Digital good things to share Part 31: Cost-effective customized kit, small bug GK75 mechanical keyboard kit

After several years of development of the mechanical keyboard category, the industry has gradually entered the stage of involution. Not only is the mass-produced keyboard rolled to the extreme, but the price range is comprehensive, and even customized kits have begun to roll. The set of customized three-mode kits for GK75 that I shared today was just bought by me at the promotion of the Crazy Kit Festival for 238 yuan recently. Think about when I played with customization a few years ago, The price of the customized kit is still high, which is not acceptable to ordinary users. The price of 238 for the little nerd can be said to be the popular price of the customized kit.

I bought the GK75 Youth Edition keyboard before. Compared with mass-produced keyboards, this GK75 kit is more playable: in addition to the same appearance design and the same Lite Gasket flick structure, it also supports Bluetooth, 2.4G, It is wired with three modes, and supports matching shafts and keycaps by yourself, and even supports changing the positioning board of different materials to obtain different hand feeling experience. Of course, the knob module and split space bar of the small bug are also supported. Such a set of playability A complete customized kit, the price can be said to be very cost-effective.

Of course, you can also choose other configuration kits. This kit festival provides a variety of mainstream configuration kits from 61 configurations to 108 full-key configurations. I have always been used to using 75 configurations, taking into account practicality and size.

The shell of the GK75 three-mode kit is still a translucent plastic shell, with a gold positioning board, a black PCB, and supports RGB lighting effects. In terms of axis pin compatibility, it supports the current mainstream customized three-legged and five-legged axes. body.

I have to say that the current customized kit is really convenient to use. You only need to install your favorite shaft and keycaps and you can use it. Think about when I first came into contact with customized mechanical keyboards, there was no hot-swap For the shaft seat, you need to weld the shaft body and lamp beads one by one.

Because there is no ready-made switch body in hand, this time I chose the original chocolate V2 lemon switch of the small worm, and the PBT deep space blue powder keycap of GK5 height.

The fun of customization is not limited to the selection of shafts and keycaps, but also the popular knob design. The small bug customization kit supports the installation of multiple knob modules, and users can configure them according to their own needs. It can be Volume adjustment, or page scrolling, is especially suitable for users with special office needs.

The color scheme of the original dark blue and hunk pink is still very attractive, not so girly, but also revealing arrogance.

Lighting effect, RGB is also the earliest function of mechanical keyboard customization. The small bug GK75 kit can switch between different lighting effects through driver settings. There are 5 built-in lighting effects, but you can also customize it through the driver. Definition and adjustment, the playability of lighting effects is still very high.

The patented Lite Gasket flick structure, the one-piece silicone core under the positioning plate, and the 0.2mm high-precision under-axis pad can effectively reduce the impact of the central axis and play a role in noise reduction.

In the daily input, the tapping feels comfortable, and the tapping sound is very crisp, without muffled sound, and the feel is still very comfortable. 4000mAh large-capacity battery, wireless battery life is also completely OK, more than 200 yuan kit, this configuration, think about the wasted money I spent on customization a few years ago, I will cry if I say it.

All in all, the price-performance ratio of this customized kit is really good. Whether you are an entry-level user who wants to try a customized mechanical keyboard or a player who likes to try different kits, you can start with it. Good configuration and affordable price, you can also try different shafts if you have a spare budget.

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