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Digital Goods Worth Buying on Double Eleven

A girl who loves life, she can love lipsticks and dresses, as well as digital and figurines, there is no distinction between superior and inferior, the only commonality is: they all cost money.

1. There are two AI speakers recommended here, one is Xiao Ai, an internet celebrity, and the other is Himalaya Nano——if this girl is a Deyun girl, then Nano + Himalaya annual membership will be a surprise choice, because Guo Degang There are several columns on Himalaya FM with the Chinese men's group, and VIP members can listen to them for free~

Himalaya Xiaoya Nano Smart Speaker Battery Portable Version White + Annual Card Membership

2. A gift that Program Yuan may like: an easy-to-use and beautiful keyboard.

Expensive ones such as FILCO, or Cherry; slightly more affordable Razer and Logitech, you can look at the major digital evaluations, buy according to actual needs and feel, because it is very popular, so it is recommended to buy from the official self-operated (or all digital products , more than 100 yuan are recommended self-operated official).

I bought Amilo's electrostatic capacitor daisy yellow switch, because I am the author, so I need a lot of code words, this keyboard is very light.

very beautiful cherry blossom powder

light mode

Anti-counterfeit labels

The palm rest, and the computer stand for the sake of the cervical spine, in fact, it is very heartwarming to buy the surrounding companion package, because compared to giving an expensive gift, maybe this kind of consideration for others will impress girls. Here are just a few examples, you can search any shopping website at will.

Photo printers are really crappy,--but might be a nice gift for a couple, I'm single, I don't know, I don't think I need one (sad

There are also various co-branded photo printers. I personally think that Canon is really good. If there is a 618 event, there will be a set of photo paper, which feels like a profit.

Last year, I spent three months browsing and learning, asking big Vs for advice, and after fully understanding my needs, I selected several micro-single cameras——I sold my SLR, and the shutter was only 2000. It was a blood loss. In order to buy micro-orders.

Canon EOSM100, selfie artifact, small and exquisite, affordable, exclusive for vlog, this is really cost-effective.

Beauty! Beauty! Beauty! I really have to say it three times, this machine is really good, Panasonic is really good! And why didn't I buy it? Because I have Olympus feelings, my father's first camera was Olympus, which took pictures of my whole childhood. But after buying Olympus, yes, I regretted it. I was impressed by the beauty of Panasonic.

Well, let me talk about the camera I bought. It feels good to use. The five-axis anti-shake is really strong, but there is a problem with Olympus. The picture quality is so small because the bottom (3/4) The quality is not as good as Canon’s residual frame, but how to say, I decided to buy it at the time, one is my feelings, and the other is that I mainly don’t use mirrorless cameras to shoot landscapes. After seeing a group of photos taken by great masters, they have a sense of reality in life. This camera is not suitable for selfies and vlogs, because the display cannot be flipped.

PS. The appearance of retro silver is really high.

Douyin artifact + travel artifact or look at the black dog.

The above is considered to be bought by myself as a gift to others - because I can't bear to buy it, in fact, both boys and girls will be like this, I will struggle with things I like for a long time, such as those few micro-singles, in my shopping cart From In June 2018, lying down until March 2019, I finally made up my mind to change the machine.

If I have a good friend who gives me a gift, I hope it is a keycap, a bracket, a stereo, etc. gifts that are not more than 500 yuan, otherwise there will be pressure,

If it is a boyfriend, then I hope he will give me a lens, 1.2! hahahahahahahaha

Finally, I would like to send you a picture of the scenery I took with Olympus~ I wish you a happy day~

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