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Digital Momentum Chapter 115: Experience of Skyloong GK75 Three-mode Mechanical Keyboard, an Artifact for Fishing with Whirlwind Switch

Since Skyloong released the first whirlwind shaft video on Weibo, I have been paying attention to the release of this product. I have been waiting for a long time for the official release of the product. A black technology with 3 patents (whirlwind shaft, split space module) , Lite Gasket), Skyloong GK75 three-mode mechanical keyboard supported by two leading technologies (Nordic 3-mode chipset, dual-system driver software), let’s take a look at how it works.

This time, the Skyloong GK75 three-mode mechanical keyboard has 2 colors (industrial titanium gray, deep space blue powder) and 12 types of switches (glacier red, silver, yellow, tea, white, rose switches; glacier mute red, silver, yellow, Tea, white, rose axis) can be selected.

The packaging still continues the simple design of its own product packaging. The front of the packaging uses the line drawing of the product and Skyloong's Logo.

The back of the package is the parameters of this keyboard:

Product Name: GK75 Mechanical Keyboard

Model: GK75 three-mode knob

Material: black transparent upper cover + black transparent lower cover + gold-plated steel positioning plate

Axis: Glacier mechanical tea shaft

Structure: lite gasket flick version

Keycaps: OEM height, titanium gray PBT keycaps

Family portrait: GK75 mechanical keyboard × 1, dust cover × 1, Type-C data cable × 1, 2-in-1 key puller/axis device × 1, operation manual × 1, split space module × 1, cyclone axis × 1, replacement Axis x 6, supplementary keycaps, and several screws for adjusting the feel.

This time I bought the Skyloong GK75 three-mode mechanical keyboard (glacier tea switch). The keyboard adopts a 75% layout. In addition to the main key area, it retains the F key area, function keys and arrow keys. Compared with the 80% layout, it is only The 3 most commonly used function keys are retained, which saves more space. Compared with 65%, it makes up for the shortcomings of not having an F keypad, and the application scenarios are also richer. This time, the GK75 adopts a separate layout with relatively independent directions. The key design reduces the risk of accidental touch, and there are 81 keys (including a cyclone switch).

The back of the keyboard uses 5 non-slip foot pads and two-stage foot supports (which can effectively prevent the keyboard from moving). The keyboard has 3 different heights to suit different environments and user habits.

This Skyloong GK75 three-mode mechanical keyboard adopts a design different from other keyboards. It can be routed in three directions. It is definitely a great design for friends who use wired connections, fully meeting the needs of desktop routing. , The data interface of the keyboard adopts the design of separating the keys and wires (Type-C interface), and the cable slot is also designed to prevent the wire from falling off and affecting the use, and the 2.4G wireless receiver is also stored on the side of the keyboard interface.

The keyboard has a variety of RGB lighting effect modes built in. The FN key combined with the combination key can realize the on/off of the lighting effect, the switching of the lighting effect, the adjustment of the brightness, the adjustment of the speed, etc.. RGB lighting effect with matte black Although the shell does not use light-transmitting BPT keycaps, the lighting effect is still very good, and the overall effect of actual use is indeed quite comfortable.

I have to say the black technology of this keyboard: Cyclone shaft , the standard configuration comes with a cyclone switch and knob, which can replace the ESC key with a cyclone switch. After installation, the default function is to adjust the left and right volume and press to mute. Of course, to realize other functions, you still need to pass the driver software to achieve.

Use the driving software to set the alternative functions of the whirlwind shaft, and learn from the Fishing Guide:

Press the function setting: Ctrl+Win+D, press the button like this, a new desktop will be created directly, the knob function setting: counterclockwise and clockwise are respectively set to Ctrl+Win+←/→, forward and reverse rotation, just in different desktop to switch.

Set Ctrl+W clockwise—quickly close all webpage windows, set Ctrl+Shift+T counterclockwise—restore webpages one by one;

Set Ctrl+M clockwise - hide all windows, set Ctrl + E counterclockwise - call out the My Computer interface directly, creating a busy illusion that you are looking for files

It's only unexpected, nothing is impossible, work hard and don't touch fish, I work hard...

Another black technology of this keyboard: split spaces module , if the space bar can't meet your needs, then split it. Is it okay to divide the long space into 3?

The long space is divided into 3, and one familiar space is reserved for tapping, and the remaining two thumb positions can be set as common key combinations such as SHIFT/CTRL. Isn’t it great to move from the inflexible tail finger to the thumb position? Woolen cloth?

Another black technology of this keyboard: Lite Gasket Flick Edition , I will not disassemble this one. Skyloong is committed to optimizing the mass production of Gasket, and has researched and mass-produced the flick version of the Gasket that is integrated with the plane. The Lite Gasket flick version uses flexible connections, the plane is fixed as a whole, and the keyboard is supported around and in the middle Fully, the overall structure is more stable. While taking into account the feel, the combination of the flick version Gasket and the bottom cotton eliminates the cavity sound and noise, and the keyboard as a whole presents a soft and soft feel and a pleasant percussion sound (the linear axis is in the shape of The sound of raindrops, and the sound of a wooden fish on a tea shaft).

The shaft body of the regular key position adopts the glacier tea shaft, while the shaft body of the large key position adopts the glacier rose shaft.

在键盘的背面的标签处则是三模(蓝牙连接、有线连接、2.4G无线连接)切换及双系统(WIN&MAC)切换的开关,Skyloong这次采用了北欧半导体Nordic 三模芯片组具有低延时抗干扰跳频技术,在无线连接的稳定性和延迟方面都有不错的表现。

Skyloong GK75 three-mode mechanical keyboard is supported by 3 patented black technologies (whirlwind switch, split space module, Lite Gasket), 2 leading technologies (Nordic three-mode chipset, dual system driver software), 5-axis hot-swappable, rich RGB lighting effects, 2 color schemes and various switches are available, and the price is also very good. It is a very fun keyboard worth buying.

There is also an Altuotuo high-end version specially prepared for geeks to be released, so stay tuned.

The above is the whole content of the article. Thank you very much for watching. If you think the article is helpful to you, please like, bookmark, and comment. Your support is the biggest motivation for me to continue writing. I am Kuang Tianyou, See you next time.

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