Digital Original Article 146: Lenovo Rescuer K7 Mechanical Keyboard Review: It’s So Cheap, There’s Really No Need to Choose Small Factory Models

With the rise of domestic products in the past two years, the competition between various industries and foreign brands has become fierce. Made in China with high quality and low price is rapidly sweeping many fields. For example, domestic new energy has forced Tesla to cut prices. A few days ago, long-term storage directly led to the collapse of storage...It is a good thing for us consumers. Didn't I recently see Lenovo's new Savior K7 mechanical keyboard, which only costs 599 yuan, and I placed an order without hesitation. It is really unnecessary to choose small factory mold products for such a cheap price. After all, Lenovo is the world's first-line, domestic The quality of top-flow technology brand products is still very guaranteed.

The rescuer K7 mechanical keyboard brought today has no special features, such as multi-mode connection and multi-system support are very common, but as a gaming keyboard product, it pays more attention to the stability experience, such as appearance, usability Materials, details, feel, functions, etc. are all top-notch. The 100-key design is suitable for gaming and entertainment while also taking into account daily office work. One keyboard covers the entire scene.

The 100-key arrangement of the Rescuer K7 can make the size of the keyboard smaller than that of 104 and 108 keys. Compared with the 86 keys, it retains the main function keys. I personally think it is the most reasonable layout I have seen so far. keyboard products. Because I used a small-sized keyboard before, although it saves the desktop, it is really painful to input numbers every time.

The size of 386 x 151 x 38.7cm is neither big nor small, and the weight of 1.17kg is very heavy. After all, it is not designed for portable travel, and the weight also reflects the solidity of the materials to a certain extent. Whether it is color contrast or material matching, it is excellent, and you can clearly feel the full texture of this keyboard the moment you get started.

The ABS material ball cap has a delicate touch on the fingertips, and the two-color injection molding process is wear-resistant and oil-resistant. In addition to the visual beauty, it has a good sense of paragraph when paired with Jiadalong’s customized G yellow Pro switch body. The percussion is crisp and clear, and the feedback of each percussion is very obvious. It is very comfortable to type.

Viewed from the side, the keyboard is designed with a sloped concave stepped keycap, and the single-segment foot support is fully rubber-wrapped, which can support the keyboard at a maximum angle of 6°. The cap is slightly tilted backward, and there is no wrist discomfort after long-term use. The design is still very ergonomic.

In terms of lighting effects, this product still follows the design style of Lenovo's rescuer series of gaming, equipped with independent backlight, built-in 8 backlight modes, and can switch 11 lighting effects at will through independent light buttons. Moreover, the entire keyboard adopts a drive-free design, and it is very convenient to control the lighting effect adjustment of all luminous areas by combining keys.

In terms of combination keys, you can quickly perform functions such as multimedia, mode switching, and equivalent reset through FN + designated keys. In addition to common operations such as volume, browser, search, and playback pause, the multimedia combination keys can also realize search, calculator, My computer, clipping, email, etc. have improved a lot of efficiency after being used proficiently, and they are indeed powerful.

The Rescuer K7 supports hot-swapping, which is very practical. I have seen too many mechanical keyboards that are thrown away because of touching or breaking a few keys, because it is troublesome to change the shaft, and soldering technology is required. Which axis is not easy to use after hot swapping, just pull it out and replace it.

In terms of switch body selection, I used to think that red switches and silver switches are more suitable for office typing and have a linear feel, while tea switches are more suitable for gaming and entertainment. But since the use of Jiadalong's customized G Yellow Pro, this view has been completely changed.

The domestic shaft is on the rise, and Kaihua is also being used by more and more manufacturers. The feel and lifespan are not inferior to the original Cherry factory. The most important thing is that the manufacturer can control the product cost to the lowest. The trigger stroke of 2.0+0.6mm and the trigger force of 50g±15gF are very comfortable to use, with a strong sense of paragraph and a linear feel, and the life of 60 million keys is very durable.

In terms of connection methods, the Rescuer K7 supports three connection methods: wired, 2.4Ghz wireless and Bluetooth, which can be switched through the three-stage toggle switch on the top, covering the connection methods of almost all devices. For our daily use, it is still very practical.

In terms of battery life, in addition to the appearance and feel of mechanical keyboards, battery life is also very important. The rescuer K7 has a built-in 3000mAh lithium battery, and with the intelligent standby power management strategy, it can achieve a battery life of up to three months. Continuous use for more than 5 days, the battery life is really top!

Smart standby sleep strategy, in fact, is the intelligent management of power supply. When there is no typing for 3 minutes, the backlight of the main key area will be turned off actively. When there is no typing for 30 minutes, it will enter deep sleep, and click any button again to exit sleep.

In terms of touch, the Savior K7 mechanical keyboard uses a ball cap made of MDA height PBT material, which feels smooth and provides a full and stable typing experience. At the same time, a silicone sound-absorbing pad is filled between the PCB and the positioning board, which effectively improves the feel and the sound of knocking feedback.

It is worth mentioning that there are also light bars on the left and right sides of the keyboard, which can also be turned off individually through a combination of keys, which can be described as a very thoughtful design.

Rescuer K7 is very convenient without design. FN+A (W) can realize one-click switching between Windows and Mac OS system devices, covering all the ecology of the two mainstream camps. No matter what kind of workflow you are in, you are handy. .

The original intention of choosing a mechanical keyboard is the percussion pleasure brought by the mechanical feel. The faster trigger and longer service life have also made it a loyal choice for e-sports users. Whether it is shooting games or action games, the feel is very high. Unification is very good for muscle memory, and it can better realize one step faster and attack quickly.

I believe that everyone has encountered the worst keyboard experience when using computers before, such as key failure, double-click, stuck keys, etc., which are very annoying. Now with the rescuer K7 mechanical keyboard, there is no need to worry about these problems at all. Appears, the trigger is fast, and there is no obvious lagging phenomenon when the key is pressed.

The Savior K7 is equipped with a handle, which can take all PC games and has a better experience. The keyboard and mouse are used for shooting, role-playing and other games, and are also compatible with office scenes. The handle is perfect for playing ball games, racing games.

The Rescuer K7 is the first mechanical keyboard product in Lenovo's Rescue series. It has the characteristics of many gaming products such as tough appearance, cool lighting effect, and stable feel. Compared with some small factory mold products, it has more design. Feeling, abandoning the dignified industrial style, it is still rare to find a key ring that is becoming increasingly homogeneous in terms of quality and tonality.

Moreover, the multi-mode connection method is compatible with Windows and Mac OS dual platforms. With this keyboard, it basically meets all our expectations for semi-customization. The belief in streamer, colorful fingertips and excellent battery life are also bonus points. Such a keyboard with excellent performance, good feel, and can improve the texture of the desktop is only 599 yuan for the first launch. Isn’t it delicious?

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