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Digital Minor Chapter 118: The Bluetooth keyboard with its own stand is more suitable for mobile phones and tablets. Get started with Rapoo XK100

In daily work and study, you often use tablets and mobile phones. Compared with PCs, although they are easy to carry, the typing efficiency is low, so I am used to having an extra Bluetooth keyboard, so that when typing or editing forms, you can easily Work efficiency will be improved a lot. Recently, I use a Rapoo XK100 keyboard. This Bluetooth keyboard has good compatibility and is light in size, so it is very convenient for daily use.

I don’t have very high requirements for the keyboard, so I like to choose the basic model. The same series of Rapoo XK100 also has models suitable for iPad and Surface Pro, which are suitable for friends with related equipment. Rapoo XK100 itself is easily compatible. Common mobile phones and tablets are more flexible to use.

As a Bluetooth keyboard, the Pennefather XK100 can connect to 3 devices at the same time, and can switch quickly, and it has good compatibility with common systems such as Windows, iOS, and Android. The shortcut keys are very smooth to operate, especially Because the keyboard has an integrated card slot, the Rapoo XK100 can be used as a stand, which is a very practical design.

The design of the Rapoo XK100 is very simple, and there are black and white and other colors to choose from. Mine is the white model, which looks very clean. This is a 78-key keyboard, which is very convenient for typing, and the layout of the keys is very reasonable and has an excellent feel. On the whole, the Rapoo XK100 is made very small, so it will be more convenient to carry when going out.

I like the stand of this keyboard very much. The slot size is reasonable and the width is 12.5mm. Even a 9.7-inch tablet can be easily put down. When you put mobile phones, tablets and other devices on it, you can get A certain elevation angle is convenient for us to view. Even when not typing, it is no problem to use it simply as a stand.

In the upper right corner of the keyboard, you can see four indicator lights, which display information such as upper and lower case status, Bluetooth, battery power and power status. It looks very intuitive. The Rapoo XK100 has a built-in 280mAh battery. With a battery life of about 93 hours, I didn’t shut it down when I was using it these days, because the Rapoo XK100 has an automatic sleep function, and the performance of power saving and battery life is really reliable.

In terms of structure, the Rapoo XK100 is not flat, but has a certain angle, which makes typing more comfortable. In terms of buttons, the Rapoo XK100 adopts the common scissors foot structure, which has a delicate hand feel and very sensitive feedback. The operation is similar to that of a general notebook, and there is no problem in using it as an office device.

On the side of the keyboard, you can find the switch key and the charging interface. It should be noted that the Pennefather XK100 uses a Micro USB charging port, which may be due to cost considerations. It is enough for heavy users to charge once a week, so the impact of the charging interface on daily use is not too great.

Although the number of keys on this keyboard is limited, it has a wealth of Fn function keys, which can be regarded as an efficiency artifact. Many operations can be done through Fn + shortcut keys, such as switching devices and modes. It is really convenient for daily use, of course. Yes, you need to be familiar with it when you first use it, and you can operate it smoothly after you get used to it.

We usually need to reply a lot of messages on the mobile phone. With the Pennefather XK100, a keyboard that can be connected to multiple devices, we can easily switch between the PC and the mobile phone and reply to messages faster. On the Rapoo XK100, you only need to use the Fn+1/2/3 key combination to quickly switch between the three devices, and the keyboard response is particularly sensitive.

In general, Rapoo XK100 is a Bluetooth keyboard with comprehensive functions and very convenient to use. It is especially suitable for use with mobile phones and tablets. It can greatly improve the efficiency of our daily work. If you are not used to touch input on mobile phones and tablets , so equipped with such a keyboard can indeed get a better feel and double our work efficiency.

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