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Digital Goods Sharing Chapter 36: It's GUNDAM! ikbc Z98 up to 1.0 keyboard experience

As an old domestic keyboard factory, ikbc seems to be less active in the market in the past two years, but its Gundam co-branded model has always been the favorite of many Gundam fans. I also bought the ZAKU II green Zaku ancient color matching with 87 before. As for the Gundam joint model, the Z98 Gundam 1.0 model with 98 configurations is unboxed today. As a co-branded keyboard, Z98 up to 1.0 is ikbc's first 98-arrangement keyboard, up to a co-branded +98-arrangement, but the price is less than 300.

The outer packaging design of ikbc is still very textured. The pure white box has the ikbc logo in the middle, which is simple and elegant.

The sticker on the upper left corner of the outer package shows that this is a joint model of ikbc X GUNDAM.

Open the package, the white anti-static packaging bag is the keyboard itself.

Because this keyboard is a wired keyboard, the packaging accessories are relatively simple, including a wire key puller and a manual.

The keyboard adopts a 98-point arrangement. Compared with the full-key 108 arrangement, the middle function keys are missing, and the number keypad is retained. While the size is reduced, the practicability is not reduced. It is also a popular arrangement at present.

As a Gundam co-branded keyboard, the Gundam element keycap is the biggest feature of this keyboard. The white background color is decorated with red, blue, and yellow colors. The color matching is consistent with the Gundam RX-78-2 body.

The keycap made of PBT sublimation material is designed with mecha elements. Several main keys are designed with Gundam's iconic elements, such as the ESC key using the Gundam's avatar, the Enter key is the E.F.S.F Federation Army logo, and the GUNDAM logo on the space bar. These Gundam elements are the biggest feature of this joint keyboard.

In addition to the personalized Gundam elements, the keycap design of this ikbc Gundam 1.0 keyboard also adopts a special design for the key font. The bold mecha-style font, I don’t know if it is a font specially designed for this keyboard.

The back of the keyboard is relatively simple, with height-adjustable feet and a product nameplate.

The keyboard cable adopts a three-outlet design, which is convenient to adjust according to different host directions.

The biggest difference in the use of mechanical keyboards is the shaft. In the past, I used the green switch more, but in the past two years, I have become more and more used to the non-segmented red switch. It is still more comfortable to input text for a long time, and the sound is much quieter than the green switch.

In terms of switches, the ikbc Z98 up to 1.0 uses high-quality customized switches. To be honest, the quality and feel of the domestic switches are not inferior to the original Cherry switches. I feel that there are very few mechanical keyboards that still advertise the use of Cherry switches. body.

The gentle rebound and noise of the red axis are more suitable for coding in the dead of night.

The large key uses a satellite shaft design, which is more stable than the balance bar, and the feel will not change after long-term use.

The overall keyboard adopts the classic 4th-level OEM height, and with the curved keycap design, it is more in line with ergonomics, and the long-term text input experience is still very comfortable.

With matte design, wired connection, full-key without punching, and a wireless keyboard that needs to be charged every now and then, this plug-and-play ikbc Z98 up to 1.0 keyboard can be regarded as a return to basics.

As a traditional keyboard manufacturer, the ikbc Gundam joint series of mechanical keyboards really catches the eyes of Gundam fans. The personalized appearance design is not to be missed by Gundam fans.

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