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Digital Momentum Chapter 143: Appearance is justice, this keyboard makes you the focus of the office

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of computer penetration rate, the keyboard market has become more and more fierce, especially the customized keyboard rolls. Consumers' demand for keyboards has gradually become diversified and individualized. In addition to functions and performance, the appearance value has also become one of the most concerned factors for consumers. One after another, I also bought a lot of keyboards. The keyboard is not only a tool, but also a work of art. Each keyboard has its own unique design style and color matching. Some keyboards adopt a stylish and simple design style. , the color is single but very eye-catching, and some are bold and bold, showing a strong personality with bright and eye-catching colors. In any case, the appearance design of the keyboard is no longer a simple accessory, but has become an important part of reflecting personality and taste. As a component part, I recently started the Hubatu F75 three-mode hot-swappable Gasket structure keyboard with Hanjiangxue color matching and high-value value. Let’s take a look at how it works.

This time, the Hubatu F75 three-mode mechanical keyboard has 4 color schemes (Golden Drunk, Moonlight Cicada, Furong Rouge, Hanjiangxue) and 2 switch bodies (TTC Neptune switch, TTC Rabbit switch RGB version) to choose from.

The packaging of the Tiger and Rabbit F75 mechanical keyboard uses the product's physical bronzing line drawing, the model and characteristics of the product, and the watermark of Fopato, the mascot of Tiger and Rabbit, in various shapes.

On the side of the package are family portrait instructions, system requirements, certification instructions, switches, color matching and keyboard models.

Hubatu F75 mechanical keyboard family portrait: Hubatu F75 mechanical keyboard × 1, dust cover × 1, Type-C aviation plug, shaft puller × 1, replacement feet × 2, cleaning kit × 1, manual × 1

This time I bought the Hubatu F75 three-mode mechanical keyboard Hanjiangxue color matching (Neptune axis), which is round and round overall. This keyboard adopts 75% of the layout, and retains the F key area, function keys and direction keys. Compared with the layout of 65%, only the most commonly used 4 function keys are reserved, which makes the space utilization more economical. Compared with 65%, Tiger Batu F75 makes up for the shortcoming of not having an F keypad, and the application scenarios are more extensive. This time The Tiger Batu F75's three-mode mechanical key adopts a separate layout, and the relatively independent direction key design reduces the risk of accidental touch. The keyboard keys have a total of 81 keys and a volume adjustment knob, which makes the operation more convenient.

In addition to standard letters and numbers, some keycaps of the keyboard are also engraved with auxiliary function keys (multimedia function keys, RGB lighting effect adjustment, MAC keycap arrangement, etc.), which can be used to operate the computer quickly and intuitively. Two-color injection molding The PBT keycap has a delicate and warm feel, which is not only very comfortable to use, but also has high wear resistance, which can withstand the test of daily use.


The color name is printed on the left side of the keyboard: Han Jiangxue. The data interface of the keyboard adopts the design of separating the keys and wires (Type-C interface), and the switch key of the keyboard.

The foot support at the bottom of the keyboard is one of its important components. Unlike other keyboards, it adopts a magnetic design. This special design allows the user to easily replace the spare long feet to change the height of the keyboard. It is very convenient during use, and the replacement of the feet can be easily completed by simply carrying out the operation of picking and placing.

The storage design of the 2.4G wireless receiver of this keyboard is very ingenious. It is placed under the magnetic metal back of the keyboard. This design can not only make full use of the space, but also avoid the loss of the 2.4G wireless receiver. This design is not only for aesthetics, but more importantly, it brings great convenience to our users.

This time, the position of the large key adopts the classic steel plate satellite shaft, which has excellent stability and smoothness. What’s more worth mentioning is that the sound-absorbing silicone pad is used under the space bar, which can not only reduce the keyboard knocking sound, At the same time, it can effectively reduce the cavity sound produced by the large key area.

The design of the five-pin hot-swappable shaft seat can change the shaft according to the needs, so that the compatibility is wider and the stability is stronger, which greatly improves the convenience of maintenance, and even people who do not understand technology can easily get started.

The shaft body adopts TTC’s Neptune shaft, a new series of shafts in 2023. The upper cover of the shaft body is made of blue material, and the shaft center and bottom shell are made of transparent materials. Extended core slider design. This is a linear shaft body, the total stroke of the key is 3.8mm, the trigger stroke is 2.0mm, the trigger pressure is 41gf, and the key life reaches 100 million times. The light-transmitting part of the shaft body is equipped with a condenser lens to increase the penetrating effect of the light. The terminals and shrapnel are silver-plated, and the contacts are still gold-plated.

RGB lighting effect is very important for a keyboard, after all, it can add a lot of fun to the using experience. This keyboard has 22 kinds of RGB lighting effects, which will never feel monotonous and boring during use. Even at night, don't worry about the lights being too dazzling, because the keycaps are not transparent, so it is comfortable to use and does not hurt the eyes. . The most amazing thing is that this keyboard is equipped with a 4800mAh super-capacity lithium battery, which means farewell to frequent charging. In the default backlight mode, it can be used continuously for 16 hours, and after turning off the light and display, it can be used for up to 400 hours. Daily use 8 Hours almost two months without recharging, what a pleasant surprise!

With the blessing of the driver software, the added value and playability of the keyboard have been greatly improved. Through the driver software, you can experience more personalized settings and optimization options, and you can adjust the default keyboard settings according to your needs and preferences.

After entering the keyboard driver software, it is easy to identify the model of the keyboard used, and the corresponding physical map is intuitively displayed on the screen, so that I can intuitively understand the keyboard I am currently using. The keyboard driver software provides A rich menu of functions: including main settings, lighting settings, macro editing, sketchpad mode, project sharing, sharing pictures, personal center and update support, through the keyboard driver software can easily adjust various parameters of the keyboard, such as light brightness, macro Definitions, shortcut keys, etc... Manage your own device information and cloud data in the personal center, and share your own configuration files, macro commands, and self-designed GIF animations, pictures, etc. in the plan to share and share pictures.

This Hubatu F75 mechanical keyboard performs very well in all aspects. It not only conquers you in terms of appearance, but also has many performance advantages. First of all, it supports three modes (wired, Bluetooth, 2.4G wireless), and can be customized according to different Use scenes for flexible switching. Secondly, the five-pin hot-swappable design makes the shaft body more compatible and easy to replace, which greatly improves the maintainability of the keyboard. In addition, the Gasket structure can effectively reduce vibration during use, resulting in a more stable, Comfortable percussion, and the Neptune axis has become an important highlight of Hubatu F75. Its trigger force is reasonable, and the key feedback sensitivity is high, making each percussion easy and smooth. In addition, the addition of the color screen is not only beautiful , can also display the current working status, remaining power and other information. The built-in large-capacity battery has a long battery life and does not require frequent charging. In short, the performance of this Tiger Batu F75 mechanical keyboard is remarkable, whether it is typing or Games can bring a very good user experience.

Thank you very much for your reading. This is the end of this article. If you find this article helpful, please like, bookmark or leave your valuable comments. This will be the biggest motivation for me to write. God bless, look forward to seeing you again next time.

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