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Digital Momentum Chapter 112: Cost-effective choice Three-mode hot-swappable customized Gasket structure RGB Black Canyon E4 user experience

Near the Double Eleven Black Canyon, there is a new product E series. The E series has a total of 2 configurations: E2 with 83 keys, E4 with 99 keys; Danxia axis, Yanmo axis) are optional.

The 99-key E4 is the first keyboard arrangement launched by Black Canyon, and the three-mode hot-swappable, customized gasket structure, RGB, and PBT keycaps that sell for less than 500 yuan are really popular in this price range. This keyboard Let's see exactly how.

The packaging is very simple, the front of the package briefly introduces the product name and features, the Black Canyon E4 mechanical keyboard: magnetic suction feet, PBT keycaps, RGB lights, Bluetooth, 2.4G; the back of the package introduces the easy operation of the keyboard illustrate.

Family portrait: Black Canyon E4 mechanical keyboard × 1, palm rest × 1, dust cover × 1, Type-C charging cable × 1, key puller × 1, shaft puller × 1, instruction manual × 1, wireless 2.4G double head Receiver (on the right side of the keyboard) × 1.

This time, the Black Canyon mechanical keyboard adopts a compact layout design of 99 keys for the first time, and also provides independent F area keys, direction keys, small keyboard area and common function keys. The PBT keycaps (wear-resistant and non-oily), both in appearance and practicality are excellent.


The back of the keyboard uses 4 non-slip feet, which can effectively prevent the keyboard from moving. This time, it is equipped with two magnetic feet to meet the needs of different people, and it is stable and the keyboard will not move.

The left side of the keyboard is the keyboard switch. This time, the design on the left side can be operated directly without flipping the keyboard, which is good.




This time the keyboard still uses the full-key five-pin hot-swappable, you can change the shaft body at will, choose the shaft body you like according to your personal preference, experience different textures, and match the keyboard that suits your habits (hands-on beginners can also You can easily change the shaft by yourself, no need to go to the merchant to spend money to change).

The customized shaft (Danxia shaft) started this time is based on the shaft body polished by Kaihua BOX shaft. The trigger pressure of the shaft body is 55g, the trigger stroke is 1.3mm, and the total stroke is 3.6mm. It has a sealed dust cover and is dustproof and waterproof. The effect, the mechanical life can reach 100 million times, the linear shaft body, the pressing is light and smooth, the bottoming pressure and the rebound strength are moderate, and there is a good feel feedback.

I will not repeat the Gasket structure, but this time Black Canyon does not use a metal positioning plate but a PC positioning plate. Although the metal positioning plate is not used, the weight is still very heavy. It must be the thick silicone pad.

The starlight white color keycaps are transparent, the PBT keycaps of SA height are solid in workmanship, and the hand feel is also very good, while the midnight blue color matching is opaque, so you should check it clearly when buying.

The keyboard has a variety of RGB lighting effect modes built in. The FN key combined with the key combination can realize the on/off of the lighting effect, the switching of the lighting effect, the adjustment of the brightness, the adjustment of the speed, etc.. The RGB lights on the keycaps and the transparent PVC positioning board are more uniform in color and have a very good lighting atmosphere, bringing a dazzling and colorful light environment to the desktop.

The blessing of the driver software: custom shortcut keys, lighting settings, macro command settings... all can be set according to your preferences.


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