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Digital Momentum Chapter 134: Mechanical Keyboard Entry-level Cost-effective Choice Mystery Star Gaming Mechanical Keyboard Experience

The excellent feel of the mechanical keyboard is comparable to that of the non-membrane keyboard. Friends around have started to buy mechanical keyboards. If you want to buy a mechanical keyboard, but you can’t confirm whether it is really suitable for using a mechanical keyboard, then the entry-level 100-yuan mechanical keyboard The keyboard is your best choice. Why not experience the fun of mechanical keyboards at an inexpensive price? Recently, Xuanpai released a new entry-level Xuanjixing game mechanical keyboard for only 139 yuan: using the current comparison The mainstream 87 arrangement, cream-style color matching, free 87-key three-color keycaps, red switches, iron positioning boards, full-key no punch, RGB mixed light, etc., Xuanpai may be unfamiliar to some people, in fact, Xuanpai Technology is a subsidiary of Yidao Its own brand is a brand incubated by Emdoor and JD. The brand focuses on Guofeng Technology. Let's take a look at how it works.

This time, the packaging of Xuanjixing game mechanical keyboard adopts stable black color, and the front of the packaging adopts the line drawing of the product, so that you can clearly understand the appearance of the product, and a brand mouse pad is also given at random.

On the side of the package are some features of the product: RGB mixed light, exclusive for e-sports, full key without punching, metal panel

Family portrait: Xuanjixing gaming mechanical keyboard × 1, spare three-color ABS keycap × 1, manual × 1, key puller × 1.

The keyboard adopts a layout design of 87 keys, cream style DIY, a set of keyboards and 2 sets of three-color ABS keycaps, free to match with individual color matching, provides independent F zone keys, direction keys and full-function keys, suitable for office or games You can have both.

The layout design of 87 keys is remarkable compared to other compact designs. For the separate F-zone keys, arrow keys and full-function keys, it is more suitable for office work and game play, without misuse. , press the wrong key position, but although it is designed with 87 key positions, the manufacturer has designed quite a lot of combination key functions, which can quickly complete some quick operations.

The keyboard adopts a suspension design: there are obvious intervals between each keycap, which can easily remove the dust under the keycap.

The keycap is designed with ABS two-color injection molding, the saliva treatment is not bad, the keycap has no burrs, and the feel and touch are still good.

The keyboard is fixed with a metal positioning plate, the shaft body uses a red shaft, and the large keys use a steel satellite shaft.

The keyboard is equipped with a red switch, tactile stroke: 4.00mm, trigger stroke: 2.00±0.6mm, conduction force: 45±10gf, key life: 60 million times. Features of the switch body: linear switch body, soft feel, low sound, less force than black switches, light touch, no paragraph feeling when tapping, straight up and down, it can be said to be an upgraded version of the black switch, taking into account the advantages of gaming and typing need.

The wired connection is stable and will not be affected by signal interference or battery power shortage. The attached magic cable tie is convenient for storing wires.

The back of the keyboard uses 4 non-slip feet, which can effectively prevent the keyboard from moving, and the adjustable non-slip feet are suitable for the needs of different groups of people, and they are stable and the keyboard will not move.

The keyboard adopts RGB mixed light effect, by pressing " Fn+INS " Combination keys to cycle through 19 lighting effects: waves, peaks and turns, gushing springs, sparkling, ripples, stepping on the snow without traces, rushing away, six palaces, dragons and tigers, rocs spreading their wings, and rain , Fueling the flames, starlight twinkling, microwave lingling, meteor chasing the moon, constant light, game ladder, breathing, turning off the lights, and through " Fn+↑/↓ "Key combination to adjust the brightness of the lighting effect, and through the " Fn+←/→ " key combination to adjust the light effect speed.

Xuanpai’s 100-yuan Xuanjixing gaming mechanical keyboard is remarkable as an entry-level keyboard. It has two sets of three-color ABS keycaps, red switches, iron positioning plates, full keys without punching, and RGB mixed light. There is no delay in the wired connection. It is also a good choice to change the style if you have nothing to do. The appearance is also good. The price/performance ratio is simple and worth buying.

The above is the whole content of the article. Thank you very much for watching. If you think the article is helpful to you, please like, bookmark, and comment. Your support is the biggest motivation for me to continue writing. I am Kuang Tianyou, See you next time.

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