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Digital Gadgets Chapter 48: I am comfortable and the boss is also satisfied. How can a worker make a business trip more productive? I use these portable digital devices, which are light and easy to use

With the changing situation, many people are now traveling more and more frequently. Without the spaciousness and big screen of the office, without the home lift table and casual, uncomfortable hotel desks and chairs, small notebook screens and notebook keyboards that are often accidentally touched, a tired body, meetings during the day and tidying up at night, the boss enjoys it all night , I rushed to work all night.

Since you can't resist, improving the productivity of business trips is an important option. Adding some necessary portable equipment to make yourself more comfortable is the right answer. Your body is your own, you should take more care of it, increase your productivity, finish it earlier, and rest earlier. Share some portable digital equipment that you have used, and throw bricks to attract jade.

1. portable screen

At home or in the office, we use large screens ranging from 27 inches to 40 inches or fish screens with high resolution, open multiple application windows, and drag and drop easily. However, the screen of a laptop is only a small 14-inch or 15-inch screen, and it is very inconvenient to use one application when doing work. Therefore, using a portable screen to form a dual screen with a laptop will greatly improve productivity.

Recently, I am using this MSI PRO MP161 portable screen, a 15.6-inch 16:9 screen, which is basically the same size as a commonly used notebook screen, and there is no sense of disobedience when using it. The screen adopts a matte screen, which has a protective effect against the interference of external light, and also has anti-blue light and anti-glare eye protection functions.

This portable screen itself has a support, which can be easily stood up without additional brackets, which is very practical and convenient. It also supports 180-degree vertical placement of the screen, which is very easy to use.

There is a MINI HDMI interface on the screen frame and two universal TYPE-C interfaces, which integrate power supply and display, which is very convenient. There is also a power button and a volume/brightness two-in-one control button for easy control. Comes with a HMDI-mini HDMI cable, you can choose whether to carry it according to your needs.

Using a laptop + portable screen, two screens can greatly improve productivity and work more efficiently, without switching application windows back and forth on one screen, which is fast and comfortable. And MSI's portable screen has 3 years of free door-to-door service, worry-free after-sales service.

I have always been uncomfortable with the keyboards of laptops. Laptop keyboards are usually small, useless, and easy to accidentally touch, which can easily make people angry. At the same time, the arm support does not have a suitable position, and it is easy to get tired when using it. And I am used to the feel of mechanical keyboards, and ordinary membrane keyboards are weird to use. So it is necessary to choose a portable mechanical keyboard, which is light and light.

I chose this Keychron K3 Pro portable low-axis dual-mode mechanical keyboard, which supports wired and Bluetooth 5.1 dual-mode, and also supports QMK/VIA key change, which can be customized to meet the different requirements of users.

It also comes with 5 spare axes with a data cable, a key puller and a shaft puller.

We see that this is a low-axis mechanical keyboard, and the 84 keys are very small and exquisite. Three-color configuration, the main colors are gray and black, very comfortable, while the enter and esc keys are red, the finishing touch.

Let's take a look at its size. It is not as wide as the monitor, and its ultra-small size is 306x116x23.54mm, so it is really easy to carry, and it is very coordinated with the portable screen.

This is a mechanical keyboard with a low shaft and short abbreviation, which is suitable for fast typing and is very productive. Jialongda has a variety of shafts, including red shafts, green shafts, and tea shafts. The one I got is a tea shaft.

The switch body can be more convenient, which undoubtedly improves its flexibility. You can easily choose the switch body you like, and you will not give up the entire keyboard just because one switch is broken.

The keyboard has 2 sections of support feet, which can have 3 different heights.

There are 2 toggle switches on the back of the keyboard, which are to switch between wired and Bluetooth, and to switch between WIN/Android and iOS systems, supporting dual systems, which undoubtedly makes this keyboard more adaptable.

This keyboard supports the common QMKVIA key change on customized keyboards. Through VIA key change, you can customize and edit any key on the keyboard to realize various functions, so that the keyboard can meet your needs and be more handy. Take the picture above as an example, I moved the delete key to a more comfortable position, and this is my customized keyboard.

Using MSI portable screen + Keychron K3 Pro portable keyboard, you can easily build a productivity platform together with your laptop. The monitor supports Display Kit to switch various modes and settings. The keyboard also supports RGB backlight design, which can switch various styles of colored lights, which is very practical especially at night. The short shaft of the mechanical keyboard has a shorter key travel, making typing fast and comfortable.

