking in the Galaxy".

▼ After replacing the orange supplementary keycap, the color impact is much better.

▼The gray stripes on the side are not only for embellishment, but also increase the anti-slip when holding it. Although the keyboard shell is made of plastic, the relatively thick texture does not look cheap.

▼The mode switching switch on the left. Royal Axe L75 supports mainstream Three-mode connection , no matter wired or wireless, you can play happily. One more thing, the early R series of Yufu had a disconnection situation, but the models produced later have basically solved this problem.

▼The upper right LCD screen is the biggest highlight of this keyboard. Not only can it display the power, but also the connection method, the system used by the device, and the time and date. Compared with the keyboard that also uses this design, the Royal Axe L75 can be regarded as the most comprehensive display, without wasting such a large screen.

▼The upper right silver area on the top includes the Type-C wired connection slot, the power switch, and the 2.4 receiver storage slot.

▼Silver product nameplate on the back, double-stage foot support, and non-slip rubber strips pasted on it. With the hand rest, you can get a more comfortable input angle.

In every keyboard review, I like to explain the keycap shaft separately. Personally, I think whether the keyboard is easy to use depends on the key layout, keyboard structure, appropriate keycap height, and the shaft body that is handy.

▼From my personal experience, the spherical keycaps of the Royal Axe R series are the most comfortable ones I have ever used. High PBT content, thick keycaps, and extremely comfortable touch. Maybe the cost of the keycap is too high, and the subsequent Y series have not continued to use it.

▼What makes me most happy is that this time the L75 reuses the SA height keycaps. In comparison, the height is slightly shorter, which should belong to the ASA height. Keycaps are used Two-color injection molding + pad printing process , the font is clear, the PBT ingredients are also sufficient, the touch is delicate, and the quality is very good. To nitpick the phone is that it's a pity that the characters are opaque.

▼Compared with the keycap height of Royal Axe R68

▼The workmanship is the strength of Yufu. After all, it is backed by the big tree of TTC, and the cost is relatively easy to control. The white bottom shell, three ribs, and the thickness of the edge of the keycap are also very objective. The spout is smooth and almost no burrs can be seen. The position of the nozzle can best reflect the production process. Like the keycaps I bought with 169 before, the cleanliness of the nozzle is not as good as it.

▼The shaft needs special mention. The TTC high-end shaft equipped on the Royal Axe L75~ giant heart , inspired by the anime "Attack on Titan". The all-black transparent shell represents the hazy sky, and the red transparent axis means that the original intention remains unchanged in the dark. The technology adopts the TTC patented Lego structure, and the base of the axis can be disassembled freely. It is possible to freely match colors in the future.

▼Disassemble the shaft body and you can see that the shaft center is composed of high-transparency material in the upper part + ABS material in the middle part + POM material in the lower part. The 3-pin shaft body, the thick gold-plated spring, the upper cover is hollowed out to install the TTC condenser lens, and the luminous flux is greatly improved. In fact, this shaft is a variant of the TTC love shaft. Like the previous shrapnel wearing gold and silver, and anti-penetration glue, it is completely preserved. The shaft parameters are also very similar to the love shaft, but the trigger is faster and the stroke is shorter, which is a bit close. Quicksilver means.

One more thing, the price of this switch of Giant Heart is 5.9 yuan for the first time, and the cost of the whole set of keyboard optical switch body is 400+.

▼The 5-pin shaft seat is highly compatible, and the design of the upper lamp position also corresponds to the condenser effect of the shaft body. The mainstream Gasket structure used by the Royal Axe L75, the large key position of the satellite axis, and a special layer of silicone on the bottom, the pressing consistency is good, the noise suppression is also immediate, the feel is solid, and the rebound is hard but soft.

▼Using the driver specially customized by Yufu, you can customize the keys of the keyboard and display various lights.

▼The light transmittance of the shaft body is still very strong

▼The key point is still this drawing board mode, you can draw or upload GIF animations by yourself and display them on the LCD screen in the upper right corner.

▼Finally, there is the original soundtrack that I like to hear and see. The sound is really nice, and the effect of eating with headphones is better.

I believe that through the above introduction, everyone should have a certain understanding of this keyboard. From my personal point of view, the keyboard of the Royal Axe is not top-notch, but the extremely strong stacking material and unique shape are the reasons why I am particularly optimistic about it. I have recommended its keyboard to N friends, and the feedback I got is "super value" and "comfortable".

The redesigned casing of the L75 undoubtedly shows that this series will have other series, the high-end Giant's core shaft body and the blessing of the LCD screen, it can be seen that this series will not go down to the mid-range to compete with the R and Y series. It will be the high-end line of Yufu, let's wait and see.

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