?Digital Goods Chapter 28: Kaihua Zhidong switch + king-level battery life, is this three-mode mechanical keyboard 499 expensive?

Hello everyone, I am Superman and I can fly.

The last time I bought it, I said I wanted to replace the keyboard for the computer in my office, and then I bought "Lianlian", which is okay to use. But still feel too light, suitable for out-of-office use. In the office, you still have to wear a weighty look, so that you can appear "steady"! So, after several selections, I placed an order for this Kezhi K75 mechanical keyboard

Kezhi (KZZI) K75 colorful version mechanical keyboard wired Bluetooth wireless 2.4G three-mode gasket structure 82 keys 75 with PBT keycap RGB backlight knight gray version Kaihua Zhidong axis 559 yuan Jingdong to buy

This keyboard has 3 colors, green is ruled out first (for the same reason as last time), macho fans are afraid they won’t be able to hold it, so I chose knight gray

Maybe every boy has a dream of off-road locomotive in his heart! Hahaha I admit that buying keyboards is a bit crazy recently~

The first feeling of this keyboard is that it is heavy and heavy.

It can be seen that this pair of keyboards is made of solid materials, the panel is thick, and the inside is rich

It has built-in 4 layers of sound-absorbing cotton. Below the buttons is a PC transparent positioning board, and then down are poron cotton cloth, PE shaft pad, bottom sound-absorbing cotton, and bottom shell sound-absorbing silicone pad.

Such a multi-level design can effectively fill the gaps inside the keyboard and eliminate most of the cavity sound, which should make the key sounds more pure and pleasant.

Because there is no small keyboard, the footprint of Kezhi K75 is also reduced, only 75% of the conventional keyboard.

Of course, this is also thanks to the ingenuity of the keyboard designer. It is precisely because of this ingenious key arrangement that the mouse can be operated with more possibilities, and the desktop space is also greatly saved.

Under the pressure of today's fast-paced life, everyone has more and more desktop items. It is really hard work to do this.

This pair of keyboards uses Kaihua Zhidong switch, which is a new switch body, which gives people a small and fresh feeling.

I used to think that the low shaft is easy to use, but this one is completely different.

Its trigger pressure is 42±5fg, conduction stroke is 1.2±0.4mm, it is light and smooth when typing, and the feedback is sensitive

When typing on the keyboard, it feels like catkins are light and soft like cotton.

"Is the sound loud when typing, will it disturb others?" This is a question that many office workers care about. Let's put it this way, although there is sound when typing, the people around you will not be disturbed at all, but will feel very pleasant, it is a kind of peaceful feeling~

And the typing is also very comfortable. I don’t feel tired at all when typing. I just feel the touch is clear. The rebound of the keys is also very light and smooth~ that kind of feeling is like standing in the winter sun and touching a piece of soft skin. Snowflakes are amazing!

In order to get a better feel when typing, Kezhi K75 also designed a keyboard tripod that can be adjusted in multiple gears

This is low grade ↑↑↑

This is upscale ↑↑↑

At the bottom four corners of the keyboard, there are also long strips of non-slip pads to make it more stable when you use it.

Set as head image

You can see that the foot pad is wide and long, which effectively avoids the "drift" of the keyboard under extreme working conditions.

By the way, the one at the bottom is the manufacture date

April 2023, really new

This pair of keyboards also has a cool mixed-color backlight, and has a variety of dynamic lighting effects, which can be switched freely

Not only that, but you can also set the lighting effect to follow the rhythm of the sound

Translucent PBT color matching keycaps with this cool backlight, the cool game atmosphere is filled instantly

It also supports five levels of brightness and speed adjustment, there is always one that suits you

To say that Kezhi K75's eye-catching design is definitely the lever switch on the upper right corner of the keyboard.

Although other keyboards also have such switches, Kezhi K75 adds a metallic texture, which not only increases its luster, but also makes the matte design of the keyboard more eye-catching, more beautiful and fashionable, and can also protect the paint surface. It's the details of ingenuity.

On the top of the keyboard, there is also an electronic display screen, which can display the remaining power of the keyboard. I have to say that this design is very considerate, and it avoids the embarrassment and helplessness of sudden power failure when your writing is flowing. When you are in the studio, it is really convenient to see the remaining power at a glance.

Speaking of power, this Kezhi K75 is equipped with a large-capacity battery of 3750mah, and it is a lithium battery that can be recharged repeatedly, just like a mobile phone battery. I used it for a day yesterday and only lost 7% of the power. According to this calculation, it can work for almost 15 days in a fully charged state, and there is no problem at all.

This is still the case when I turn on the keyboard light. According to the official introduction, if the light is not turned on, it can be used for 43 days based on 6 hours of use per day. Only charge once a month, which is the king of battery life in the keyboard industry, right?

This pair of Kezhi K75 supports three-mode connection, all of which can be controlled by the aforementioned lever switch.

It supports three connection methods: wired, 2.4G and Bluetooth, and can switch freely among multiple devices. Switching is also very ceremonial. Gently flip the lever switch, and the mode will change accordingly. You can fish in the office and use it freely~~~

This Kezhi K75 is a three-mode mechanical keyboard with Kaihua Zhidong switch, the backlight can be adjusted in multiple modes, the typing feels smooth, the sound is pleasant, and the power can be used for one month after one charge

Such a keyboard, I started with 499, is it considered expensive?

Everyone is welcome to chat together, or is there any good recommendation at this price? I'll try it too, anyway, my purpose is to find the most suitable one rather than trouble

Well, that's all for today. If you think I lost money, give me some broken silver and let me get back some blood

Friends, please follow me if you like it! After paying attention, we will become friends. In the future, any revelations, postings, and articles I post can be read, rewarded, and liked. You are welcome~

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