?Digital Goods Chapter Thirty-Two: Chop Hands Are Addictive! I bought another mechanical keyboard, RK R98 hands-on experience

In order to pursue the feel, another keyboard...

Buying a keyboard is really poisonous! Obviously I already have a new keyboard, but I still can’t help but buy it when I see a good-looking one

Bought this not long ago

... Now, I got another pair.

The model of this pair of keyboards is RK R98, which is a customized mechanical keyboard, and it is said that it comes with a voice actor at the factory.

There are five colors of this keyboard. I chose the most atmospheric and attractive [Fire Blue], which is matched with TTC steel switches.

Although the model is R98, this keyboard is actually a 99-key arrangement. The keyboard is made of solid materials and has a unique design. The main color of the keyboard is white, with the original red and blue color matching PBT keycaps, and the RGB mixed light effect, which makes the overall keyboard look very impressive.

The compact design makes it shorter and smaller than the ordinary keyboard, leaving more space for the mouse to operate on the desktop

This pair of R98 is a three-mode keyboard, which can be adjusted through the toggle switch in the upper left corner.

There is an adapter on the side, magnetic, not easy to lose

In terms of configuration, this pair of keyboards adopts the "true soft elastic" Gasket structure, which fits the slotting method of high-end customized positioning boards.

It adopts PCB single-key 1.2mm slotting, which is comparable to the thousand-yuan-level process preparation. The design of one axis and one slot is better optimized and consistent. At the same time, it can also guarantee some soft springs.

The horizontal groove design of the PC positioning board solves the impact caused by the depression when pressing the keys, improves the stability of the surrounding keys, and optimizes the input experience. But I tried it. When you press a certain key hard, the keys around the key will also be concave, indicating that there is still room for improvement in this optimization.

My choice of steel shaft

When I knew it supported hot-swapping, I immediately pulled out the key shaft

Custom poron cotton + sandwich + ixpe shaft pad + bottom cotton + bottom silicone, constitute its sound package. Such a multi-level design can not only effectively fill the gaps inside the keyboard, eliminate most of the cavity sound, but also make the key sounds more pleasant.

The feel of this shaft body is a bit similar to the red shaft I used before, but this is not a red shaft, but a TTC steel shaft with a "true soft elastic" structure, which is actually a leaf spring Gasket structure with an extended silicone pad , so as to better optimize the rebound and stability during use, making the hand feel softer

Many value friends are concerned about whether it is the mahjong sound. To be honest, I don’t know if it counts. Anyway, the sound of da la da la is very pleasant. It is very light and comfortable to type. It will not be tired at all. This kind of enjoyment, I almost fell in love with this feeling. Don't let the leader know, otherwise he will let you stay and work overtime today

R98 has several key switches to choose from, each of which has its own characteristics. No matter how picky you are, I believe you will find a suitable one.

All of its keycaps and key shafts are hot-swappable. From then on, it is no longer necessary to disassemble the entire keyboard and restart the computer to replace individual key switches. It is so easy to customize it!

And the settings that can be freely matched also create more ways to play for friends who like DIY. The key switch can be changed at will, allowing players to experience the fun of customization~

Finally, let's talk about its lighting. The difference between this keyboard and other keyboards is that in addition to the built-in key backlight, it also has RGB side lights, coupled with the new light strips on the left and right sides, the flashing method can be freely programmed, creating a cool The unique sense of game atmosphere adds fun to your operating experience.

In addition, the battery capacity of the R98 is an astonishing 7200mah, which can be twice that of a general mechanical keyboard. It is not difficult to imagine that the battery life of the R98 will also be super strong. Calculated according to the 3750mah battery of my last keyboard, if it loses 7% of the power in one day, it can work for almost 15 days when the 3750mah is fully charged, so this 7200mah is absolutely no problem for a month.

The bottom tripod of the R98 can be adjusted in multiple gears to help you find the most suitable angle; there are also long strips of non-slip pads at the four corners of the bottom to make it more stable and not slippery when you are using it.

The one at the bottom is the date of manufacture, it was manufactured in April 2023, and it is indeed very new

This RK R98 is a three-mode mechanical keyboard with TTC steel switches, hot-swappable support, multi-mode adjustable backlight and RGB sidelight, smooth typing, pleasant sound, 7200mah super battery life. Although there is a little shortcoming, but the flaws do not hide the virtues. Such a keyboard sells for 399, I seem to feel that I have made money again

Well, that's all for today. Friends, please follow me if you like it! After paying attention, we will become friends. In the future, any revelations, postings, and articles I post can be read, rewarded, and liked. You are welcome~

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