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Digital Original Article 107: This three-mode mechanical keyboard is charged once a year, and the zero delay is comparable to wired. The experience of Dujia K610w white light version

With the continuous heating up of table sets, some such as quantum lights, background lights, RGB pickup lights, case figures, etc. are selling well, and the table sets are also becoming simpler and more technological. The upgrade of wireless desktop has also become a new choice for users. This irreversible trend has also attracted many peripheral manufacturers to deploy it. Among them, the peripheral brand Dujia, which I have been using and recommended to my friends countless times, has always been in the market. Deeply cultivated in the field, the multi-mode keyboard, as its leading product, has always been known for its stylish appearance, good feel, and high cost performance, and it also has a good reputation in the key circle.

The new Duga K610w silent red axis light version brought this time has made the product to the extreme. It not only continues to support wireless, Bluetooth, and wired three-mode connections, but is also compatible with Windows and MacOS systems, and all keys support hot Plug and unplug, ultra-long 360-day battery life, absolutely satisfy all your imagination of mechanical keyboards.

The brand DURGOD is indeed very attractive to young people in the Z generation, mainly because its designers understand the needs of users better, and can accurately capture consumer psychology in terms of experience, playability, layout and appearance. , There are countless fans.

There is a little trick to choosing a mechanical keyboard. The more color options and switches you can choose, the more you can basically reflect the higher the popularity of a product in the market, and the longer the product lifeline. The color of Durga K610w is currently divided into two models: Gudao and Echo. The switch body is available in red switch, brown switch, silver switch and mute red switch. Light entertainment, so I chose the silent red axis.

The layout is also completely selected according to your own needs. If you often use the numeric keypad, you can choose 104. Compared with the smaller 87 configuration, although it loses portability (in fact, it doesn’t matter, it is mainly used on a fixed desktop), the price is relatively low. A little more expensive, but more comprehensive and convenient in function.

The choice of shaft body is also selected according to personal use. If you are playing games, then choose a tea switch with a strong sense of paragraph. If you are codewords, then choose a silent red switch. Of course, if you are like me, taking care of office and light entertainment, the silver switch is also very good, but there is one thing that is necessary. It is best to choose one that supports hot swapping, which is convenient for later maintenance.

As an accessory, the keycap is actually quite important, which directly affects the look and feel. Duga K610w uses the original height PBT keycaps, the injection molding process has good permeability, and the front characters are two-color closed-mouth technology. In fact, such materials are obviously improved in terms of hand feel, and are more wear-resistant and "not easy" Oil up".

For the first time, the key layout of the whole keyboard is reasonable, and you can get used to it quickly. The touch of the fingertips is delicate and well-proportioned. sense, lost a small part of the sense of paragraphs, but in exchange for the sound of "tattling" just right, typing trigger is also faster.

The key layout remains the same as the regular keyboard. There are more indicator lights in the upper right corner. The five LED indicators can be used to check the keyboard function and connection status at any time. Here is the key point. Whether it is Bluetooth or 2.4G connection, the keyboard wakes up very quickly. , basically connected in seconds, and very stable.

Duga K610w supports wired, wireless 2.4G and Bluetooth 5.0, and supports hotkey switching, abandoning the complicated settings of double switches (one switch key and one mode control key) that are still used in most keyboards. It is very convenient and fast to realize the switching between multiple devices.

There is not much to say about the appearance and color contrast of the keyboard. Personal vision is different. The lower right corner is also designed with Dujia’s iconic LOGO. The whole keyboard looks very coordinated.

There are four non-slip rubber pads on the back of the keyboard, and the outline of the edges and corners makes the keyboard look tougher, and there is also a USB storage slot on the top, which is not easy to lose. Three-stage height-adjustable foot support, three different heights can be adjusted at will, and three different heights can be freely set.

In addition to the appearance and function of the keyboard, it is also very important whether it is convenient for later DIY or replacement and maintenance. The first thing many friends who like to toss around is to change the keycap or even the switch body. Dujia K610w has taken this into consideration. If you want to replace the comfortable and durable original PBT keycap or switch body, "One unplug one plug" to get it done, very simple.

There are quite a lot of original PBT keycaps on the market, so the cost of replacement is relatively low, and you can use a key puller to replace them at will.

As for the life of the keyboard, in theory, mechanical keyboards are several times more durable than keyboards such as membranes, but no one can guarantee whether there will be broken keys for some reason during use, and it is easy to support hot swapping There are many, and the shaft can be easily replaced without welding. The cost is low and it is safe.

The mechanical keyboard switch is definitely the soul of the product. Some people say that choosing a mechanical keyboard is choosing a switch! Indeed, a good switch is the foundation of a good feel. Most of Durga’s current products are turned to the customized crystal shafts jointly launched by Durga and Jiadalong. There are tea switches, silver switches, red switches, and mute red switches. A shaft is optional. The silent red switch I chose is equipped with Kaihua’s new Turbo series of switches. The center of the switch is made of a new high-smooth composite POM material, which greatly improves the smoothness. After careful tuning by Dujia, the handle and key travel With a more reasonable improvement, the life of 50 million taps also makes us worry-free.

This red switch has a trigger stroke of 2.0±0.5mm and a trigger pressure of 45±10gf. The full stroke is 4.0mm max. There is no big difference between the cherry red switch. Compared with other switches, it is faster and quieter, and It can still retain the straight up and down feel of the linear axis, which is very suitable for typing, office, and occasional entertainment.

The large key position is the most frequently used key in the entire keyboard, and the comfort directly affects the entire experience. The satellite shafts that have been lubricated and specially adjusted are all treated with rounded edges and special lubrication treatment, which makes the hand feel more solid and at the same time Also more comfortable.

Whether it supports hot plugging is also something we need to pay attention to when purchasing a keyboard. As long as it supports it, even a novice can easily change the switch without worrying about damage to the switch body and PCB. And the triangular axis and pentagonal axis on the market are compatible, which is convenient for us to modify and upgrade the keyboard model in the future.

In terms of lighting, Duga K610w is divided into light version and matte version. The light version is designed with white light. You can quickly switch and turn off nine lighting effects through the shortcut combination keys. It is still very practical when the light is not good at night. .

In terms of battery life, the battery life of Duga K610w is very strong. The general keyboard needs to be charged every other day, but this keyboard has a built-in 3600mAh large-capacity lithium battery, which can even reach up to 360 days of battery life in Bluetooth mode. This K610w white light version still has excellent battery life. When the backlight is turned off, it is the same as the irrelevant battery life. When the backlight is turned on, when using 2.4G wireless mode or Bluetooth mode to connect, the battery life is about 7 days.

In terms of keyboard mute, in addition to optimizing the shaft body, the designer has also made great improvements in the internal layout of the keyboard. For example, in addition to our common upper cover and metal positioning plate, silicone gaskets have also been added to it. And sound-absorbing cotton to offset the noise, the effect is still very good.

In terms of other ways to play the keyboard, the "DURGOD Zeus Engine" PC-side driver can also personalize key positions, combination keys, macros, etc. settings to use.

After using it for a period of time, the Dujia K610w glossy version is very satisfactory in terms of appearance and configuration, and the sound effect and excellent feel brought by the custom-made mute red switch are also very powerful, and it is also arranged for hot-swapping convenience. Later, we upgraded and maintained it ourselves, and the long battery life also gave us enough confidence to turn on the keyboard backlight. In my opinion, this keyboard is almost perfect, and it is a full-scenario product worth experiencing.

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