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Digital Express Sharing Part 34: Gasket Architecture, Three-mode Lighting, Black Canyon There is something about this Y series

In the current household market, mechanical key keyboards have completely become the mainstream of the market. The switch mounted on it was almost the home field of CHERRY 17 years ago. Unfortunately, Cherry can be called a model of self-proclaimed. It is clearly the best in the switch field, but it is a pity that the follow-up Weak, the market share is almost wiped out by domestic shaft manufacturers. In particular, the three major manufacturers of Kailh, GATERON, and TTC have launched a lot of interesting shafts. I have always planned to write an article about shafts. I am currently working on collecting.

In the field of keyboards, Black Canyon is also a familiar brand. Entering the market in the early stage, it mainly focuses on low prices, and its appearance is more exaggerated. It is the favorite brand used by Internet cafes. However, with the change of everyone's aesthetics and the positioning of the brand itself, Black Canyon has also begun to create some special series interestingly. This brand has a great advantage. After all, it is backed by the mountain of Kaihua, and it is very good at cost control, and this Y series is its latest mechanical keyboard with mainstream configuration.

▼The keyboard packaging adopts a brand-new design style, the main color is black and white, and various letters, symbols and other elements are used as embellishments, which has a geek look.

▼Accessories are relatively rich. In addition to the conventional keyboard body, Type-C wire, dust cover, warranty card, card stickers, etc., it is also rarely equipped with a keyboard hand rest, and a key puller/axis puller They are all separate tools, not a two-in-one design, and the overall is quite conscientious.

▼Black Canyon’s Y series has three models: Y2, Y3, and Y5, which correspond to three different key layouts of 82 keys, 87 keys, and 108 keys, and basically cover the different needs of different users for arrangement and size. The one I have is the Y5, which is the standard full-size keyboard.

▼The shape is simple, the entire keyboard is pure white, and the blue fonts are embellished, which gives the user a very good visual impression at first glance. Officially named it "Luo Bai", which is also in line with the overall style.

▼The details have a lot of ingenuity, such as the power digital display window on the lower right, which I have only seen on the Dareu A98 before. I personally like this design very much. It can accurately grasp the current power level. When connecting wirelessly, you can judge at a glance whether it is a disconnection caused by insufficient power or a signal cause.

▼The power switch is located on the left side of the keyboard, and the mode switching is interestingly designed as a round button, which is located on the left side of the top of the keyboard.

▼Three devices can be connected in Bluetooth mode, and can be switched through shortcut keys. There is also a special ring of LED lights on the outside of the button, which will be prompted with the corresponding color when connecting to different devices/different channels.

▼The keycaps of the Y series are SA keycaps specially customized by Black Canyon. The height is slightly shorter than the conventional SA keycaps, and the concave area in the middle is also deeper. There are many shortcut symbols printed on the surface of the keycap, which can bring a lot of convenience when using it.

▼As far as the appearance is concerned, the overall keyboard is still good, and the workmanship is also first-class, but there are two points that I think must be discussed.

First: Putting the power digital display window at the position of the arrow keys is still a bit of a feeling of obsessive-compulsive disorder. When the power is not turned on, the black window is too conspicuous on the pure white keyboard, and there is a feeling that a foot is missing. If you change the position or in the Designing a LOGO on the left to form a balance is much better than the current appearance.

Second: The keyboard is obviously simple, but there are too many information printed on the keycaps, which makes the impression a bit too messy. In fact, it can be seen that Black Canyon has also noticed this point in the design. The redundant information is used in small fonts with thin lines. Unfortunately, the pure white keyboard can still be noticed at a glance. However, this is not a major defect. After all, everyone has their own eyes. Some users may just like this kind of keycap with a lot of content. Besides, changing the keycap is not a big deal.

▼ Common outside the keyboard case Upper and lower hull structure , the upper white and the lower black panda color. Bottom shell layout conventional configuration, Three ways to qualify The wiring layout can be made according to the user's usage habits. two-stage foot support Provide users with more angle options. The 2.4G receiver is fixed on the upper right position using the principle of magnetic attraction, and there are 5 slender non-slip foot pads around it, which can hold the table firmly to prevent shifting when it is placed flat.

▼This receiver is a bit interesting. It adopts a rare dual-interface design. The USB-A / USB-C two interfaces can be adapted to different device interfaces. This detail is worthy of praise.

▼The surface of this hand rest equipped with Black Canyon Y5 is made of skin-like material, and the area is also large enough. It feels very comfortable to put your wrist on it. In other words, it is rare to see a keyboard with a palm rest at this price.

