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Digital Express Sharing Chapter 53: The epee has no front, the ingenuity does not work, pure gaming experience|Enjie NZXT keyboard and mouse set!

Friends who like to fiddle with computers, NZXT (Enjie) is definitely an unavoidable brand. As an original American original brand, its products have a typical American rough design style, although there are no fancy colors to cater to some users. aesthetics, but with its solid workmanship quality and unified personality design, there are quite a lot of iron fans in the DIY circle.

Although electromechanical products are its strong point, NZXT has not fallen behind in other fields. As a person who has a special interest in keyboards, I recently bought a keyboard and mouse from another company. The shape still inherits its unique aesthetic concept, while maintaining an excellent feel. For specific performance, please see the evaluation below

▼NZXT FUNCTION mechanical keyboard has two colors of black and white. The one I have is black. The accessories include the keyboard body, keyboard cover, magnetic hand rest, TYPE-C cable, key puller, shaft puller and manual. The richness of accessories can only be said to be quite satisfactory, but it is more conscientious not to use the design of pulling keys and pulling shafts into one.

▼The keyboard layout is a standard 108-key arrangement, the length is the same as the standard 108 keyboard, but the width has been greatly reduced. The overall visual effect is relatively quiet, but the experience is not much different from the standard 108 keyboard.

▼The classic color scheme of pure black, only a little bit of dark purple on the keycap, low-key and restrained. The brand logo is located on the upper right of the keyboard, and there are three indicator lights next to it.

▼Floating keycaps with no borders are simple, but also have a strong sci-fi flavor. I don’t know why, foreign brands are particularly fond of this design, and Cherry also regards this design as a favorite.

▼The upper shell is made of aluminum, and the surface has been frosted, and the touch is still good. However, the top coating completely covers the texture of the aluminum itself, which looks almost like plastic. I feel that this is a failure. Domestic brands use coatings to simulate the metal texture, not aluminum, but Enjie even specially covers it, which is too wasteful.

▼The design on the left side is very characteristic. In addition to the popular volume adjustment wheel, three buttons are set up separately. The functions correspond to mute, Win lock button and lighting effect brightness switch. And there are two indicator lights on the top of the button, the upper one is the mute indicator, and the lower one is the WIN key lock indicator.

▼The small non-slip dots are arranged in an orderly manner on the surface of the roller, and the scale is obvious when rolling. At the same time, it makes the "click, click" sound of the old-fashioned turntable, which has a healing effect.

▼From the side view, the keyboard itself has a certain inclination. If you feel that it is not easy to use, you can also use the double-segment footrest on the back to increase the inclination angle, so as to fully meet your own input habits.

▼Use of the keyboard Key line separation design , the mainstream Type-C interface, located on the upper left side of the keyboard.

▼The 5 arc-shaped feet at the bottom ensure that the keyboard can firmly grasp the desktop when it is laid flat, no matter how violent the operation is, it will not shift, just follow your own rhythm of use, without worrying too much.

▼NZXT FUNCTION mechanical keyboard adopts mainstream Hot-swappable design , Keycaps and shafts can be replaced at will. Standard The keycap is made of ABS material, and the surface is sprayed with a skin-like coating , the touch is delicate, the characters in the middle of the keycap are light-transmitting, and the lighting effect is good.

▼Axis body, the keyboard is selected Jiadalong GPro Red Switch . As a typical linear axis, G Pro Red has the characteristics of 45g trigger pressure, 2mm trigger key stroke, and 4mm total key stroke. It is also one of the most accepted axes. But to be honest, people like me who play a lot with switches don’t really like red switches, it’s too mediocre, but fortunately, being able to change the switches has little effect.

Jiadalong satellite axis solution, with factory run ,Even by force. The 5-pin axle seat also basically meets 99% of the axle body requirements on the market, nice!

▼Keyboard Comes with magnetic hand rest, rubber material , with circular non-slip grooves on the surface. I don’t know what material is sprayed on the surface of this hand rest. It looks like a round groove, but it feels extremely smooth. It feels full of CP when matched with the keyboard.

▼NZXT LIFT is also available in black and white, and the consistent design can meet the usage habits of most users. ** The 67g lightweight body moves effortlessly, and the wrist will not be tired after long-term use.

▼In terms of wire, NZXT LIFT is currently the most popular. Paracord line featuring light and soft characteristics , wire length is 2 meters, surface weaving process. The Paracord wire can reduce the frictional resistance caused by the wire moving, and its softness also minimizes the sense of restraint during use.

▼mouse Measurements 126.8mm X 67.23mm X 38.35mm , it is not considered a mouse in terms of size, and it is estimated that female users will find it difficult to adapt. There is an ergonomic curve on the back of the mouse, and the grip is full. Users who like to grip it will definitely like it.

▼The coating on the back of the mouse should be the same process as the keycaps, smooth and delicate touch with a touch of frosted texture. I personally like this coating very much. It doesn't make sweaty hands feel uncomfortable like mirror surface technology, and I don't have to worry about sticking like skin-like coatings after a long time of use.

▼The mouse is a common 6-button mouse, and the buttons are Omron micro-movement , the sound is crisp and the feedback is clear. The left and right keys are independent areas, and the scroll wheel in the middle has a clear sense of scale when scrolling, and the dot anti-slip pattern on the top feels pretty good.

▼The area of ​​the Teflon foot sticker at the bottom is really big enough.

▼Coordinated with NZXT LIFT PixArt 3389 optical sensor, natively capable of 16,000 DPI . The PixArt PMW3389 optical sensor is a standard configuration for gaming mice. It not only brings precise positioning to the mouse, but also better restores the user's subtle movements, and it will not lose accuracy under severe operations.

▼NZXT has an exclusive NZXT CAM driver software , has good support for its own equipment. After installation, the home page will display the current system status, which is as rich as professional test software

▼NZXT CAM will automatically identify the currently available equipment and allow users to set different functions for the equipment. For example, on the keyboard interface, you can freely set more abundant lighting effects, and you can also assign different functions to individual keys, and even create your own macro key commands.

▼The mouse can be adjusted for RGB light brightness, color mode, direction, speed, etc., and the function binding of the buttons can also be performed, and the DPI adjustment is naturally not pulled down.

▼ Finally, let’s put some renderings

Objectively speaking, if you are a user who pays attention to appearance, NZXT's keyboard and mouse combination is not suitable for you. But don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it's ugly. Its appearance is based on its low-key and calm features, and it's not suitable for users who pursue fancy. If you use NZXT's electromechanical products, then you can use this set of keyboard and mouse. It can be said that they complement each other and are full of faith bonuses. If you really like this set of keyboard and mouse, I personally recommend that you choose the white model. The panda color contrast scheme can be said to have both appearance and performance, which is very suitable for gamers.

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