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Digital Express Sharing Part 52: Full Configuration, Customized Soft Play in One Step|Heijue AK966 Three-mode Mechanical Keyboard Sharing

Hello everyone, I am Zhaohuayu, who is stuck in the keyboard and cannot extricate himself

In the past two years, the domestic key circle can be said to be extremely popular. In addition to the new products produced by old keyboard manufacturers, many newcomers have also come to disrupt the situation. Coupled with the popularity of the customization circle, I have been waiting for keyboard lovers to enjoy it. Recently, I bought another Heijue AK966, which is the first mass-produced keyboard equipped with Kaihua MX CREAM switch body, and other configurations do not stretch my hips.

Basic parameters

model : Black Lord AK966

Arrangement : 98 configurations with volume knob (96 keys)

color matching : Xingwan (grey, yellow and white), Senyu (green, yellow and white), Mengxia (red, blue and white)

connect : Bluetooth 5.0, Wireless 2.4G, Type-C Wired

keycap : MDA Height PBT Sublimation Keycaps

Shaft : Kaihua MX CREAM ice cream shaft

Shaft seat : Kaihua hot-swappable shaft seat, supports 3/5 pin shaft

structure : Gasket

light : RGB backlight, 16.8 million colors, 18 preset lighting effects (onboard driver)

Battery : 10000mAh

size : 387.5 X 136.8 X 41.5mm

weight : 1027 ± 10g

▼Classic heaven and earth box packaging, simple promotional screen, hollow out to expose the main body of the keyboard, I did not expect Heijue to be a partner of the League of Legends professional youth training base

▼Accessories are provided. In addition to the keyboard body, a tester including four new switches is also provided separately. In addition, there are keyboard covers, Mac replacement keycaps, key pullers, replacement metal knobs, Type- C connection line and instructions. All accessories are fixed by individual grooves. I especially like this kind of clean storage.

▼The frosted and transparent shaft tester, on which are four new Kaihua shafts. To be honest, the current domestic shafts are really good, and the quality is good and there is a lot of room for choice.

▼Heijue 966 is compatible with win / mac at the same time, and all four Apple supplementary keys are also given separately.

▼Heijue AK966 is the mainstream 96-key design. With almost no loss of function keys, the size of the traditional 104 keyboard is reduced by 20%. It not only reduces the footprint, but also makes the visual effect more concise. It is currently the most acceptable keyboard layout.

▼The upper right corner is the recently exploded volume knob, rotate to adjust the volume, press to turn on mute. The texture of the knob is still good, with a smooth top and a non-slip pattern on the edge. However, the color matching of this area does not match the color matching of the whole keyboard. It is better to replace it with supplementary keycaps.

▼The 2.4G receiver storage port on the right side.

▼The mode switching paddle on the left. This design is very convenient in mode switching, and the design is well received. But the picks are a little too tight, making it a bit of a struggle to adjust.

▼Bottom, regular three-way outlet, five non-slip silicone pads. The foot support supports dual-stage adjustment.

▼I personally prefer to adjust the foot support to the maximum, and the wrist will not be so tired when typing after adding the hand support.

▼The color matching of the keyboard is light and elegant, and the fonts on the keycaps are relatively slender, and the overall visual impression is very good.

Keycaps are MDA height and material is PBT , the contact area of ​​the concave ball cap is larger, the fingertip positioning is more fitting, the touch is smooth, and the characters are High temperature sublimation process . The workmanship of the keycap is good. Although there is only one rib, the wall thickness is very strong, and there are almost no defects in the spout.

▼However, the spout of the big key still has a lot of room for improvement. In fact, this is all nitpicking, who would pay attention to whether the keycap spout is well made, and whoever plays the keyboard does not have a few sets of keycaps.

▼The big key position is Satellite Shaft Design , I tried it and it was relatively stable, and there was no tilt when knocking. There are a few traces of lubrication on the satellite shaft, and the sandwich cotton made of Poron material can be seen below. The sound-absorbing effect of this material is far better than that of silicone, but it is not lacking in soft elasticity.

5 foot axle mount , can basically support the common shafts in the market. Lower light position design , and the keycap itself is opaque, so it exists more as an atmosphere.

▼The axis body is the highlight of this time. Heijue AK966 is the first domestic mass-produced Kaihua MX CREAM shaft (MX ice cream shaft) keyboard. This axis can be regarded as the current high-end axis, with a single price of about 4 yuan, and the cost of the axis body alone exceeds 350+. The shaft parameters are as follows

▼Kaihua's MX ice cream shaft is the earliest to start using Shaft body made of POM , with the characteristics of getting smoother with more use, no need to lubricate the shaft specially. The shell of the shaft body is delicate milky white, and the five-pin socket is far superior to the three-pin shaft in terms of stability.

▼The MX ice cream shaft uses a single-segment spring, but it looks very thick and powerful at first glance. There is a slight runny shaft at both ends of the spring. In actual experience, this shaft feels smooth, rebounds strongly, and has clear hand feedback. However, the weight of this shaft is relatively high, and it still takes some time to get used to friends who like the soft percussion feeling.

▼As its most high-end model, Heijue AK966 also uses the most popular customized Gasket structure. PC positioning board, PORON sandwich pad, PORON bottom cotton, under-shaft pad, silicone pad and other linings are fitted together precisely , densely fills the internal space, not only makes the buttons feel consistent, but also avoids the cavity sound when tapping.

▼ Let's take a typing sound test to see the actual sound performance.

▼The last thing is the lighting. There is nothing to say about this, so let’s go directly to the picture. The point is to talk about the standard battery, A whole 10000mAh! Not to mention mass-produced keyboards, customized circles are rare. The official reference is that the battery life can be maintained for 1200 hours without the light on, which is enough to cope with various usage scenarios.

As a high-end model of Heijue, AK966 can be said to be a stack of materials, Gasket three-mode hot-swappable, PBT keycaps, and even the battery have an amazing 1W mAh, and the color scheme and keyboard design are also remarkable. . Of course, the most important thing is that I finally saw that the MX ice cream switch has begun to be installed on mass-produced keyboards. It is conceivable that more and more keyboards will be equipped with this switch in the future. For consumers, this is of course a priority. Great job.

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