Digital Home Appliances Chapter Thirteen: 2023 Programmer’s Fingertip Piano, Boosting Productivity Thanks to the Dareus a81 Sky Blue Mechanical Keyboard

As a programmer, I write programs in code words every day, and use the keyboard more than the mouse. If a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools! A keyboard that is easy to use is particularly important! In the office, I hope that I can play well without disturbing other people, and the best appearance should not be too ugly. After some selection, I integrated the price, shaft body, appearance, workmanship, In terms of evaluation and other aspects, I bought the Dareu A81 sky blue three-mode mechanical keyboard, and a new Dareu family product has been added to my family!

After receiving the goods, I feel that the box is very heavy and heavy! The outer packing box is silvery-white and radiant, with the Dareu brand logo, keyboard layout pattern, product name and emphatically emphasizing the soft elastic feel features printed on the front.

Although I knew that the sky blue style is a fresh and pure blue and white color scheme during the selection process, I am still worried about whether there will be color errors in the actual product. Open the top cover of the packaging box, and the keyboard body under the dust cover can be seen at a glance. It is very good that there is no overturning, which is what I expected! Yes! Take off the dust cover, the keyboard is actually covered with a layer of transparent film bag, the packaging is indeed very delicate, making the keyboard spotless when you take it out!

There are 1 USB-C data cable, 1 shaft puller, 6 sky blue spare keycaps, manual and other accessories attached to the bottom of the fuselage. The whole packaging box is self-contained, and the packaging design is quite good. I took a little look at the keyboard and understood how to use it without looking at the manual.

First of all, it supports three connection modes: wired, Bluetooth 5.1, and wireless 2.4G. There is a stored 2.4G receiver on the lower right side of the keyboard, and there is a switch mode key on the upper left side of the keyboard. , down position to realize the switching of the 3 modes, one key in place. Near the arrow key on the lower right, there are also 3 indicator lights, corresponding to CapcLock, pairing indicator, and charging indicator respectively.

There is a C port on the upper side of the keyboard, which is used for charging and wired mode. There is a small button win/mac next to the C port, which can be switched to adapt to the operating system of the computer.

I chose the simplest Bluetooth mode for the first time, but found that the computer did not recognize the device. After reading the manual, I realized that I need to press the Fn+Q combination key for 3 seconds to pair, and then I can successfully connect. By the way, I read the switching instructions of the full-color backlight RGB lighting effect mode. The "Fn+[" combination key can adjust 7 kinds of lighting effect changes, and the "Fn+]" combination key can adjust the color of the RGB light. The display effect is not only dazzling, but also smart. Changeable, bringing cool dynamics to people!

The whole board is divided into 81 keys according to 75% arrangement, the size is 328.3*149.6*43.6mm, and the total weight is about 1036g. There is no keypad in the number area, but the F area and direction keys are still retained. The layout is quite reasonable. After all, I I'm not a financial accountant, and I don't really need the digital area yet.

The keycaps are available in 2 colors, both of which are made of PBT material, which is strong and wear-resistant, and is not easy to oil up after long-term use. It is an excellent keycap material that is only used in mid-to-high-end mechanical keyboards. The keycap feels very delicate when touched by fingers, and the opaque design is more in line with my aesthetics! The decorative strip on the top of the fuselage can be personalized and replaced according to personal preferences.

Sky axis V3 can be said to be the essence of A81. It adopts the innovative combination design of Dareu's original T-shaped PC material positioning plate + Gasket elastic arm + high-toughness interlayer sound-absorbing silica gel, which makes the percussion feel soft and not fleshy, and the key sound is crisp and clear. The noise is not noisy, and it feels slightly louder than the membrane keyboard. What's more, the keys have short travel and quick rebound, and you can input text with a light touch. Even if you work for a long time, your fingers will not feel tired, which is very labor-saving!

The Sky Switch V3 is compatible with 99% of the mechanical keycaps on the market, and you can buy them yourself for DIY. The A81 also supports hot-swap replacement, but I am usually lazy and don’t like tossing, so I don’t plan to dismantle it this time. I need to clean the keys in the future. Let's do it again when the hat is on.

The A81 is equipped with a 4000mAh large-capacity lithium battery, which can be used continuously for about 45 days when the light is turned off, and about a week when the light is turned on. It also has a built-in smart sleep function. If it is not used for a long time or the computer enters sleep mode, it will turn on the sleep mode. , press any key to wake up, no need to turn on repeatedly, worry-free and power-saving!

For a code farmer like me who inputs about 3,000 words a day, and my hands are prone to sweat, Dareu A81 gave me a dry touch and soft feedback from the feel, and it has been used for nearly a month. In terms of time, whether it is office work or occasionally playing a few rounds of LOL, it can bring me a very good performance, allowing me to type happily and complete the work with ease; smoothly slashing, taking down enemy heads and towers Defend! Since I brought it to the company, my friends in the same office were even more attracted by its appearance, and asked about its related information one after another. Everyone couldn't help but come over and tap it a few times to try the feel. They were envious and jealous. In the eyes of hatred, I know that they have long wanted to replace the ordinary keyboards equipped by the company, and maybe they will start hitting the keyboards with colleagues next!

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