Digital Goods Sharing Part 8: The most suitable mechanical keyboard for desk use, experience of Dareus A98 Youth Edition

Every time it's the eve of the Spring Festival, An Nai can't help but want to buy, buy, buy. In fact, this is also understandable. I have been busy for a whole year, and I have to give myself some rewards at the end of the year. I have been looking at the desks of some friends years ago. To be honest, after looking at their desks, and then looking at my own, it is like returning to the slums. It is really too simple. But there is no way, but my wallet is not big enough. In this case, it is better to start with the hardware first. The first thing to replace is my silly big keyboard. After looking at it for a long time, I finally decided to start with Dareu A98 Youth Edition. Today I will share with you the experience of using this keyboard.

I started with the Time White color scheme, why did I choose this color scheme? Mainly because my desktop is white and it doesn't look very comfortable in other colors. Although it is called the time white color scheme, not all the keycaps are white, with white as the main tone, surrounded by a circle of light gray, and three light blue as decorations, which directly enhance the overall style of the keyboard.

In addition to my favorite color scheme, the 98-key design is the biggest reason for me to choose Dareu A98 Youth Edition. Because I have been using a 104-key full keyboard before, it is very large on the table. With more and more desktop decorations, I really can’t fit the 104-key keyboard. So I thought about buying a smaller keyboard, but due to my personal needs, I often use the numeric keypad and arrow keys, and the 84 keys are very inconvenient for me. After looking at it, I finally decided to start with Dareu's 98 keys. Compared with 104 keys, 98 keys saves 20% of the space, but retains the numeric keypad and independent direction keys, which is very convenient to use.

In addition, Dareu A98 Youth Edition has also made a new upgrade in structure this time. The design of the real Gasket structure, coupled with the filling of sound-absorbing rubber bottom cotton, not only ensures the soft elastic feel, but also greatly Reduced keyboard noise.

In addition, this keyboard is equipped with the brand-new Dream Switch and Firefly Switch. The keyboard is very smooth to use, and the silky feeling at the moment of pressing is really good. In addition, Dareu A98 Youth Edition actually supports full-key hot-swapping, which is not too cool for a super DIY enthusiast like me.

In terms of functionality, Dareu A98 Youth Edition is also very complete. The connection supports three modes, 2.4G, Bluetooth and wired, which is really just-needed function for friends with multiple devices. In addition, Dareu A98 Youth Edition also specially designed hotkeys to support different operating systems One-key switching between, which is really very convenient for Apple users.

Dareu A98 Youth Edition has been in hand for a month. Whether it is the appearance or the feel of the buttons, I personally think that this price is really invincible. The multi-mode connection method is very convenient for both office work and games. Overall, this price is still very worth recommending.

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