▼This is my favorite chapter. Black Canyon Y5 Keycaps are made of PBT material with frosted surface , Everyone knows the advantages of PBT, it is not easy to oil. However, PBT is not easy to oil, but compared to ABS, oil will appear after a long time of use.

▼Turn it over to see the inside, it’s all right Two-color injection molding process , the blue inner layer is extremely rare in mass-produced keyboards. The workmanship of the keycaps is excellent, the spout is smooth, and the edges are neat. This is the advantage of having a good father. The cost is easy to control. If you change to a small brand, these details will cost money.

▼The keycap characters have a light-transmitting design, and the surface has been treated with a blue coating for shading. The light effect is not dazzling, and the details are very good. I don’t know why many new keyboards use opaque characters recently, popular?

▼Black Canyon Y series uses the popular Gasket structure. Pull out the shaft body and you can see the transparent PVC positioning plate in the middle. The structural parts fit tightly. The internal double-layer silicone pad is very effective in reducing the noise when typing on the keyboard.

▼Axis body, the customized Kaihua axis used by Black Canyon, the specific parameters are as follows

▼The three types of shafts have distinct personalities, transparent shells, three-legged colored shaft seats, clear color, internal light guide column + extended spring, and a clear feel. The independent trigger mechanism, sealed with a cover, and the axis scheme of the closed wall structure can provide better dust-proof performance and better guarantee the service life. At present, these three axes can only be experienced in the Black Canyon series, and they cannot be bought alone. However, I am very curious about the difference between these three switches, so in addition to the Cangling switch that comes with the keyboard, I also asked the store to sell me 20 Danxia switches and Yanmo switches separately, and share with you.

Cangling axis : Among the three models, my favorite shaft is also the most beautiful one in my opinion. The paragraph sense is clear, the percussion sound is crisp, and there is a strong paragraph feel when pressing, it is not easy to touch by mistake, and it is very suitable for typing. However, this switch is also the loudest switch and is not suitable for use in multi-person venues.

Danxia axis : Linear axis, the conduction stroke is 1.30±0.4mm, the trigger is extremely fast, similar to the fast silver axis, it feels smooth, and there is almost no noise during the whole process. The trigger is fast, the rebound follows the hand, the axis is stable, and the consistency of the feel is excellent. I searched for this axis, and almost all of them are close to the price of 3 yuan per piece. The cost of the axis alone is close to 300 yuan.

smoke desert axis : Advance paragraph axis. This kind of shaft has an obvious segmented feel. When you press it, it feels hard at first, and when you continue to press hard, you get a smooth segmented feel, which is a bit similar to the feeling of pressing the bubble bag when you were a child. I personally don't like this kind of shaft very much, but there are many people who like it. The well-known axes in this respect include Moon White Axis, Panda Axis and so on.

▼In terms of lighting, the keyboard itself also has built-in lighting effects, which can be switched through shortcut keys. Black Canyon Y5 supports 16.8 million color display, and can adjust the brightness, speed, color, direction, breathing and other modes arbitrarily. Friends who like lighting should like it. It is worth mentioning that the keycap font has a blue coating, so the light-transmitting area of ​​the characters is also deep blue. The colorful lights from the bottom of the keycap and the blue font echo each other, and the desktop atmosphere is still very good.

The Y series, as Black Canyon's mid-to-high-end model, has quite a few bright spots. Mainstream Gasket structure, double-layer soundproof cotton, three-mode connection, hot-swappable switches/keycaps, RGB backlight, feature switching modes are not pulled down, and a large-size magnetic suction hand rest is added, exclusive switches etc. To be honest, the current keyboard market is still quite introverted. Although the Y series of Black Canyon is not top-notch, it is quite competitive with this price and this bunch of configurations.

As for the shortcomings, as I said earlier, there is no problem with the hardware configuration, mainly because the design needs some effort. Of course, it may also be that the Black Canyon is used to exaggeration. Although it can be seen that the whole is in a restrained and elegant style, the details are still not HOLD. In addition to too much character information, I think the biggest problem is the sense of imbalance brought by the power digital display window, and the four smiling face power indicator lights designed to supercharge the snake. In other words, it is necessary to adjust two power indicators, and the distance is also close, which seriously damages the simplicity of the entire keyboard.

So be it. I am Zhao Huayu , Follow me, I will continue to bring you more interesting and good articles later, see you in the next article.

The author declares that there is interest in this article, please respect the author and the content shared, communicate friendly, and make rational decisions~

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