Smartphones have already become a production tool, so one or even two mobile phones are necessary when going out. What is a good mobile phone for business trips? First of all, the battery life is long and the charging is fast. After all, it is a disaster to shut down the phone because it is out of power. Secondly, the configuration should be high, and slow mobile phones that often crash due to low memory are not acceptable. Thirdly, the appearance should be high, after all, anyone can see it with a mobile phone. Fourth, you must be able to play games, or when the journey is too boring, playing games is the best way to kill time (it is also a way to vent your unhappiness). Finally, it is also good to take pictures, after all, taking pictures is also very important.

The OnePlus Ace2 that I bought recently is such a very easy-to-use mobile phone, and it currently ranks first in the list of new phones. Its performance is strong, using the first-generation Snapdragon 8+ platform with a full-blooded version, the 4nm process has a maximum frequency of 3.2GHz, 16GB of full-blooded LPDDR5X memory, and 512GB of UFS3.1 fast storage. This is the real thing. The material is full of sincerity. Master Lu finally scored as high as 1123322 points, the same platform ranked first, OnePlus ace2 AnTuTu also ranked 12th, and the big brother models of Snapdragon 8Gen2 ranked in front.

With super powerful processor and large memory, OnePlus ace2 is also equipped with the patented memory genetic recombination technology, which allows your mobile phone to quickly view and process various files, and open multiple windows without downtime or slowness. Large-capacity storage allows the mobile phone to safely store data without worrying about running out of capacity soon.

The appearance of OnePlus ace2 is also very beautiful. Take my "glacier blue" as an example. The back of the fuselage is made of silk glass, which feels delicate and is not easy to get fingerprints. The rear circular camera module, in addition to the common power and volume buttons, also has a unique three-stage mute button, which can quickly mute the sound at critical moments, such as during a meeting. The border adopts an extremely narrow border, with a curved transition, and the visual effect is very thin. The weight of the fuselage is only a little over 200 grams, which is relatively light.

OnePlus Ace2 has a large 5000mAh battery, which can be used for a whole day of heavy use after testing, and the battery life meets business needs. At the same time, it supports 100W fast charging, and it takes less than 30 minutes to fully charge the phone from zero power. Quickly replenishing power is really a good tool for business trips.

Playing games is a good way to pass the boring time of business trips. OnePlus mobile phones have multiple designs for mobile phones. First of all, the screen adopts a 1.5K Lingxi touch screen, which is sensitive to the touch, comfortable to the touch, and fast in response. The screen supports 120 frame refresh rate and 120Hz touch sampling rate, allowing you to take the lead in games. When playing games, I am most afraid that the mobile phone will become hot, which will affect the performance. OnePlus Ace2 adopts super large liquid cooling, with an area of ​​up to 5177mm². It also uses a new generation of graphite and phase-change graphene. The heat dissipation effect is very good. The temperature of the mobile phone is less than 40 degrees, which is very powerful.

OnePlus Ace2’s camera is also very good. The main camera is Sony’s flagship IMX890+OIS optical image stabilization, and the other two are a 2-megapixel 4cm macro lens and a 120-degree ultra-wide-angle 8-megapixel lens. , plus various functions of the software, to achieve rich and colorful effects.

In general, this OnePlus Ace2 mobile phone has super cost performance, powerful performance and comprehensive functions. It is a good mobile phone suitable for business travel.

Voice recorders are so important at work, especially ones with smart new features. Today's smart recorder, in addition to recording, can also realize multiple functions such as transcription and translation, which is a good helper for work.

For example, this iFLYTEK smart recorder SR502 has very powerful functions. It has a strong configuration, with a 3.5-inch screen, a quad-core processor, a built-in 16GB (+10GB) storage capacity, a 2500mAh battery with a 10-hour battery life, an 8MP camera, and OCR support. 2 directional microphones and 6 omnidirectional microphones allow this recorder to have a pickup range of up to 15 meters.

It can realize the transcription of recording, transcribe into text in real time while recording, and there will be a text file after recording, which is very practical and will greatly improve efficiency. Whether it is a conference, an exhibition, or a departmental meeting, it is very useful. Both offline and online transcription are supported, with wide adaptability. Support transliteration of multiple languages ​​and dialects, with strong functions.

Not only transcribe, it also supports real-time translation of multiple languages, which is a powerful tool for external communication at work.

It also supports OCR recognition, with its own camera, which can be converted into text in time. It also has the function of automatically adding subtitles to video shooting, which is very suitable for self-media output.

In general, business trips are already very hard, so it is very necessary to choose suitable portable equipment, which can not only improve productivity, but also allow you to complete your work more easily.

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