Digital Goods Evaluation and Recommendation Part 2: How about the Forwarder C65 customized keyboard? It’s okay to buy one for 179 yuan

For 199 yuan, you can buy any bike with any configuration! PBT material keycaps/hot-swappable full-key/wireless three-mode/factory lubrication adjustment/gasket structure/full poron filling, and the knob is not flush? The main reason is that the material used for the bottom filling is very fierce, and it should feel very good.

Opening the package, the accessories include a charging cable, a shaft puller, a welcome card and an instruction manual. The overall appearance is not bad, with brown and white pbt keycaps, and the characters are a bit large. The keycaps mentioned on the Internet also have some burrs. I can accept this, but I can replace it by myself. The knob and mode switch in the upper right corner are made of plastic, which is a bit cheap, but what kind of bike do you want at this price. Since the keycap pbt is opaque, the rgb light only flows in the gap.

The tuning of the keyboard is really good. Compared with my rk87, the sound is completely different, the bottom is thicker, and the full filling is really something. But I don’t know if it’s because the padding is too thick. The height of the keyboard base is a bit high, and it’s quite tiring to type without a hand rest. In addition, there is no prompt when switching capitalization, there is no light, and sometimes it is not known whether it is capitalized, which is quite easy to make mistakes when entering the password. This keyboard uses a 65 arrangement, so it is really useless, if it is not for portable people, it is not recommended to buy. Just these three slots, I don’t know if you can accept them. It is worth mentioning that this matcha switch looks like a green switch, but it is actually a linear red switch, but the key stroke is not as long as the g yellow pro, and it is still easy and comfortable to play.

This keyboard is suitable for players who do not toss but like a fully padded structure, and some users who travel frequently and need a portable keyboard. Ordinary office users need more keys, and game users also need keys in specific areas, such as the f area, which is not available in the Forerunner c65. It’s not a loss if you buy it at the price of 179. I don’t know how about vgn, but I feel that this one can be improved. If it is 299 yuan with 98 keys and the shortcomings are made up, it may sell well.

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